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114 N Vine St # K, Urbana, IL 61802 United States of America
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Pretty Nails Place, based on the comments provided, demonstrates both strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of their nail services. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, we will discuss these strengths and weaknesses in detail.
Starting with the strengths, it is evident from one comment that the staff at Pretty Nails Place are helpful in assisting customers with finding their desired colors for their pedicures. This indicates that the staff is attentive to customers' needs and willing to provide guidance and support.
Another positive aspect highlighted in a comment is the friendly customer service provided by the staff. They are described as both friendly and gentle, ensuring a pleasant experience for customers. Additionally, the comment mentions that the staff took their time to ensure a job well done, indicating a commitment to quality.
Furthermore, one customer specifically praises the longevity of their French gel manicure, which lasted over two weeks. This suggests that Pretty Nails Place has a good understanding of gel manicure techniques and is capable of delivering long-lasting and durable results, setting them apart from other salons.
Moving on to the weaknesses, several comments point out issues with the quality and technique of the nail services provided. One customer specifically mentions that during their pedicure, the technician dug too deep a couple of times, causing discomfort. This indicates a lack of precision and attention to detail in their work, which can negatively impact customer satisfaction.
Similarly, another customer complains about the lack of cleanliness and neatness in their service. The technician was observed filing her own nails during the process, resulting in polish getting all over her hands. This unprofessional behavior raises concerns about hygiene standards and overall professionalism at Pretty Nails Place.
Additionally, there are multiple complaints about the incorrect execution of dip nails. Customers mention that their nails were not dipped as expected but rather overlaid, demonstrating a lack of skill or understanding of the dip nail technique. This inconsistency in delivering the promised service can disappoint customers and lead to negative reviews and a loss of clientele.
Another significant weakness mentioned is the issue of pricing and transparency. Some customers felt they were overcharged or encountered dishonest pricing practices. One customer specifically mentioned an upcharge of $15 for a regular polish french manicure, which was not disclosed on the price chart. This lack of transparency can erode customer trust and lead to dissatisfaction.
Furthermore, there are complaints about the time management and organization at Pretty Nails Place. One customer had to wait 30 minutes past their appointment time before the service began, indicating poor scheduling and timekeeping. Another customer mentions being moved to different seats multiple times during their appointment, while the technicians worked on other clients as well. This lack of focus and attention can make customers feel rushed and undervalued.
Overall, Pretty Nails Place demonstrates strength in providing helpful and friendly customer service, as well as delivering long-lasting results in gel manicures. However, there are significant weaknesses in terms of technique, cleanliness, pricing transparency, and time management. Addressing these weaknesses will be crucial for Pretty Nails Place to enhance their reputation, retain customers, and improve overall satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Went in for pedicure first time there .. helped me find color I was looking for sat down the gentleman did my pedicure dug way to deep a couple times massage felt like he was trying to tickle my feet let alone massage them. Felt rushed even tho nobody else was even in there. My friend sat next to me he was switching back and forth on our feet not changing gloves or anything he got up she sat down to do the polish mid way through she stops grabs a nail filer and starts filing her pinky nail I am not lying I just looked at her and moved my feet out the way. She finishes painting and goes to continue curling her hair while the guy goes and sits under the dryer so we had to stay in our chairs to wait and dry while she was painting my friends nails she had polish all over her hands like what is going on here
This place does not have real dip powder! I do not like my nails. Pedicure was nice but they do not do dip nail correctly!!!!!! Would not recommend for dip. I asked and was told it was dip but my nails weren’t dipped. It was more of an over lay. They aren’t very neat or cleaned up either.
This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with a nail salon. I came in for a 4pm appointment, they didn’t start until 4:30 and it them took an hour to complete a dip. I showed the design I wanted with the colors. They got the colors wrong, the nails were all different shapes, and the heart designs were all different too. They had me sit in 5 different seats to complete my nails, and the two people working kept switching on and off to do my nails and then kept working on other clients during my nail appointment. It looks like a toddler did my nails.
They take their time and do it right! They are both really friendly, great customer service! I got a gel full set and a pedicure. (The got stones are a great touch) She did the whole process and a little more. She was also very gentle while doing my nails. I will definitely be coming back! (The nails look really pretty just excuse my broken finger)
Went to get acrylics done on my nails, the lady accidentally ripped off the tip of my actual real nail bed which started bleeding, proceeded to tell me it’s okay and then just put the glue and acrylic on top of my broken nail bed. And one of my nails isn’t even fully painted on the side.
Overcharged / dishonest pricing structure and sloppy work.
Upcharge of $15 for a regular polish french that is not listed on their price chart.
Pricing is too high anyway. I usually go to Anna's in Champaign but I was in Urbana and crunched for time. I won't make that mistake again.
This is my second time having a French gel manicure there. First one lasted 2+ weeks, which I have had trouble getting at other places. I did have one fingernail break about a week in and it was fixed quickly, free of charge. Also.. Everyone is so nice!
Terrible!! Probably the worst I've ever had in Champaign-Urbana. Pedicure was rushed through and not at all relaxing. Manicure was done on my lap while I was still in the Pedicure chair. The lady handed me off to a man to paint my nails and I had to stop him twice to have him fix my nails because of clumps and lint in the polish. The best part was that they said it was $100 but then changed their mind when I questioned how that could possibly be. NEVER AGAIN!!

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