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This is a review as per our experience. I brought my son here for haircut. No schedule no line. The haircutter was friendly but she’s a terrible haircutter. I showed her a simple haircut and what she did to my son’s hair was really bad and not even close to what I showed her. It looks like my son cut his hair and she can’t do anything but cut is very short. I could have cut my son’s hair better!
Went during the least busiest time and had the most disgusting experience. The hair cutting station was not properly cleaned and there was hair everywhere from the last client and I left with hair all over myself after the cut. My haircut was terrible and will not be coming back. It’s a shame because I have had good haircuts there before, but I recommend not to go during off-peak hours.
We did not have a good experience here. We brought our son for his first haircut. The person at the front end was very pleasent and let us choose a chair. The stylist walked over to us and didn't say a word, didn't even say hello. Didn't want to clean off the hair on any of the kids chairs, it was all over them. Luckily another stylist overheard the conversation and gave her a towel to clean it with. She started cutting my sons hair after I had shown her a couple of pictures and she didn't communicate anything before she started cutting away and ended up cutting it all the way up to his head, nothing like the picture. It's really bad in that spot. The only way I'm able to cover it is to comb the front hairs over to the side and gel it to make it stay and its still so noticeable. I realize that hair grows back, but this was just so preventable and we want our child to look presentable, especially when we're paying money for a service.. I had to stop her and keep after her the entire cut, all while she would not say a word to us. I asked her to communicate what she's doing because this was not what we wanted, and she still said nothing. My son stayed still for a while and she got most of the cut done. I had her cut a few more spots and then ended it because he was getting restless. She still said nothing until I was paying and said thank you to her, she said you're welcome and walked away. There was another stylist there doing another child's first cut who was more friendly, talking to both the child and the parents the entire time. I asked for her name because if I ever even consider bringing my son back I will request this other stylist, but I don't think we will be back. The price is good, $15, but I'd rather pay more and get a much better cut. Personally I would spend your money elsewhere.
Extremely unprofessional staff at Professional(??) Hair Designs!! Can we give zero stars?? When I called in advance to take appointment for my baby's haircut, I was told it's walk in only. When we reached there at 6 pm, receptionist told us to wait for 25 mins and while we were there another customer came and she asked them to wait for 35 mins. We gave our number and went around with little one. We returned after 20 mins, there was a different person getting haircut and color and a long line of customers, everyone was waiting. Receptionist said there is one more person's hair cut before us (same walk-in person who actually came after us).. after couple of mins, she said there are two people before us and that they had appointments??? How on earth they had appointments when you guys clearly told on phone that no appointments? Receptionist got rude to the extent that she slammed the visiting card of her manager on table and told us if you have issue call my manager, we are understaffed and can't do anything.. you wanna stay or go? All in RUDE LOUD TONE!! We drove 45 mins just for haircut and received this rude and unprofessional behavior. Definitely did not get haircut and not going back nor would recommend anyone!!
My name is Sri , very first time I tried coloring my hair , the hair stylist Sammy helped me with this . She totally understand her customer and very focused . I give five star for the hair cut that shows how professional she is! Hope I found a right place .
We went there after finding this place online. I was a bit concerned after all the bad reviews.
I am so glad I went. My son is 18 months old and Ingrid (I think that was her name -Venezuelan woman), greeted and treated us with so much love and respect. She comforted my son by speaking with us and with him. This is the first time my son stayed still during a haircut. The woman is like magic with kids!
My wife and I wish we would of gotten her number since places like these switched stylist a lot and we would like to follow her to continue to cut our sons hair.
I don’t know about the other stylist, but if you go with kids wait for Ingrid. She is worth the wait.
Horrible. I asked the stylist to cut off 3 inches and she cut off 12 inches. She was not listening to me. I went in with long beautiful hair and came out with a short boyish bob and it was crooked in the front. She said I told her to cut it so short, but I did not. A hairstylist should know this is too drastic - to cut most of someone’s hair off.
It was cold outside, but she refused to dry my hair. She said I would have to pay $20 more to dry my hair. I went to the manager and she argued with me, but finally told the stylist to dry my hair. I was not asking for a blow dry, just so I would not be walking outside with dripping wet hair.
I am so upset. I have not had short hair in many years. I did not want short hair. I will have to wait six months for my hair to grow back. Do not go to this place. Go somewhere else. If I could give this place ZERO stars, I would.
I get my eyebrows threaded here by Sunita. She is the best! They only accept cash tips! My eyebrows always come out so good! Highly recommend!

Quick Facts About Professional Hair Design & Kidz Cutz

1. Friendly staff: Multiple comments mention that the staff at Professional Hair Design & Kidz Cutz is friendly and welcoming. This is an important strength as it creates a positive and comfortable environment for customers, especially children who may be nervous or apprehensive about getting a haircut.
2. Price: One comment mentions that the price for a haircut at Professional Hair Design & Kidz Cutz is good at $15. This affordability can be a strength as it attracts customers who are looking for budget-friendly options.
3. Talented stylist: One comment praises a stylist named Sammy for her professionalism and skill in providing a great haircut. This indicates that the salon has talented stylists who can deliver excellent results.
4. Comforting environment: Another comment mentions a stylist named Ingrid who is described as being magical with kids. This suggests that the salon is successful in creating a comforting and welcoming environment for children, making it easier for parents to bring their kids for haircuts.
1. Inconsistent results: Several comments mention poor haircuts and dissatisfaction with the hairstylists' abilities. Customers reported that the stylists did not follow instructions or produce the desired results. This indicates a lack of consistency in the quality of the haircuts and suggests a weakness in the salon's training or supervision of stylists.
2. Poor communication: Multiple comments mention that stylists did not communicate with clients during the haircutting process, leading to misunderstandings and undesirable outcomes. This lack of communication is a weakness as it prevents customers from voicing their preferences and can result in disappointment.
3. Unprofessional behavior: One comment describes the receptionist as being rude and unprofessional. This suggests a lack of professionalism in the management and staff, which can negatively impact the overall experience for customers.
4. Cleanliness issues: One comment mentions that the hair cutting station was not properly cleaned and there was hair everywhere. This points to a lack of cleanliness and attention to detail, which can affect the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.
5. Appointment confusion: One comment mentions a mix-up with appointments, where the salon initially stated that no appointments were accepted but later claimed that some customers had appointments. This inconsistency in appointment policies can be frustrating for customers and indicates a lack of organization and professionalism.
In conclusion, Professional Hair Design & Kidz Cutz has strengths in terms of friendly staff, affordability, and talented stylists. However, it has weaknesses in terms of inconsistent results, poor communication, unprofessional behavior, cleanliness issues, and appointment confusion. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.


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