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Oriental Gift Shop

+1 928-783-8575
1701 S Avenue B, Yuma, AZ 85364 United States of America
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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Good customer service.
The owner is very helpful.
Nice wigs and extensions.
Good products.
Clean place.
Accept cards and cash.
Has food and beverages inside.
Asian Noodles, dried fishe, can goods .
Chip, rice, pans, wok, dress and so much more.
Good experience!
The owners are really helpful. They have so much different merchandise. I love the variety of hair extensions the most. I just wish it was better organized so we wouldn't have to spend so much time looking for the right color and length.
Just don't buy food from the freezers. Even if the food isnt expired, which it often is, it's often not shipped/stored properly. I say this from years of experience trying to give them more chances and buy from them, but after trying again 5 years later and ending up with moldy frozen noodles, I won't. And they don't accept returns either. Sooo... yeah.
Good place to find African products when in Yuma Az
Rather eclectic selection with strange organization (you may have to hunt for it even if they have it). Prices seemed high.
They are always polite, thoughtful, helpful and curtious. I love shopping there.
Good service
Lots of gifts, female stuffs and many kinds of asian food

Quick Facts About Oriental Gift Shop

The Oriental Gift Shop has several strengths that contribute to its overall positive reputation. First and foremost, the shop is known for its good customer service. The owners are described as helpful, polite, thoughtful, and courteous. This is an important aspect of any business, as good customer service can create a pleasant shopping experience and establish customer loyalty.
Another strength of the Oriental Gift Shop is the variety of merchandise it offers. Customers appreciate the range of products available, particularly the selection of wigs and hair extensions. The shop also sells Asian noodles, dried fish, canned goods, chips, rice, pans, woks, dresses, and more. This diverse inventory demonstrates the shop's commitment to catering to the needs and interests of its customers.
In addition to its products, the Oriental Gift Shop is praised for its clean environment. A clean and organized store creates a positive impression and gives customers confidence in the quality of the items being sold. Furthermore, the shop's acceptance of both cards and cash provides convenience and flexibility for customers in terms of payment options.
The presence of food and beverages inside the shop is another strength. This feature likely adds value to the shopping experience, as customers can refuel or satisfy their hunger while browsing the merchandise. It also makes the shop a unique destination, offering more than just traditional retail items.
The Oriental Gift Shop has received positive feedback regarding the owners' helpfulness and the range of products available. However, there are also some weaknesses that should be considered. One recurring complaint is the lack of organization in the store. Customers have expressed frustration about spending too much time searching for specific items due to the shop's strange organization. This can lead to a less efficient shopping experience and possibly deter potential customers.
Another significant weakness that has been highlighted is the shop's frozen food section. According to one comment, the frozen food is often expired or not stored properly, resulting in moldy noodles. This can not only ruin the shopping experience for customers but also create health risks. Furthermore, the fact that the shop does not accept returns on these items undermines customer satisfaction and trust. This issue should be addressed to ensure a safer and more reliable shopping experience.
Some customers have also criticized the Oriental Gift Shop's prices, describing them as high. This can be a barrier for some customers, as they may perceive better value elsewhere or be less inclined to make purchases. Addressing this issue by conducting market research and adjusting prices accordingly could potentially improve the shop's competitiveness and attract more customers.
Overall, the Oriental Gift Shop has several strengths, such as good customer service, helpful owners, a diverse product range, a clean environment, and the availability of food and beverages. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, including the lack of organization in the store, issues with the frozen food section, and potentially high prices. By focusing on addressing these weaknesses, the Oriental Gift Shop can enhance its strengths and improve its overall offering to customers.

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