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Orange Unisex Nails

+1 973-677-1554
347 Main St, City of Orange, NJ 07050 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Orange Unisex Nails

1. Quality results: Multiple comments mention that the nails, feet, and eyebrows done at Orange Unisex Nails are always amazing. Customers have been going to this place for years, and some drive long distances just to get their services done here. This indicates that the salon consistently delivers high-quality results.
2. Skilled nail technicians: Customers specifically mention the skills and expertise of the nail technicians. They appreciate the design, neatness, and longevity of the gel acrylic nails. This indicates that the nail technicians at Orange Unisex Nails are skilled and talented in their craft.
3. Friendly staff: Many comments mention that the workers are nice, creating a great vibe at the salon. Customers appreciate the friendliness of the front desk man and the overall pleasant atmosphere at the salon. A positive and friendly staff can contribute to a positive overall experience for customers.
4. Minimal wait time: Several comments mention that the wait time at Orange Unisex Nails was either non-existent or minimal. This is a strength as customers value efficient service and appreciate not having to wait long for their appointment.
1. High prices: One customer mentions that the prices are a bit high. While they did feel the services were worth it, this suggests that the salon may not be the most affordable option for some customers. High prices can potentially deter price-sensitive customers or make them question the value they are receiving.
2. Inconsistent service: One dissatisfied customer had a negative experience where the technician used regular polish instead of gel polish on the feet, leading to an additional 30-minute wait and affecting their overall satisfaction. Moreover, the same customer experienced sloppy nail polish application and uneven eyebrows. This indicates that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of service provided at Orange Unisex Nails.
3. Language barrier and attitude: One customer mentions that the workers spoke about them in Spanish, assuming they didn't understand. Additionally, there are comments about the attitudes and rudeness of the staff. Both instances suggest that there may be communication issues and a lack of professionalism among certain staff members, which can negatively impact the overall customer experience.
4. Misleading pricing: One customer mentioned being charged a higher price than what was initially agreed upon. This indicates a lack of transparency and honesty in the pricing process, potentially making customers feel deceived or taken advantage of.
In conclusion, Orange Unisex Nails has strengths in delivering high-quality results, skilled nail technicians, friendly staff, and minimal wait times. However, there are weaknesses in terms of high prices, inconsistent service, potential language barrier and attitude issues, and misleading pricing. These weaknesses can negatively impact the overall customer experience and need to be addressed by the salon management.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Been getting my nails done here since I was a teenager. Now me and my daughter goes regularly. Definitely a great vibe and my nails,feet and eyebrows are always AMAZING ???????? I moved and still drive 1 hour and 30 mins away to this place . It’s worth it
Amazing job done by Anthony, nice front desk man and the waiting area chairs were nice. Had a little bit of a wait but that was expected due to me being a walk-in. Probably the best my nails have looked in a long time and the design was perfect!
The wait time was less than 5 minutes. My eyebrows and nails came out nice. Diane did my nails. The prices are were a bit high. But worth it.
Still loving this salon currently Andy does my nails and I’m still loving this salon
My lady gets me together.
This was my 4th filling. Time to come off.
This was my first visit with them and it was great. I got gel acrylic nails and they lasted for 3 weeks without any problems. My nails were neat and I allowed my nail tech to do any design she wanted. I am definitely going back soon.
If I could give zero stars I would. I am literally crying writing this. So I got a gel manicure and pedicure and my eyebrows done. While my feet turned out nice in the end, it was a journey. The feet tech put regular polish instead of gel polish like I asked and didn’t realize until it was time for me to get my nails done. So I ended up in the foot chair an extra 30 mins (way to waste my time). Now my nails. The polish is so sloppy, my nails look all distorted and the 10$ I paid for the design you can barely in the light. On top my eyebrows are not even at all. But I’m not one to cause a scene. So I paid but 100 down the drain. I am not happy at all. The workers are however really nice.
The workers talk about you in Spanish because they THINK you don't understand. They damaged my nails removing my hombre set AND their attitudes are horrible. STAY AWAY!
Went there yesterday for a pedicure and I asked for regular polish and the lady doing my nails told me 25 only for me to check my online banking today to see I was charged 30, the price for gel however I didn’t get gel. Sneaky and dishonest .

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