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1450 W Patrick St Unit 6, Frederick, MD 21702 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love this place! I just recently moved to the area and have been wanting to find a good nail place. Their prices are very reasonable, and they take their job very seriously here. One of my nails were put on a tiny bit crooked, (I couldn’t even notice) and the lady doing my nails decided to redo the whole nail for me because she wanted it to look the best it could! I also had my nails done (the ones pictured) by the gentleman (I wish I could remember his name) but he was very adamant about finding the perfect colors to match the picture I showed him, and he was spot on!! The people here are very kind, and they take their job very seriously. My 3 experiences with them have been great!
Always a pleasant visit whenever I stop in for a mani/pedi, leaving me feel relaxed and renewed. Kim leaves my nails looking amazing and helps me find the right color when I wanna try something new.
I live too close, so it’s hard not to catch a walk-in or weekend appointment when I can.
Best to call ahead of time to book on weekends, as they do fill up quick.
Always looking forward to my next visit! (:
I don’t live locally but I’ve been here in the past a long time ago and again today for a gel mani/pedi. They’re even better than I remembered. It’s a husband and wife who work here, they’re both super sweet and kind, wonderful people. I’m very happy with their work ????
Stumbled upon princess nail and spa when I needed a quick manicure and pedicure. I was not disappointed! Their work was efficient and I loved the aftermath. I was worried that there would not be enough time and it would be sloppy if it were rushed but I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied, thank you!
If I could rate them 0 stars I would. I came in to get a pedicure and the lady (I believe it’s a husband & wife that own and operates the store) did not take my gel polish off of my toes, nor were the nail beds of my toes visible. She immediately cut my toenails without basic form and ruined my toenails. I immediately left because I was not going to let her continue. I am not left with a completely uneven toenail because of her negligence
The owners where nice people and greeted my Aunt and I as soon as we walked in the salon. Did a nice job on my nails.
I can’t say enough good things about Princess Nail and Spa. I feel like I have been to almost every nail salon in Frederick and am almost always disappointed but this is hands down my favorite, I’ve been going there for a few months now. It’s a smaller salon run by a husband and wife team, Kwon and Kim. They are incredibly sweet and welcoming. I leave after every appointment laughing with a smile on my face, it truly is becoming my happy place. That’s just the icing on the cake though. The salon is clean, well maintained, and has a very relaxing vibe. Last time I was there I showed Kwon a picture of what I wanted my nails to look like and he went above and beyond to get it perfect. One major reason a salon will leave a bad taste in my mouth is that most salons I go to I feel like the technicians will try to pressure you to get other services done while you’re there that you didn’t ask for. This has never been the case here by neither the husband or wife. I feel like a valued client here whereas most places I feel like just a profit for the day. I will say if you want an appointment with them call to book it! They seem to work mostly off scheduled appointments not walk ins.
Kim is the best!! She does my gel nails and they look so natural. The pedicures are the best, she pays attention to details, like cuticles. Kim has a loyal client in me. I’d highly recommend!

Quick Facts About Princess nail & spa

Princess Nail & Spa place has received mostly positive comments, indicating several strengths that contribute to its success as a nail salon. These strengths include reasonable prices, skilled and dedicated technicians, a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, and a focus on customer satisfaction. However, there is one negative comment that points out a major weakness in terms of negligence and poor service.
One of the most mentioned strengths of Princess Nail & Spa is its reasonable prices. Several customers have commented on the affordability of the services provided at this salon. This is a noteworthy strength as it allows customers to enjoy quality nail care without breaking the bank. Affordable prices can attract a larger customer base and enhance customer loyalty.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the dedication and professionalism of the technicians at Princess Nail & Spa. They take their job seriously and strive to provide the best possible results. Customers have praised the staff for going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The willingness to redo a nail that was slightly crooked and the effort put into finding the perfect colors for a client's request demonstrate a commitment to quality and attention to detail.
Customers have also complimented the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of Princess Nail & Spa. The salon is described as clean, well-maintained, and having a relaxing vibe. This creates a positive and comfortable environment for customers, allowing them to relax and enjoy their experience. The importance of ambiance and atmosphere in a salon cannot be overstated, as it greatly influences the overall customer experience.
The customer service at Princess Nail & Spa has also been praised. The friendliness, kindness, and professionalism shown by the owners, who are described as a husband and wife team, have left a positive impression on customers. Greeting customers upon their arrival is an important aspect of customer service, as it helps create a welcoming environment. Customers appreciate feeling valued and treated with respect.
Furthermore, the attention to detail exhibited by the technicians at Princess Nail & Spa has been commended. Customers have mentioned that the technicians pay attention to cuticles and other small details during the services. This level of attention and precision is essential in providing a high-quality manicure or pedicure. Attention to detail not only enhances the overall appearance of the nails but also contributes to the longevity of the service provided.
One weakness that is addressed in a negative comment is the issue of poor service and negligence. The customer describes an experience where the technician did not remove their gel polish and cut their toenails without proper care, resulting in uneven and ruined toenails. This negligence reflects a lack of attention and professionalism, which can greatly impact the reputation and customer satisfaction of the salon.
In conclusion, Princess Nail & Spa has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation and customer satisfaction. These strengths include reasonable prices, skilled and dedicated technicians, a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, and a focus on customer satisfaction. However, the negative comment about poor service and negligence raises concerns about consistency and quality control. It is important for the salon to address this weakness to ensure the continued success of the business.

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