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Nobility Nails

+1 215-878-1728
7590 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19151 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I LOVE this salon! They are courteous and personable. Calvin the owner knows customers by name and he does great nails. They have very skilled nail techs as well. I've been searching for a salon that I could call MY place and I've found it in nobility nails. Definitely visit
The business is a dump. I was desperate and needed an establishment that welcomed walk-ins. The only reason I did not walk out is because I desperately needed a mani/pedi. I will never return. For the money they charge, how about a remodel. Paint on the walls, new chairs and stations for the technicians. I walked in at 12:30pm and left at 3:00pm. Furthermore, there is no greeting when you walk in and nothing special with receiving a mani/pedi (warm wash cloths, stones, etc.) The only reason I gave 2 stars is because the pedicure was okay.
My daughter and I had a lovely experience with our technicians. The wait time was minimum, there were allot of chairs for hand and feet stations also.
My Technician Wan/Juan (forgive my spelling) was such a joy and a pleasant man that truly made sure my ideas of what I wanted were met. My daughter's technician did a beautiful job on her nails and design.
Wan/Juan was such a gentleman in assisting me with my chair especially after I shared I had surgery not long ago. Wan/Juan made my visit pleasant to say the least and need I say, this was my first visit to this salon.
All of the staff I encountered today from the salon had pleasant mannerisms including when I called prior to my visit for information.
I'll definitely be back again ????☺️
Theresa is absolutely amazing!! The rest is the staff is friendly and does a great job as well! Sometimes there is a wait (since it’s a popular place) but it’s worth It
I love how they do my feet...they take their time, and they always give me the shape I like. Service is professional and sufficient. The nails are a hit or miss..depending on who you get. As a satisfied customer I feel like it can be a little more innovative and modern. Keep up with certain trends to maintain satisfied customers. Some of the nail techs are older, and can’t execute some of the modern styles due to lack of certain colors and creativeness. I also feel like certain techs create their own prices for personal gains, there’s never a consistent price. Overall, the place is nice and you will get an amazing pedicure. Oh yea they do bomb eyebrows too.
Love my nail place, the best in the West Philly area.
Only been here twice and got full set but they have done such a great job on my nails. I have been recommending people and I’ll definitely return.
I visited nobility nails this Tuesday and I was very pleased with the service I received. I got a full set, coffin shaped nails, eyebrow wax and a pedicure that was out of this world!! I have found my new salon. Their covid procedures were top notch. Upon arrival they check your temperature and provide you with hand sanitizer everything is separated so you are not exposed. If you are in the area please check them out.

Quick Facts About Nobility Nails

Nobility Nails has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the salon. It is important to analyze these comments in order to understand the overall customer experience and the areas where the salon excels or falls short. Let's break down the strengths and weaknesses of Nobility Nails based on these comments:
Strengths: 1. Courteous and personable service: Multiple comments mention the friendly and pleasant mannerisms of the staff, particularly the owner Calvin. It indicates that the salon values excellent customer service and makes an effort to build relationships with their clients.
2. Skilled nail technicians: Several customers commend the nail technicians for their expertise and skilled work. This suggests that the salon employs competent professionals who can deliver high-quality nail services.
3. Minimal wait time: One comment notes that the wait time at Nobility Nails is minimal. This indicates that the salon efficiently manages its appointments and provides prompt service, reducing customer frustration.
4. Good pedicure services: Several customers express satisfaction with the pedicure services at Nobility Nails, praising the attention to detail and the time taken to ensure a good result. This suggests that the salon specializes in providing exceptional pedicures.
5. Customer loyalty: A few comments mention how customers feel connected to Nobility Nails and view it as their go-to salon. This indicates that the salon has successfully built a loyal customer base, which is a testament to the positive experiences they provide.
Weaknesses: 1. Outdated and unappealing ambiance: One customer describes the salon as a "dump" and highlights the need for a remodel, including new chairs, stations, and a fresh coat of paint on the walls. This suggests that the salon's physical environment may be lacking and may not create a pleasant atmosphere for clients.
2. Lack of special amenities: Another negative comment states that there were no special amenities such as warm washcloths or stones during their visit for a mani/pedi. This indicates that Nobility Nails may not provide additional luxuries or pampering elements that some customers may expect from a high-end salon.
3. Inconsistency in nail services: One customer mentions that the nail services at Nobility Nails can be hit or miss, depending on the technician. This suggests that the salon may have varying levels of skill and consistency among its staff, which can potentially lead to mixed experiences for customers.
4. Limited innovation and modernization: A comment states that Nobility Nails should keep up with certain trends to maintain satisfied customers and that some of the nail technicians lack creativity and are unable to execute modern styles due to a lack of certain colors. This indicates that the salon may be falling behind in terms of staying current with industry trends and providing innovative nail designs.
5. Inconsistent pricing: Another negative comment mentions that certain technicians create their own prices, leading to inconsistent pricing. This suggests that the salon may not have a standardized pricing structure, which can create confusion and potentially impact customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Nobility Nails excels in aspects such as courteous and personable service, skilled nail technicians, minimal wait time, and good pedicure services. However, the salon faces weaknesses in areas such as the outdated ambiance, lack of special amenities, inconsistency in nail services, limited innovation and modernization, and inconsistent pricing. It is essential for Nobility Nails to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and maintain a loyal customer base. A remodeling of the salon, an upgrade in amenities, and providing consistent, innovative nail services can help elevate the salon's strengths and mitigate its weaknesses.


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