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Quick Facts About OMG Nail

OMG Nail Place has received both positive and negative comments from customers, which provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the salon. In the following analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of OMG Nail Place will be examined based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Quality Service: Several customers have praised the salon for their thoroughness and skill in providing services such as pedicures and gel manicures. Customers mentioned that their nails looked great and received compliments from others. 2. Friendly Staff: Many customers appreciate the friendly and kind nature of the staff members at OMG Nail Place. They have developed long-term relationships with nail technicians like Khan, who consistently provides great service. 3. Cleanliness: Multiple customers have mentioned that OMG Nail Place is clean and well-maintained. This is an important aspect of a nail salon as cleanliness contributes to the overall experience and safety of customers. 4. Pricing: Customers appreciate the reasonable pricing at OMG Nail Place. They feel that they are getting value for their money and are happy with the pricing options provided.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent Service: While some customers have had positive experiences at OMG Nail Place, others have experienced inconsistent service. Complaints range from rude staff members to rushed services that did not meet expectations. Inconsistency in service quality can lead to dissatisfaction among customers. 2. Lack of Attention to Detail: In a few instances, customers have raised concerns about the lack of attention to detail during their visits. Issues such as wavy nails after a gel manicure and colors not matching what was chosen have been mentioned. Inconsistency in attention to detail can affect the overall satisfaction of customers. 3. Lack of Sanitization: One customer reported a concerning incident where the nail technician did not properly sanitize the drill bit after drawing blood. Sanitization is a crucial aspect of any nail salon, and lapses in proper hygiene practices can raise serious health concerns among customers. 4. Poor Customer Service: A few customers have experienced poor customer service from specific nail technicians. Complaints include rudeness, lack of listening to specific requests, and not addressing customer concerns properly. Poor customer service can harm the reputation and customer loyalty of a salon.
Overall, OMG Nail Place has strengths in terms of quality service, friendly staff, cleanliness, and pricing. These aspects contribute to positive experiences for many customers. However, there are weaknesses in terms of inconsistent service, lack of attention to detail, lapses in sanitization, and instances of poor customer service. Addressing these weaknesses will be crucial for the salon to maintain customer satisfaction and enhance its reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I’ve been a customer for the last year and am happy with my pedicures. Julie is very thorough and kind. Make an appointment to avoid a wait.
Been going here for about 2 years now, but I've been getting my nails done by the owner for about 10+ years. I followed Khan from place to place until him and his wife finally got a shop of their own. Always friendly, clean, and great pricing. I always get compliments on my nails and it's all because I go here. Definitely a place I recommend to all my family, friends, and strangers who stops me to look at my nails.
First time going here and most definitely the last!!!! Went in for them to remove my nails and apply a new set, well turned out to be a 3 hr appt ???? had a pedicure done which by the way was the worst I’ve had!!!! Then sitting to get my nails done the last was severely rough. She started off with a med size drill bit to drill the gel and acrylic down???? which I’ve never had done in the past. I asked her you guys don’t soak them off??? She just looked at me as if she was lost to what I was saying ???? she then gets a drill bit that is more coarse and starts going crazy on my nails with it turned all the way. Long story short she takes a chunk out of the side of my finger on cuticle line???? without stopping or anything I’m bleeding I pull my hand from her and immediately request another nail tech! It took awhile for the bleeding to stop! To top it all off they didn’t even sanitize the drill bit after having my blood all over it! Not good at all! I mentioned it to the other nail tech that it needs to be cleaned she got irritated with me and said it will be cleaned after we close SMH. I was the last one in there leaving at almost 8:30p when arriving at 5 for my appt there. I never seen the nail tech take the drill bit and sanitize it. Do yourself a favor and never just try another nail salon because it’s convenient!!!!! It’s been a few days and my cut still isn’t healed.
I’ve had good experiences here before, but my recent pedicure was very disappointing. I paid for an hour pedi but the gal was rushed and only took about 25 minutes total. She seemed very annoyed, and the color she used did not turn out like the color I chose. My toes look fine, but I’ll try somewhere else next time. Not a good experience for the money.
Khan is my go to always. He does a great job every time. Lana usually does my pedicures which are absolutely fantastic but another lady did it and was really good still. But remember quality ain't cheap. Just saying
I have been here twice and I went a second time to give them another chance. The first time the tech was kind of rude and the second time a different tech left my nails wavy after giving me a gel manicure and the gel was so far out that it already looked like I needed another manicure the day I got them. The guy tech that worked on my friends nails didn't listen to what she requested and she ended up leaving with something she was unhappy with because he was rude when she was more specific and she is too kind to argue. On a positive note I must say that there is 1 yes 1 amazing tech in there that painted my 9 yr olds nails. She was so sweet and did a great job and my daughter said she was very kind to her.
I love Lana, she gives me a great pedicure and gel manicure every time! Khan is very good to for any kind of nails with design. I've been a customer for many years, they are the only nail shop l go to.
This place is amazing. Got my daughter's nails done for prom by Julie. Her nails were absolutely PERFECT! Not a single flaw. I was so impressed.

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