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PL Nail Salon

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1860 Spring Rd SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 United States of America
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This was my first time here, the Service was nice. There isn’t a lot of people that works in there so you might have to wait. I asked for a full set with french tips and a pedicure. The pedicure was nice and the lady did excellent on my toes but my french tip nails were not up to my expectations. French tips are the easiest design ever but i was not what i expected. The man who did my nails stood over me while i was paying to ensure i tipped them which i did not like whatsoever!
Kathy is the best pedicure I have ever had. She is gentle and takes her time to make sure everything is scraped off. Her massages are so soothing. Totally worth it. If you go and see her please call for appointment to avoid wait time she is always busy but gives great quality pedicures.
Don't let appearances deceive you, the service is amazing! They are talented, quick and very detailed.
I will be going back!
I loved my pedi and sns mani SUPER FAST AND DETAILED great price and they do the best massage for your hands and feet ❤️ I found my new fav spot I love them
I just went to the salon, not the same person made my manicure. My pedicure was great, the lady was amazing. The new boy was terrible was fast and do not even made a good French style! Also charge me more then the last time. $45 dollars for this!? I am sorry but they do not even care, the lines were not delicate or straight, here is the photo of what I asked and my horrible nails remained. I do not return!
Came in for the first time for a deluxe pedicure. The pedicure itself was fine. While waiting for someone to be available to service me, the woman who did my pedicure was working on another woman. After painting the women’s toes, she started to get my bowl and water ready. I noticed that she took the attachment out of the dirty bowl she just did the other’s woman’s feet in and put the attachment in my bowl without cleaning it. She didn’t wear gloves and did not wash her hands in in between clients. I asked her if the attachment was cleaned and she called another man in the store over. He had her empty the bowl, throw out the bag and put an different attachment in. If I hadn’t said anything, she would’ve gave me a pedicure with the dirty attachment.
I’ve been using this place for 8 years rarely going elsewhere! They are incredible. I always get the deluxe pedicure and SNS nails- lasts at least a month sometimes as long as 6 weeks!
I walked in on a Friday with two friends. I did call beforehand. They took precautions for COVID-19. Upon arrival, our temperatures were checked and we were asked to wash our hands before service. The man who did my nails was excellent and paid very close attention to detail. I am a picky client but was very happy with my set. I'm excited I found them and will definitely return!

Quick Facts About PL Nail Salon

PL Nail Salon has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Starting with the strengths, one comment highlights the excellent service and attention to detail. This suggests that the staff at PL Nail Salon are talented and skilled at their craft. Another comment praises Kathy for being the best pedicurist and providing a soothing massage. This indicates that the salon has experienced and skilled professionals who are able to provide high-quality services.
Additionally, one comment mentions that the salon offers quick services. This can be seen as a strength for customers who are on a tight schedule and prefer efficient service. The comment also mentions that the prices are great, indicating that the salon may offer competitive pricing, which can be attractive to customers.
Furthermore, the salon appears to take precautions for COVID-19, as mentioned in one comment. This shows that the salon prioritizes the safety and well-being of its customers, which is an important strength in today's climate.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one comment mentions that there is usually a wait at the salon due to the limited number of staff. This suggests that the salon may be understaffed, resulting in longer wait times for customers. Another comment expresses disappointment with the French tip nails, stating that they were not up to the customer's expectations. This indicates that there may be inconsistently in the quality of nail designs at the salon.
Additionally, one comment mentions that a staff member stood over them while they were paying to ensure a tip. This reflects poor customer service and can make customers feel uncomfortable or pressured.
Another comment highlights a lack of cleanliness and hygiene practices at the salon. The customer noticed that the staff member reused a dirty attachment in the pedicure bowl without cleaning it. This raises concerns about the salon's sanitary practices and may deter customers who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene.
Finally, one comment mentions a negative experience with a new staff member who did not meet the customer's expectations in terms of nail design. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the skill level of the staff, which can impact the overall quality of the services provided.
In conclusion, PL Nail Salon has several strengths such as talented and detailed professionals, soothing massages, competitive pricing, and COVID-19 precautions. However, there are also weaknesses including potential understaffing, inconsistent quality of nail designs, poor customer service regarding tipping, cleanliness concerns, and variable skill levels among staff members. These factors should be taken into consideration by potential customers when deciding whether to visit PL Nail Salon.


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