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3162 Gratiot Blvd, Marysville, MI 48040 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails place, based on the comments provided, seems to have a mix of strengths and weaknesses. It is important to analyze both aspects in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the salon.
Starting with the strengths:
1. Friendly and attentive staff: Multiple customers mention the friendly nature of the staff and their willingness to listen to specific requests. This positive atmosphere can help create a pleasant experience for customers and contribute to a good relationship between staff and clients.
2. Exceptional nail services: Several customers praise the quality of the nail services, specifically highlighting the skills of Michael. They mention the perfection in acrylic nails, attention to detail, and the ability to shape nails precisely according to their preferences. These positive reviews reflect the competence and capability of the nail technicians at Pretty Nails place.
3. Reasonable prices: Many reviewers appreciate the affordable prices offered by Pretty Nails place. This could be a major advantage for customers seeking high-quality nail services at a competitive price point. Reasonable prices can attract more customers and encourage repeat business.
4. Positive experiences: Some customers express their loyalty to Pretty Nails place and convey their intention to exclusively patronize this salon for their nail care needs. This demonstrates a strong level of customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the business.
On the other hand, there are also some weaknesses indicated in the comments:
1. Rude and disrespectful behavior: One customer reports encountering rude and disrespectful behavior from a staff member, including asking if they were on drugs in a confrontational manner. This type of behavior can greatly impact the overall customer experience and leave a lasting negative impression.
2. Price inconsistencies and confrontations: In a few instances, customers mention issues related to price inconsistencies and confrontations with staff. These incidents involve miscommunication regarding the prices quoted over the phone and then changed upon arrival at the salon. Additionally, there are reports of staff members yelling and demanding different payment amounts. Such situations can undermine the trust and credibility of the establishment.
3. Quality of work: A customer complains about the high prices in relation to the quality of the nail services received. They mention problems such as chipping gel nails shortly after application and a lack of attention to detail. This suggests a possible inconsistency in the quality of work provided.
4. Poor time management and overbooking: One customer had a negative experience due to poor time management and overbooking. They had made an appointment for a specific time but were told that the technician had left for a car wash because they were late. This suggests a lack of organization and communication within the salon, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
In summary, Pretty Nails place has several strengths, including friendly staff, exceptional nail services provided by skilled technicians, reasonable prices, and positive experiences reported by loyal customers. However, the salon also faces weaknesses such as incidents of rude and disrespectful behavior, price inconsistencies, questioning the quality of work, and poor time management with overbooking. By addressing the shortcomings and focusing on the strengths, Pretty Nails place can create an even better customer experience and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I can not recommend this place enough!! Every time I have gone they have been so friendly! Michael does an amazing job on acrylic nails! Every time I get my nails done by him they come out perfect! He takes him a time, and dose even the littlest things that make the nails look soooo good! The prices are very good too! I will always come to this salon, and I will always recommend it!!
The man in there was trying to get me not to do what I wanted because it would take to much of his time ( basic set) very rude to me, produced to ask if I was on drugs very loudly to where everyone in the shop looked at me. I would not recommend at all. Dirty place and the people working there are horrid.
I have been going here for a long time. I will not be returning. Their prices are way to high for the quality of work. A pedicure takes 15 min tops. I have been getting gel nails. They do not cap off the nails so the gel lasts. They file the nails and chips start after 3 days. DONE.
Best nail salon! I absolutely will NOT go anywhere else to get my nails done! LOVE this place! Michael & Cindy are AWESOME!
I had an appointment sent for today at 3 with my mom and in the phone they said it would be 27 for my mom and 40 for me once we got there and was ready to pay one of them had stated mine were now 55 and my moms would be 40 and would not explain why they said a different price on the phone. They had then got up in my moms face started yelling at her stating she much pay 95 dollars. They were very disrespectful to both me and mom. We will never come back here.
Best nail salon, Micheal does an excellent job!!!
Made an appointment, showed up early. Already 2 people there. Another walks in for a polish, is told ok. 2 more women walk in with appointments as well are also taken. While I'm waiting, another woman comes in with an appointment as well. The woman who works there then comes to me with the appointment book and says my appointment was for 1: 30 and not 1:45 which I originally made it for. Says I didn't show up on time so Michael left for a car wash. All not true. She let me sit for 20 min. Before telling me this. When I made my appointment I repeated I could only have 1:45. He said ok Thursday. I Feel they totally overbooked themselves and because I was not a regular, they gave me a b.s. story. Oh well their loss! I tip very generously!! Don't recommend!!!
Did a great job! Listened to how I wanted my nails shaped and they turned out perfect!

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