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Payless Grocery

+353 74 911 1342
46 Port Rd, Gortlee, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, F92 AW6D Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

You can buy all type of Halal Meat, vegetables and spices in thr.
Honestly, great shop I really happy from them
Thank you
Had everything that I required & even gave me some things for free as I had travelled from Birmingham. Meat & chicken is good quality considering that there is little demand for halal meat (this is purely based on opinion & I maybe wrong). Made a lovely lamb bhuna & some sheesh kebabs 4 my Irish family, tandoori chicken marinating 4 2moro. Great little shop with quality products & good proprietors.
Very good, recommended
Very good place, friendly and helpful staff and great meat and wide selection of Desi foods for a small town Asian shop, I highly recommend it.
Keeps almost every grocery possible. If you're looking for small quantity packets then this is the place. The place is small so feels a bit cramped up. But finding indian groceries in such a small town in Ireland, itself, is a miracle.
Good shop. All masalas, flour, rice, dates, henna cones, pickels, recipe masalas, halal meat available

Quick Facts About Payless Grocery

Payless Grocery place has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the store offers a wide range of Halal meat, vegetables, spices, and Desi foods. This indicates that they have a diverse selection of products to meet the needs of their customers, especially those looking for specific Halal products. This could be a significant strength for the store as it caters to a specific dietary requirement and cultural preferences.
Additionally, the comment mentioning that the store has everything required suggests that Payless Grocery has a comprehensive inventory. This is further supported by the commenter's mention of finding all masalas, flour, rice, dates, henna cones, pickles, and recipe masalas. Such a diverse range of groceries is a strength as it offers convenience to customers who can find everything they need in one place.
The store also seems to have good quality meat and chicken. This is a positive aspect as it indicates that Payless Grocery values the quality of the products they offer. The comment specifically highlights the good quality of the meat and chicken, even mentioning it as suitable for making dishes like lamb bhuna, sheesh kebabs, and tandoori chicken. This quality assurance can be a significant strength for the store as it builds customer trust and satisfaction.
Another strength of Payless Grocery is its friendly and helpful staff. The comment mentions that the staff is friendly, which creates a positive shopping experience for customers. Friendly and helpful staff can make customers feel welcome and valued, potentially leading to greater customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
Furthermore, the store is commended for having a wide selection of Desi foods, which is impressive for a small town Asian shop in Ireland. This suggests that the store caters to the needs and preferences of the Asian community, making it a convenient and reliable shopping option for them. Being the go-to store for such specific groceries in a small town can give Payless Grocery a competitive advantage over other stores in the area.
However, there are also some potential weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. One commenter mentioned that the store feels a bit cramped up due to its small size. This could be seen as a weakness as it may make it inconvenient for customers to navigate the store or browse products comfortably. A cramped store layout may also affect the overall shopping experience and potentially discourage customers from returning.
Additionally, a comment with question marks suggests some uncertainty or confusion about the store. While it is unclear what specific aspect the comment is referring to, this uncertainty can be seen as a weakness. It indicates that there may be areas where the store could improve in terms of clarity, communication, or overall customer experience.
In conclusion, Payless Grocery has several strengths that make it stand out. These include a wide range of Halal meat, vegetables, spices, and Desi foods, a comprehensive inventory, good quality meat and chicken, friendly and helpful staff, and catering to the specific needs of the Asian community in a small town. However, there are also potential weaknesses, such as a cramped store layout and some uncertainty or confusion. Overall, Payless Grocery seems to offer a convenient and satisfying shopping experience for customers in search of Halal and Desi products.


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