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Newhaven Kebab and Pizza

+44 1273 514516
59 South Rd, Newhaven BN9 9QH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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I ordered a burger, there was no sauce, it was drier than the Sahara dessert. I asked for no cheese bc I’m lactose intolerant but they gave me double cheese slices. Luckily I could take it off bc the food was delivered so cold the cheese didn’t melt. Unluckily I found a curly beard hair to go with my portion of chips. My food was cold but at least I had a warm can of coke to go with it :)
Call this a medium pizza? ???????? it’s not even a 9” it’s small. It’s 7.5” personal. Have a day off. Tasted horrible too. Better off doing dominos. Rancid.
Horrible manager. Shouts at customers. Doesn’t want to resolve a problem that would cost him nothing to fix. I order here every week but no loyalty. Wouldn’t fix his mistake. Shouted at me. Won’t be going back.
Disgusting behaviour. We ordered 2 medium pizzas and was sent 2 small pizzas. We called to sort it and got accused of lying, got shouted at and verbally abused. We always order from here so it’s such a shame that they don’t values their customers. Never ordering from here again.
We’ve used this place for years. Not once had a bad experience! I phoned and ordered food for me anI my family, I was on the phone having a laugh and giggle with the man taking my call, great people, great food!! Been there for many years (so can’t be that bad!) Please don’t believe all the negative comments. Most people create a bad review because they don’t like waiting ????
Ordered meal 7pm...meal arrived after 2 phone calls 9.10pm...chips cold inedible. 3 kebabs meat cold full of raw onions...tried to speak to Manager...totally not interested...said if we wanted it hot we should collect... I said you should not offer a service you cannot provide ie delivery...please take note....on anything from this restaurant so called provider...an utter joke taking peoples hard earned money thinking we will have a treat. ..THINK AGAIN BEFORE YOU ORDER !!!!!@
Actually appalled! Disgusting customer service! Found hair in my mixed kebab and was missing an item. Called to tell them the following day and the guy shouted at me!
Really bad customer service!! When I called to complain they swore at me!! Very mean and disrespectful!!

Quick Facts About Newhaven Kebab and Pizza

Newhaven Kebab and Pizza place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, it is important to consider both the positive and negative aspects mentioned.
Starting with the weaknesses mentioned by the customers, it is clear that one of the major issues is the quality and presentation of the food. Multiple customers complained about the food being cold upon delivery. Cold food not only affects the taste and overall experience but also raises concerns about food safety. Additionally, one customer mentioned that their burger was dry, indicating a lack of sauce or moisture. This highlights a lack of attention to detail in food preparation.
Another weakness mentioned by customers is the inconsistency in size and quality of the food items. One customer specifically mentioned that their medium pizza was smaller than expected and tasted horrible. This suggests a lack of consistent portion sizes and quality control. Furthermore, a customer complained about finding a hair in their portion of chips, indicating issues with hygiene practices and attention to cleanliness.
Customer service is another area of weakness for Newhaven Kebab and Pizza place. Multiple customers mentioned negative experiences with the manager and staff, including shouting at customers and refusing to resolve simple problems. This kind of behavior is unprofessional and can result in a loss of customers. Additionally, some customers mentioned being verbally abused or sworn at when they called to complain. This kind of disrespectful behavior is completely unacceptable and reflects poorly on the business.
Moving on to the strengths mentioned by customers, it is clear that some customers have had positive experiences with Newhaven Kebab and Pizza place. One customer mentioned being a long-time customer and never having a bad experience. This suggests that there are instances where the food and service may be satisfactory.
Another strength mentioned by a customer is the friendly and enjoyable interaction with the staff while placing an order. This indicates that there are staff members who are capable of providing good customer service and creating a positive experience.
In terms of loyalty, it is worth noting that some customers mentioned ordering from the establishment regularly, despite the negative comments. This suggests that there may be other redeeming factors, such as convenience or menu options, that keep customers coming back.
In conclusion, Newhaven Kebab and Pizza place has several weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to improve customer satisfaction. Issues with food quality, consistency, hygiene, and customer service are mentioned frequently in the comments. However, it is also important to acknowledge that there are some strengths, such as friendly interactions with staff and a loyal customer base. By addressing the weaknesses and building upon the strengths, Newhaven Kebab and Pizza place has the potential to improve and provide a better experience for their customers.

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