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Posh Nails of Stuart

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2636 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL 34994 United States of America
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I’ve been looking for a good and clean nail salon since moving to Stuart and I’m happy to say I finally found it! I am so happy with my nails thus far, been here twice now and have not been disappointed. My Christmas nails lasted me 1 month! Daniel is very kind and professional and extremely talented. I highly recommend this nail salon! Fair prices and great service.
5 stars!!
I decided to get my nails done here last minute before my wedding and they took in my best friend and I right away. Great from start to finish. There was, however, a miscommunication about how I wanted my nails done, but they fixed it right away! I was very pleased with my service and my nails look fabulous. Will definitely be returning in the future.
Helen was great!! The salon is super nice and clean! Love how my nails turned out! The manicure was $35 and French was $8 so great prices as well. Will definitely be going back????
Fui para hacer me las uñas que no me las e hecho en años! Cuando entre el lugar estaba impresionada con lo limpio y muy hermoso que está el lugar, la gente me recibió muy bien y eran muy profesionales. Me sentí muy cómoda y confié en ellos para que me hagan mis uñas y no estoy decepcionada para nada. La cualidad de mis Uñas están súper bien y las amo tanto y el precio es muy razonable. Estoy contenta con mis uñas, todas están lindas y estan parejas, yo recomido Posh Nails al 100% :)
Picture doesn't do justice for my nails, thry are beautiful and i love them. They are a perfect Ombre mix of Teal, purple, light pink. Daniel did an amazing job and was very efficient. I also received a pedicure Anna did a great job as well. Thank you so much for the time, effort and beautiful art on my nails.
Posh nails was recommended to me by my boss and I’m so happy I gave it a shot!Daniel did such an amazing job on my nails …I’m literally in awe!! Already can’t wait till my next appointment ???? love love love them! Plus the salon is so cute!
I went to the salon a little before 10AM on 5/14 with my daughter, she had a regular pedicure and her nails painted. I had my eyebrows, gel pedicure and gel manicure. I paid $193. However after my pedicure I was just sitting there and after about 20 minutes I looked at the time and seen the lady that was supposed to be doing my manicure as well was doing someone else’s nails and I had somewhere to be at 1PM. So I asked for someone to please do mine as I shouldn’t have to wait (I guess she has another client she needed to do and that’s fine but I should’ve been told) so another person did my nails however at this time we were rushed on time as I had somewhere to be and I was there for several hours so I did not even get my full manicure although I was charged full price. No problem right as things happen and I rarely will ever complain! However today 5/20 I had the time to finally give them a call and ask if they can fix my manicure as all my nails are chipping and the pink is peeling. She said to come at 330 but I told her I was out of town until Sunday so she said okay come next week but you’ll be charged for the manicure. I explained the situation and they should’ve been more than willing to fix them. Needless to say I will not be going back!
Buyer beware! How much are you willing to pay for "quality over quantity" in a nail set and toes... over $115 smh? Overall, I am happy with the quality and shape of the nails, happy with quality of the pedicure but not the scrubbing of calluses or the "soaking/massage", pleasant employees, but the ridiculous charges sealed the deal that I will not be returning to that nail salon and I will send friends/family else where. But after I saw the bill ($120) for my nails as a dip powder nails and gel manicures and gel toe nails polish I was extremely shocked.... charging of shaping the nails (Z. Shape = $5.00) and apparently the pedicure shape (Z. addge1 = $15.00), which my toenails were already pre-cut before arriving to the salon. My friend had gotten her nails done in PSL, and practically got the same service I got done but even added nail-art and she ended up paying $90.

Quick Facts About Posh Nails of Stuart

Posh Nails of Stuart place has received mostly positive feedback from customers, highlighting various strengths of the salon. Some of the strengths identified are as follows:
1. Cleanliness: Multiple customers have mentioned the cleanliness of the salon, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for nail treatments. This is a significant strength as it ensures a pleasant and safe experience for customers.
2. Professionalism: Customers have praised the professionalism exhibited by the staff, particularly mentioning Daniel and Helen. Being greeted warmly and receiving professional treatment is crucial in establishing a positive impression of the salon.
3. Talented technicians: The talent and skill of the technicians at Posh Nails have been highly appreciated by customers. The ability to deliver high-quality nail treatments is a key strength of the salon, as it assures customers that they will receive well-executed services.
4. Fair prices: The reasonable prices offered by Posh Nails have been commended by customers. Providing fair and competitive pricing is crucial in attracting and retaining clientele.
5. Accommodating last-minute appointments: The salon's ability to accommodate last-minute appointments, as mentioned by a customer who needed her nails done before her wedding, is indicative of their flexibility and willingness to meet customer needs.
6. Positive customer experience: Several customers have expressed their overall satisfaction with their nails and the services provided by Posh Nails. This indicates that the salon is capable of consistently delivering a positive customer experience.
Though Posh Nails of Stuart place has been praised for multiple strengths, some weaknesses have also been identified:
1. Miscommunication: One customer mentioned a miscommunication about her nail preferences, leading to a minor issue that was quickly resolved. While the salon's ability to rectify the situation promptly is commendable, miscommunication can still be seen as a weakness.
2. Rushed service: A customer shared her experience of feeling rushed during her appointment, which resulted in an incomplete manicure. This reflects a possible weakness in the salon's time management or scheduling practices.
3. Pricing inconsistency: A customer expressed disappointment in the high charges she incurred for various nail services. This suggests that the salon may lack consistency in pricing or fail to communicate clearly about the costs associated with different services, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
It is important for Posh Nails of Stuart place to address these weaknesses and work on improving any areas where they may fall short.

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