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11942 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA 22030 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 09:30 PM

Quick Facts About Nails Pro

Nails Pro Place has several strengths, as mentioned in the comments. One of the strengths is the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. Many customers mentioned that the staff members, such as Sunny and Jenny, were kind, gentle, and talented. This indicates that the salon has a team of skilled nail technicians who provide good service to their customers. The comments also highlight that the staff at Nails Pro Place are attentive and take the time to understand the customers' preferences, suggesting good colors and offering options.
Another strength of Nails Pro Place is the quality of the services provided. Customers express satisfaction with their manicures and pedicures, mentioning that their nails looked perfect and that they were happy with the results. This indicates that the salon is capable of delivering high-quality nail enhancements, gel manicures, and regular pedicures. The positive feedback regarding the results of the services demonstrates the competency of the nail technicians.
Additionally, Nails Pro Place is praised for its reasonable prices. Several customers mention that the prices are fair and reasonable for the services received. This can be seen as a strength, as affordable pricing can attract customers and contribute to positive word-of-mouth reviews. Affordable prices may also make Nails Pro Place accessible to a wider range of customers.
The salon's convenient location is also highlighted as a strength. Being located downstairs from popular establishments such as Brio and Cheesecake Factory in Fair Oaks Mall makes it easily accessible for customers. This can be considered an advantage as it increases the salon's visibility and potential foot traffic.
However, there are some weaknesses mentioned in the comments as well. One of the main weaknesses is related to the interactions between staff and customers. One customer mentioned that a staff member became angry and rude when asked about pricing and subsequently told the customer to leave. This indicates a lack of professionalism and poor customer service. Additionally, another customer mentioned that they had waited for an hour to be served, even though someone who arrived after them was served first. This suggests a lack of organization and prioritization, which can negatively impact the customer experience.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of certain services or amenities. One customer mentioned that during their pedicure, they did not receive an exfoliation or a massage. This suggests that the salon might not offer a comprehensive range of services or that certain options may not be available for every customer. This can be seen as a weakness, as it limits the overall experience and value for customers.
Overall, Nails Pro Place has several strengths, including friendly and skilled staff, quality services, reasonable prices, and a convenient location. However, weaknesses such as poor customer service and limited services should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I read through several other reviews, especially the bad ones just to compare my experience with others and I almost feel as if we must have been in alternate realities. I had a very pleasant experience. Sunny was wonderful for me. I got a great manicure. I didn't even feel it when she went after my cuticles. She was was friendly and chit chatted with me the whole time. She was excited to see my dress I would wear to the opera (I was getting my nails done to match the dress.)
She was the only one working at the time and another woman came in wanting her nails done too while I was waiting. She was very rude and angry about the fact she was going to have to wait. I think maybe the reason there are negative reviews isn't really a problem with Nails Pro but a problem with the customers. What exactly was Sunny supposed to do? Magically grow another set of arms so she could do two manicures at a time? I was sitting there patiently waiting and I was kind and friendly while the other woman was mean and horrible.
So, anyway, she was gentle, she was friendly, she was quick, and the price was fair.
Highly recommended! I really loved my experience there, got dip powder for the first time and wow! So happy with the results. Sunny did my nails and they are perfect! She’s really kind and so nice. Definitely will come back :)
I was in fairfax today running errands, and had a little extra time, decided to stop for a pedicure. Didn’t have to wait at all which was nice ….but the fact that their shop was dead on a Saturday makes a lot of sense now .
After being seated, I chose to do the $35 Spa Pedi. I was asked about my color and I said white. Then she said my pedicure was now $60, so I asked her how much extra is the gel? Just for clarification because I’ve never been to this place. I’m use to places giving you a Pedi price and gel is an add on for like $15 or $20 which is cool. I was really just trying to figure out the pricing structure . I very into my beauty services so I was honestly just asking questions as a new client .
She said gel spa Pedi was $60
Regular Pedi with gel is $50….i just wanted to know what was the cost of the gel itself . I mean I wasn’t shown a menu so I was just asking lol .
The lady told me if I can’t afford it I need to leave. It was obvious she was mad I was asking so many questions but she REALLY told me to leave LOL
I asked her her name and she said she wasn’t telling me . I asked her the owners name ( because i wanted to speak with someone more senior ) and she refused to tell me .
I won’t be going back. I also have an amazing nail lady that I was about to cheat on with this shady place so it all worked out.
I went to fair oaks mall branch and had a good experience. I got my nail enhancement removed and manicure done. Jenny did my manicure. She’s very gentle, kind, friendly and talented. I’ll visit again for other services. I’m happy with their service.
I went there early this year to fix my 2 nails that had broken and they charged me $20 bucks when a whole manicure costs $45. Went there a second time and they decided that I could wait 1 hour until they helped someone else (someone who came after me) because they did not want to lose any business. This was my 3rd time I thought maybe a pedicure would be better, $50 and I got my nails painted first and there was no exfoliate, no massage nothing. I could have paid for a stone massage up stairs at angel nails but they were busy. Want to waste your money? Come here.
Absolutely love this place. Was here today for a manicure and pedicure.
They suggested me good colors and the service was really good for a gel manicure and regular pedicure. It was around 60$ for both
Would recommend this place.
Place is maintained really well, lot of options to try too.
The ladies here are very nice and friendly. My daughter likes Monica a lot and prefers she does her nails. Monica does a great job. Their prices are very reasonable as well. They are very conveniently located just downstairs from Brio and Cheesecake Factory in Fair Oaks mall.
Love this place, amazing pedicure with Lynn. I have been a regular for years. Nail can not go wrong with Tommy. Don't know what other customers issue is , but they are very friendly and give great service every time

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