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Posh Nail Bar & Spa

+1 605-271-1985
Bike Trail, 7750 S Dakota Hawk Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Had an appointment with a friend of mine for a mani/pedi, got in right away and didn’t have to wait. Service was good, although, at times, my tech seemed a bit rushed. They started to get busy and that’s when it seemed like she was rushing. While doing my manicure she caught my nail bed a few times and tore the skin. It was obvious I was bleeding a bit on a few fingers. She never apologized or anything. The ladies were super nice, but after paying $138 + tip, I can’t say I was super impressed. I’ll probably never go back.
I came in for a walk in and despite the store being completely empty, they told me to come back in 3 hrs. I eventually got an acrylic set with gel polish on top and it has not even been a week and my gel polish is literally peeling off and bubbling… not worth the $80 i was charged nor the $20 tip. they reminded me why i dont regularly get my nails done.
I had a great experience getting my nails done. They were polite, listened to my requests and did a fantastic job.
Great experience my nails turned out amazing! this is my third week of wearing them so they look a little grown out lol but couldn’t be happier she was very gentle and listened to all my concerns
Lovely nail spa. Lovely nail techs. We were treated Royally!! Great price too.
My second visit here, walk-in and the place is clean and fresh. The people greet you. I didn't have an appointment but they were able to squeeze me in a little later. The pedicure options are decadent and the manicure is done professionally and not rushed. It was a great experience all around. I've already made an appointment to go back in a few weeks!
This place has the worst customer service…
It is really clean and neat, but the nail polish I had is bubbly.
The technician seemed not to be listening to what I said.
I had a pedicure. I was a walk-in and received fast service. What I like the most is they lined the inside of the tub with a new clean plastic before filling it with water for my foot bath. The establishment was clean and pleasant.

Quick Facts About Posh Nail Bar & Spa

Strengths of Posh Nail Bar & Spa:
1. Fast service: Many customers commented on the quick service they received at Posh Nail Bar & Spa. They were able to get in right away without having to wait, which is a positive aspect for customers who are looking for a convenient and efficient experience.
2. Polite and attentive staff: Multiple customers praised the politeness and attentiveness of the staff at Posh Nail Bar & Spa. They felt that their requests were listened to and that the nail technicians did a fantastic job. This positive customer service experience enhances the overall satisfaction of the customers.
3. Clean and fresh environment: Several customers mentioned that the salon was clean and neat, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The fact that they lined the inside of the tub with a new clean plastic for the foot bath demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment.
4. Great prices: Customers were pleased with the reasonable prices at Posh Nail Bar & Spa, considering the quality of the services provided. They appreciated the fact that they received good value for their money, which is an important factor for many customers when choosing a nail salon.
Weaknesses of Posh Nail Bar & Spa:
1. Rushed service: One customer mentioned that their nail technician seemed rushed, especially when the salon got busy. This resulted in a less satisfactory experience since the technician caught the customer's nail bed a few times and tore the skin. The customer was also not happy with the lack of apology or acknowledgment of the error.
2. Quality of gel polish: One customer mentioned that their gel polish started peeling off and bubbling within a week of getting it done. This indicates a potential issue with the quality of the products used or the application process, leading to a disappointing outcome for the customer.
3. Lack of listening skills: One customer expressed frustration because they felt that the technician did not listen to their requests. It is important for a nail technician to fully understand and address the customer's concerns, and when this doesn't happen, it can result in dissatisfaction.
4. Poor customer service: One customer described Posh Nail Bar & Spa as having the worst customer service. Although the salon was clean and pleasant, the negative experience with the nail polish and the perception that the technician was not attentive to their needs overshadowed these positives.
In conclusion, Posh Nail Bar & Spa has strengths such as fast service, polite and attentive staff, a clean environment, and great prices. However, they also have weaknesses, including rushed service, issues with the quality of gel polish, a lack of listening skills, and poor customer service. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

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