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Palisade Rim Trail Head

Palisade, CO 81526 United States of America
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We decided to hike this short 3.2 mile trail for a mid-afternoon activity before hitting some of the local wineries.
This is a surprisingly decent trail with some amazing views over Palisade. There are a lot of lizards, some ground squirrels and the occasional raptor.
And at the far end of this loop hike, there are a few panels of petroglyphs. Simply amazing.
One of the best sunset hikes in the valley. Best way to get there is through Palisade, not i-70. Parking for trail is a bit below the trail head, there is a restroom. Trail is steep at first, but well worth it and pretty moderate the rest of the way. Make sure you find the Petroglyphs, finding them is half the fun. Enjoy!
Nice hike with great views. Easy access and close to GJ. Heavily used including mountian bikes and dog walkers, but everyone is courteous. Some Highway noise, but once around the back side that dissipates.
With a quick easy-to-moderate 30-45’m ascent you can reach the top of the first mountain and get the best view of Palisade: the rocks, the river, and the wineries. Dog friendly trail. Highly recommended
Really good job with the boat ramp set up
Beautiful hike and bathrooms at the trailhead.
I did both the lower and upper loop at once, also went off onto other trails a few times, in all I hiked about 10 miles, the actual trails length read 8.9 miles, it's not bad if you bring food and water, I did it 6am-1:30pm but could definitely be done faster. I think this is the best hike on the western slope.
Great hike but it's soooooo muddy and slick right now

Quick Facts About Palisade Rim Trail Head

Palisade Rim Trail Head is a popular hiking spot in the valley with various strengths and weaknesses. Overall, it offers a decent trail with amazing views, wildlife sightings, petroglyphs, and easy access. However, it does have some weaknesses such as noise from the highway and muddy/slippery trail conditions.
One of the strengths of Palisade Rim Trail Head is its location. Situated in Palisade, it provides easy access for both locals and visitors. It is conveniently located near Grand Junction and is a great option for a mid-afternoon activity before exploring local wineries. This accessibility makes it a popular choice for hikers.
The trail itself offers stunning views over Palisade. Hikers can enjoy panoramic vistas of the rocks, river, and wineries from the top of the first mountain. This viewpoint is considered one of the best in Palisade and provides a rewarding experience for those who reach the summit. The beauty of the scenery enhances the hiking experience and attracts many nature enthusiasts.
Another positive aspect mentioned in the comments is the presence of wildlife along the trail. Hikers have reported sightings of lizards, ground squirrels, and occasionally raptors. Interacting with wildlife and observing them in their natural habitat adds a level of excitement and interest to the hike.
One of the highlights of Palisade Rim Trail Head is the presence of petroglyphs at the far end of the loop hike. These ancient rock carvings provide a unique and culturally significant element to the trail. Many hikers find the petroglyphs to be simply amazing and consider finding them to be half the fun of the hike. This historical and artistic feature makes the trail more enticing for those interested in archaeology and cultural heritage.
The trailhead itself offers some amenities that are appreciated by hikers. There are bathrooms available, which provide convenience for those starting or finishing their hike. Additionally, several comments mention the good job done with the boat ramp setup, although the exact details of the boat ramp are not elaborated upon.
Despite its strengths, Palisade Rim Trail Head does have some weaknesses. One commonly mentioned issue is the noise from the nearby highway. The trail is not far from i-70, and this can diminish the peacefulness and serenity that hikers seek when connecting with nature. While the highway noise may not be a deal-breaker for everyone, it is something to consider for those who prefer a quieter hiking experience.
Another weakness mentioned in one of the comments is the current muddy and slick conditions on the trail. This can be hazardous and make the hike more challenging. Hikers should be cautious and aware of the conditions before embarking on the trail. The presence of mud and slipperiness can make the experience less enjoyable and potentially increase the risk of falls or injuries.
In conclusion, Palisade Rim Trail Head offers numerous strengths that attract hikers, including its accessible location, breathtaking views, wildlife sightings, and the presence of petroglyphs. These features make it a desirable hiking spot, particularly for those looking for a short and rewarding hike. However, it does have weaknesses such as highway noise and trail conditions that can be muddy and slick. Despite these drawbacks, Palisade Rim Trail Head remains a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and is considered one of the best hikes in the western slope.

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