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Oscar E. Olsen Park

253 W Fort Lee Rd, Bogota, NJ 07603 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Oscar E. Olsen Park

Oscar E. Olsen Park Place in Bogota has several strengths that make it an appealing outdoor space for the community. Firstly, it is the largest tract of undeveloped land left in the area, meaning that it provides a unique opportunity for residents to experience nature and open space amidst a developed urban environment. This makes the park a valuable asset, particularly considering the increasing scarcity of such large green spaces.
The park also offers a range of recreational facilities, including four ballfields, a track, a kiddie jungle gym play area, and tennis and basketball courts (some of which are located across the road). These amenities cater to different sports and activities, allowing residents to engage in physical exercise and enjoy competitive or casual games. This variety is a strength, as it ensures that visitors of all ages and interests can find something to do within the park.
Another feature that sets Oscar E. Olsen Park Place apart is its location along the Hackensack River. This affords visitors a good view of the WWII submarine, the SS Ling, which adds historical significance and interest to the park. Moreover, the park has an environmental walkway that runs along the river, providing information about local wildlife and fauna through placards. This educational component enhances the park's appeal, especially for nature enthusiasts or those who seek to learn more about the local ecosystem.
Additionally, the comments indicate that the park is clean and usually quiet, making it a serene and peaceful space for visitors. This contributes to a positive experience and allows individuals to relax and unwind while enjoying nature. Furthermore, the presence of picnic tables and a gazebo encourages picnicking and family gatherings, providing opportunities for socialization and community engagement.
Despite these strengths, there are a few weaknesses that should be addressed. One comment mentions that the park is underutilized, suggesting that not enough people are taking advantage of its amenities and potential. This may indicate a lack of awareness or promotion of the park within the community, and efforts should be made to increase its visibility and draw more visitors.
Another comment highlights the lack of a fenced-in playground area, which raises safety concerns, particularly for parents of young children. This oversight should be addressed to ensure that families feel comfortable allowing their children to play freely without fear of cars driving by.
In terms of opportunities for improvement, the addition of more walking paths would be beneficial, as some comments suggest that there is not a lot of area available for walking. Expanding the trail system could attract more walkers and joggers, providing a space for exercise and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Lastly, the mention of pokestops for Pokemon Go players indicates that the park has become a popular spot for this game. Capitalizing on this trend could be an opportunity to attract more visitors and create a community of Pokemon Go players who can enjoy the park while playing the game.
In conclusion, Oscar E. Olsen Park Place has several strengths, such as its large undeveloped land, diverse recreational facilities, educational walkway, and serene environment. However, there are opportunities for improvement, such as promoting the park, adding a fenced-in playground for young children, expanding walking paths, and capitalizing on the popularity of Pokemon Go. By addressing these weaknesses and leveraging its strengths, the park can become a more vibrant and utilized space that meets the needs and interests of the Bogota community.

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This park is underutilized and the largest tract of undeveloped land left in Bogota. It has four nice ballfields, a track, kiddie jungle gym play area, tennis and basketball courts. (Some sports fields are across the road.) Also a number of picnic tables and a gazebo. The park is right on the Hackensack River with a good view of the WWII submarine, the SS Ling. (Due to development its future is uncertain) There's also a bridge walkway skirting along the river having placards that describe local wildlife and fauna. It's called the "Olsen Park Hackensack River Environmental Walkway”.  The park is a great place to have a picnic or relax and watch for wildlife on the Hackensack River.
I would've liked to see more, however the park offers an environmental walkway along the Hackensack River with views of wildlife. There is also a playground and tennis/ basketball courts.
Nice, clean, mostly quite park. Not too big, but perfect for a short walk with your dog
The park is very nice not alot of area to walk but it has some nice views
New to the area. I was happy to find a nice park near my home but was disappointed the children's playground isn't fenced in. Doesn't seem safe for toddlers to run and play. Maybe for older kids it's okay. Just surprised a kid's playground isn't fenced off from cars driving by
We love this park! It has a walking path and a nice playground for children. Our kids all enjoy coming here. It is rarely crowded so no need to fear losing sight of your little one. Kids can run around and mom/dad can easily watch them. There are also many picnic tables around if you want to bring lunch. They also added a new little playground for toddlers. Great way to keep the kids busy for an hour or two.☺
I love to picnic here and walk around. There's a lot of pokestops here for any Pokemon go players.
Such a great way to stay safe and still be together! We were able to be outside and underneath a roof and everybody had a wonderful time celebrating Jaxon's 4th birthday!

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