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Peters Barber Shop

+44 1236 762300
239 Forrest St, Airdrie ML6 7AY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Peters Barber Shop

Peters Barber Shop has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insight into its strengths and weaknesses. Here is an analysis of the comments:
Strengths: 1. Skillful and talented barbers: The comments praise the barbers for their talent and skill in haircutting. One customer specifically mentions a great team consisting of Kier and Gary. This indicates that the barbers at Peters Barber Shop are experienced and capable professionals.
2. Clean and spacious shop: Multiple comments highlight the cleanliness and ample space in the barber shop. A clean and well-maintained environment is important for customers to feel comfortable and confident in the services provided.
3. Friendly staff and great atmosphere: Customers consistently mention the friendliness of the staff and the pleasant atmosphere in the shop. This creates a welcoming and enjoyable experience for customers.
4. Expertise in cutting children's hair: One comment specifically mentions that the staff is fantastic with nervous children. This is a valuable strength as many parents prefer barbers who can handle children who may be anxious about getting a haircut.
5. Long-standing reputation: One comment notes that the shop has been around for over half a century. This indicates that Peters Barber Shop has established a strong reputation and has likely built a loyal customer base over the years.
Weaknesses: 1. Lack of effective consultation: One comment mentions that the barber did not allow the customer to fully communicate their desired haircut, resulting in a cut that was too short and not what was requested. Enhancing the consultation process and ensuring that the customer's desires are understood can help prevent such issues.
2. Inconsistent service quality: One negative comment mentions that an older barber made a mistake by attempting to cut the hairline from the wrong side, resulting in a noticeable bald patch. Inconsistency in service quality can negatively impact the reputation of the barber shop and lead to dissatisfied customers.
3. Price increase without justification: A customer complains about the significant increase in the price of a haircut between their last visit and the current one. This raises questions of how the barbers justify such a price increase and can make customers seek alternatives in the area.
In conclusion, Peters Barber Shop has various strengths that include skilled barbers, a clean and spacious shop, friendly staff, expertise with children's haircuts, and a long-standing reputation. However, the negative comments indicate weaknesses in the consultation process, inconsistent service quality, and questionable price increases. Addressing these weaknesses can help improve customer satisfaction and maintain the shop's positive reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I had a nice girl Monica cut my hair and always get a good haircut off her .
Nice clean shop, plenty of space. Felt like the barber didn’t really let me speak when trying to tell him what I wanted so he ended up taking it too short and not what I asked for, although still a nice cut really clean fade just think they should invest more time into the consultation beforehand.
I trained with both Kier and Gary. Very talented guys and what a great team they were then and clearly continue to be so. Not a surprise these guys are so successful.
Excellent, friendly barbers. Clean shop, great atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Excellent relaxed atmosphere, incredibly friendly staff who are fantastic with nervous children and go out there way to ensure all patrons are comfortable. No wonder this shop has been around for over half a century.
today i went to this barbers and was all good until the end when the old man decided to try do my hairline from the other side of my body and has left a big bald patch and them tried to charge me 15 pound even after i told them i was still a minor very bad hairdressers wouldnt recommendd
went to this barbers six weeks ago haircut cost £7 , Now i know there is cost of living rises but today same haircut cost £13 , How can they justify that ..... i will avoid this barbers as plenty others in the area
Great barbers been around for years very clean and great atmosphere. Brilliant with kids how struggle to get their haircut. Fish tank inside to entertain the kids

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