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Queen Bee African hair braiding

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3800 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19140 United States of America
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I have been getting my hair done by Queen Bee African hair braiding. Every time that I get my Senegalese twists, they are amazing! I get compliments on my hair all the time. She does my hair in an efficient amount of time and still makes them look neat and honestly perfect! Plus they always starts the appointments on time. They are super nice and easy to talk too. I strongly recommend you making a hair appointment with them. You will not be disappointed!
Service was very professional. The working areas were continuously sanitized after every use. This salon is big and spacious, has comfortable seats and girls are always very supportive. I always come here for my braids because I get lots of compliments both at work and school. Braids are very neat and edges are slayed all in good time.
When I tell you these ladies are a God sent. I’m here visiting and was searching for someone to braid my hair and I came across their business and went there. I’m so glad that I did. The environment and their courtesy is impeccable. Very friendly and very attentive to what you want. I definitely will be coming back. I absolutely love love love my hair. Thank you so much ladies.
After nightmare experiences with weaving processes that were thinning my hair, I decided it was best to get braids as a protective style. That's when I researched and found Queen Bee African hair braiding. They are very gifted at braiding and the health of your hair is a top priority. My braids always come out beautiful and neat. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars for amazing work and professionalism.
Super friendly and considerate. I got medium box braids and I’m 14, first time. When you walk in it’s just like going to a friends house. The braiders are fun to hang out with actually! the 4 hours went by so fast. braids were great and I was kind of afraid that I was going to get judged, you know because some people don’t like other races besides the “original race” (just my personal worry) getting box braids but I felt so welcomed! I’m gonna go in to get them again tho!
This is a first for me. I never ever write any reviews. I finally found a place to get my hair braided. I went to Queen Bee African hair braiding this past Thursday I had a great experience for a first time customer. I love my hair. Queen Bee African hair braiding's staff were very nice and friendly. Wonderful atmosphere but what I was most impress with was how professional each of the ladies were.
I have gotten my hair done multiple times from Queen Bee African hair braiding . I gotten knotless box braids, cornrows, passion twists and raven a weave done. Every time I go my hair comes out fabulous. I always get compliments on my hair. Staff are very professional and friendly. They treat all their customers with respect. I highly recommend going here for all your hair needs. Whatever you desire they will deliver.
Best hair braiding service I have ever received. The receptionist was super sweet when I came in, made me feel welcomed. Ingrid did my hair (knotless braids) I literally couldn’t feel her hands there was no pulling or no tightness. She always asked me if I was okay. I recommend this place 10000%. And it’s affordable as well. Will definitely come back.

Quick Facts About Queen Bee African hair braiding

Queen Bee African hair braiding place has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the braiding results are consistently praised as amazing, neat, and perfect. Customers report receiving compliments on their hair after visiting Queen Bee African hair braiding, indicating the high quality of their work. This suggests that the salon has skilled braiders who are able to create beautiful hairstyles.
Efficiency and punctuality are also mentioned as strengths. Customers appreciate that their appointments start on time and are completed within a reasonable amount of time. This demonstrates that Queen Bee African hair braiding values their customers' time and strives to provide efficient service.
The professionalism of the salon is highlighted in the comments. The working areas are continuously sanitized, indicating a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. Additionally, the staff members are described as professional, friendly, and respectful. This creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers.
Another strength of Queen Bee African hair braiding is their attentiveness to the customers' needs and desires. Multiple comments mention that the staff listens to what the customer wants and takes the time to understand their preferences. This personalized approach contributes to customer satisfaction and ensures that they receive the hairstyle they desire.
The affordability of the salon is also mentioned as a positive aspect. One customer specifically notes that the prices are reasonable and considers the service to be the best they have ever received. This suggests that Queen Bee African hair braiding offers good value for money.
Based on the comments, a potential weakness of Queen Bee African hair braiding may be the limited information provided about the range of services offered. While customers repeatedly mention getting braids, twists, and weaves, it would be beneficial if the salon promoted a wider variety of hairstyle options to attract a larger customer base.
Additionally, while the salon is praised for its professionalism and friendliness, there are no specific comments about the stylists' expertise or knowledge in African hair braiding techniques. This may make it difficult to assess their level of skill and expertise compared to other salons in the area.
Furthermore, it would be helpful to have more diverse feedback from customers in terms of hair types and textures. The comments primarily focus on positive experiences from customers with African hair, but it would be valuable to know if Queen Bee African hair braiding is equally proficient in styling different hair types.
In conclusion, Queen Bee African hair braiding place has several strengths, including their ability to create amazing and neat hairstyles, their efficiency and punctuality, as well as their professionalism and friendliness. They also prioritize cleanliness and offer affordable prices. However, they could benefit from providing more information about their service offerings and attracting a wider range of customers.

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