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5000 E E 4th Plain Blvd #d102, Vancouver, WA 98661 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Oscar Nails

Oscar Nails place has a mix of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's analyze them in more detail to understand the overall perception of the salon.
Strengths: 1. Friendly and welcoming staff: There are a few positive comments about the friendly and attentive staff at Oscar Nails. Some customers mentioned feeling instantly comfortable and appreciated the customer service they received. 2. Cleanliness: One customer praised the cleanliness of the salon, which is an important factor for many individuals when choosing a nail salon. 3. Affordable prices: The affordable prices mentioned by one customer may attract budget-conscious individuals who are looking for quality nail services without breaking the bank. 4. Quick service: There was a positive comment about quick service, as witnessed by a couple who stopped by for pedicures and were promptly attended to.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor quality of work: Several customers complained about the quality of the nail services at Oscar Nails. The most common issues include uneven and bumpy nails, nails not being formed properly, and products being applied thickly and uncomfortably. 2. Lack of attention to detail: One customer mentioned that the owner paid close attention to detail, but this seems to be contradicted by other negative comments that describe sloppy work and a lack of care in the finished product. 3. Unprofessional and rude customer service: Multiple customers felt that the customer service at Oscar Nails was rude and unsatisfactory. Complaints ranged from dismissive reactions to poor service to unhelpful responses when customers encountered problems. 4. Infections and nail issues: A few customers mentioned experiencing severe nail infections and fungus after getting their nails done at Oscar Nails. This raises concerns about hygiene and proper sanitation practices in the salon. 5. Unattractive nail results: Some customers were dissatisfied with the appearance of their nails, describing them as ugly. This further reflects the lack of attention to detail and skill in providing aesthetically pleasing results.
In conclusion, while Oscar Nails has some positive attributes such as friendly staff, clean premises, and affordable prices, the overwhelming negative comments about poor quality work, unprofessional customer service, hygiene concerns, and unattractive nail results suggest significant weaknesses. These weaknesses, especially the issues of infections and fungus, stand out as major concerns that should be addressed by the salon. Based on the comments, it may be wise for potential customers to exercise caution before choosing to visit Oscar Nails place.

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Worst experience I’ve ever had, product left everywhere, cuticles flooded, not straight nails and bumpy. When she was forming the nails she couldn’t even get the product thick and it was hot on my finger. I wouldn’t go here. Complained for spending $50 on nothing and was told I got long pointy nails and a ombré color. But it was one color changing and not noted that would be more.
At the ripe old age of 47 this is one ofthe worst sets I have ever gotten. I showed the owner how horrible they looked (she was the one that did my nails) and she just shrugged it off. Waste of time waste if money and now I have to pay someone else to remive then and do my mails correctly. One nail is lifting after less than 24 hours and several are bumpy and wavy and just plain ugly!
I was lucky enough to have the owner for my first experience and she was lovely. She paid close attention to detail and even sampled a little of the "deluxe" pedi for me. (I'll be getting the deluxe next time it was awesome!) The staff was friendly and the shop was clean. I felt instantly comfortable and at 25 dollars for such a great pedi you couldn't ask for more. Check this place out, it's worth it.
I'd go back. Shellac starts at $25, mine cost $34 total (+$7 for design on two nails and +1 for every extra base color). Nails came out great!!I
Disclaimer: gross images ???? Just an update my I lost a full nail and have fungus on every other nail. Please don’t go there. Disgusting ???? not to mention the rudest customer service ever. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to get my nails done again ????
I can’t even explain how disgusting this was. I paid 100 dollars for a set that was crooked and lifted when I went back to fix they told my fingers were crooked so I walked out. After they only “fixed” two nails. I now have a severe nail infection. Went back and showed them all they could offer me was to rip off the nails that were infected and out new acrylics on. This place needs to be shut down
My fiancé and I stopped in to see if they could do pedicures for the both of us. The ladies that were working, helped us almost immediately. Both ladies very sweet and talked to us. They didn’t speak a whole lot in Vietnamese to each other. The massage chairs are amazing. It was a wonderful experience all the way around. We are definitely going back!
my nails were so ugly.. don’t recommend

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