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Nails Maxx

+1 505-891-1900
1101 Unser Blvd SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Temperature check required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Restroom
  • Wi-Fi
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I've had my nails done at Nails Maxx many times now. They always do the most beautiful job, and I'm always surprised at how fair the price is. Leslie almost always does my nails and is a total perfectionist, but all of the others in the salon do just as great as she does - Trinity, Wendy, and Abby, to name a few. Absolutely cannot recommend this place enough.
I went here to get pampered before my wedding. I called ahead to made sure that the store wasn't busy to avoid waiting in line. I wasn't sure what I wanted at first so I looked on Pinterest for several ideas and showed Leslie. She incorporated what I like and made it unique to my style. I love the result and would definitely recommend this place, especially for special events and weddings.
I have come to Nail Maxx for a few years now. It is my go to place for nails. Sometimes I bring my daughters with me and they get their nails done too! Tina and Linda always make my girls feel so special and loved! The women that work there are really good at what they do! I always have people ask where I get my nails done. Thanks Nail Max!
I was a walk-in for a basic manicure. They immediately greeted me. I only waited about 20 min before they could do my nails. It was one of the quickest manicures of my life. Unfortunately, it kind of showed. The nails are very pretty, if you don't look too close.
My nail tech started cleaning the station, as my nails dried. Flecks of things landed in my nails. When I asked for one (of many) piece of debris to be removed, she said "that was part of my nail". The tech walked away and began getting a pedicure. She never asked if I was happy with my nails or even said goodbye. I sat and waited for her to complete her pedicure. Then, I asked if she could please fix two nails that were not smooth. She was very exasperated with me (even though I patiently waited for her to get her nails done). I was drying my nails after she smoothed them out. She informed me that I "could leave. The shop was closed." Even though there was still 40+ min till close and other customers in the building. She then brushed her broom onto my feet (Bad Luck!).
I was forced to pay BEFORE the manicure began and added a 23% tip. I expected to receive a service worth the $40 I spent. I was really disappointed with the service. I felt very disrespected. When, I was polite and patient the entire time. Really wanted to support a local business, but their innatention to detail and customer service makes it to where I don't want to return.
My experience at nails maxx was fantastic! My nail artist Julia did an amazing job and matched my inspiration picture perfectly! I am so happy with the way they came out and couldn’t have asked for a better acrylic nail set! I will 100% be coming back!
Wonderful experience every time! One of our favorite places to go and relax while in town visiting family. Everyone is friendly, and all of their spa products seem high quality (not greasy) and smell wonderful. Highly recommend! :-)
Always love coming here. Staff is very personal. Always they remember your name, family and your likes etc. Tao is my go to girl! I've been coming here for 7+ years and the service today is just as good as the first one! I would recommend this salon and Tao for sure! ❤❤
Trinity is AMAZING!! She is so professional and always makes me feel at home. My nails always come out perfectly.

Quick Facts About Nails Maxx

Nails Maxx is a popular nail salon that has received high praise from many customers. However, it is important to consider both the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment using the comments provided.
One of the major strengths of Nails Maxx is the quality of their nail technicians. Multiple comments mention the skill and attention to detail of the staff members, particularly Leslie, Trinity, Wendy, Abby, Tina, and Linda. One customer even described Leslie as a "total perfectionist," highlighting the high standards maintained by the salon. This suggests that customers can expect to receive a beautiful and well-executed nail service.
Affordability is another strength of Nails Maxx. There is a general consensus among the comments that the prices at this salon are fair. This is an important factor as it makes the salon accessible to a wider range of customers, including those who may be on a budget. The combination of quality service and reasonable prices is likely to attract and retain customers.
Nails Maxx also appears to excel in providing a personalized and customer-oriented experience. Comments mention the staff's ability to remember customers' names, families, and preferences. This personalized touch creates a welcoming atmosphere and helps to establish long-lasting relationships between the customers and the salon. It also suggests that the staff go above and beyond to make their clients feel valued and appreciated.
In terms of weaknesses, one comment highlights an issue with attention to detail and customer service. The customer mentioned experiencing a rushed manicure that resulted in some imperfections on the nails. Additionally, the nail technician's dismissive response when asked to fix these issues suggests a lack of professionalism and a failure to address customer concerns. This customer also expressed dissatisfaction with the payment process, feeling forced to pay upfront and being disappointed with the overall service received. These issues in attention to detail and customer service could lead to a negative experience for some customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the cleanliness of the salon. One customer mentioned that they noticed debris landing on their nails during the manicure and that their request for it to be removed was met with indifference. Additionally, the technician's use of a broom near the customer's feet could be seen as unhygienic and unprofessional. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is crucial in a nail salon, and any lapses in this area could raise concerns for some customers.
Despite these weaknesses, Nails Maxx has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for their services, skillful technicians, affordability, and personalized customer experience. It is important for the salon to address the mentioned weaknesses to ensure they continue to provide a consistent and high-quality experience for their customers.

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