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Peterhead Motors Ltd

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South Rd, Peterhead AB42 2XX United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Peterhead Motors Ltd

Peterhead Motors Ltd has several key strengths that make it a stand-out option for customers in need of petrol, food, shopping, and vehicle repairs. Firstly, the comment mentions that the staff are polite and friendly. This is a significant strength as it creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for customers. Friendly staff can make a huge difference in a customer's experience and increase their likelihood of returning.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the convenience of the location. Peterhead Motors Ltd is open 24 hours for fuel and shopping, making it easily accessible at any time. In addition, the clean and well-maintained forecourt adds to the appeal of the place. The comment mentions that there is no need to queue for a pump or to pay inside, which is a testament to the efficient service provided by the staff.
The prices at Peterhead Motors Ltd are considered reasonable and fair, according to the comments. This is another strength as customers appreciate value for their money. It is mentioned that the quoted price is the price actually paid, with no hidden additional charges. This transparency in pricing enhances the trust and satisfaction of customers.
Furthermore, the comment highlights the exceptional service provided by the garage staff. The fact that a customer was able to drop off their car without an appointment and have it repaired quickly and efficiently is a significant strength. The helpfulness of the staff is also praised, as they promptly contacted the customer with updates and ensured that the car was ready for collection in a timely manner. These attributes contribute positively to the reputation of Peterhead Motors Ltd.
On the other hand, one weakness that can be inferred from the comments is the lack of specific information about the quality of the cooked breakfast and hot mug of tea. While the mention of a "lovely" breakfast and tea is positive, the absence of specific details makes it difficult to evaluate the true strength of this aspect of the place. It would have been beneficial to have more information about the options available, the taste, and the value for money.
Another potential weakness is that one comment specifically mentions that they only fueled up and did not require any repairs. While it is positive that the customer had a good experience with just the fuel, it raises the question of whether the repair services provided are equally as satisfactory. Without more comments regarding the quality of repairs, it is difficult to fully evaluate this aspect of Peterhead Motors Ltd.
In conclusion, Peterhead Motors Ltd provides several strengths that make it an attractive option for customers. The polite and friendly staff, convenient 24-hour access, cleanliness, reasonable prices, and exceptional service are all positive attributes. However, the lack of specific information about the food and the absence of further comments regarding the repair services may be potential weaknesses. Nonetheless, Peterhead Motors Ltd seems to provide a positive overall experience for its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Just had a lovely cooked breakfast and a nice hot mug of tea, highly recommend you try.
Great pit stop petrol, food, shop and repairs if needed.
I put petrol in my diesel car. The were brilliant. Thanks guys
Polite staff amd very freindly
Dropped car off with no appointment when closed as not sure if safe to drive and left details with a very helpful chap in the shop. 8.30 next morning got a call to say a spring had gone, then another call an hour letter, car ready to collect, I've said before the service is outstanding and it still is, prices very fair
No repairs l only fuelled up.
Great customer service had both cars mot'd here couldn't ask for more
open 24 hours for fuel and shop with friendly helpful staff no matter the time, clean and warm inside and nicely kept forecourt this is super handy and easily accessible from the main road, ive never had to queue for a pump or to pay inside and ive been there a huge amount of times, fuel prices are average too so an added bonus..the same friendly helpfulness applies to the guys at the garage located in the same plot, great prices for the job in hand and pretty quick to get booked in too so you won't be off the road for long, the quote you're given is the price you actually pay with no hidden little problems they found while doing their job..i recommend to try here at least once if not every time..

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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Toilets


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