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Nail Trix & Spa has received both positive and negative reviews, highlighting some of their strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, let's examine these comments in detail.
One customer had a negative experience with a nail technician who did not properly fix their nails despite being asked to do so. Additionally, the gel polish applied had chips and was bubbling after only one day. Another customer mentioned that they had a problem with their nail technician during a simple manicure, implying that the quality of service might be lacking. These experiences highlight a weakness in Nail Trix & Spa's ability to consistently deliver satisfactory nail treatments.
Another negative comment mentions rude behavior from both the manager and their father, who apparently messed up the customer's nails. The customer expressed dissatisfaction with the fill-in service and the use of white polish, which they deemed tacky. Furthermore, the customer reported being cut seven times without receiving an apology. This comment suggests a lack of professionalism from the staff and a disregard for customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, one customer mentioned their discomfort with the choice of music played at the salon, specifically mentioning the playing of rap music in a room full of black customers. This comment draws attention to a potential insensitivity towards customers’ preferences.
On the other hand, some customers reported positive experiences at the salon. One customer praised a nail technician named Cindy, commending her for doing a great job on their nails. However, the customer expressed disappointment in the lack of variety in dip powder colors, leading to an additional service being performed to achieve their desired result. The high price of the additional service was also mentioned as a negative aspect. This comment suggests that while the quality of service provided by certain nail technicians may be a strength of the salon, the lack of variety in certain services and the cost implications might be viewed as weaknesses.
A positive comment highlighted a specific nail technician named Lynn, who was praised for her politeness, friendliness, and skill in providing a great service. This positive comment indicates that individual nail technicians can excel in delivering a satisfactory experience to customers.
Another comment described a negative experience with rushed service, particularly during the manicure and pedicure. The customer felt mistreated compared to other customers who received more thorough treatment. This comment emphasizes a lack of consistency in the level of service provided by different nail technicians.
Another negative comment mentioned poor customer service, where the nail technician displayed roughness during a pedicure, accompanied by a bad attitude. The removal of cuticles led to some bleeding, and the customer was even asked for a tip. This comment highlights a clear weakness in terms of customer service and professionalism.
Lastly, a disgruntled customer shared the experience of receiving a gel manicure that lasted less than two weeks before breaking and lifting. They were charged an additional fee to fix the nail, despite already paying a significant amount for the initial service. This comment emphasizes a lack of customer service skills and an unwillingness to rectify issues for the benefit of the customer.
In summary, Nail Trix & Spa receives a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Positive aspects include the skill and professionalism of specific nail technicians, as well as some customers reporting beautiful results. However, weaknesses include inconsistencies in service quality, rude behavior from staff members, poor customer service skills, and a lack of variety in service options. Additionally, the salon's inability to address and rectify customer complaints is a significant weakness.

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I got a fill in last week , I decided to drop in for a nail fix. But he talked me into a fill. He pointed out some of my nails didn’t match the length on my other hand , so he asked if I wanted them cut down, I told him yes , I wanted them even but he didn’t fix it. I got gel polish with a matte finish and the next day I had nail chips and the polish is bubbling. while I was there another later had a problem with her nail tech with just a simple manicure. I agreed with her complaint, it looked like she could have done it herself. I was going to go back to get it fixed but not sure if it’s worth it at this point . The manager did my nails ????
This place is awful. Do not patronized this bs. The manager was rude and his father messed up my nails and he was rude too. All I wanted was a fill in with white and he put white polish. It looked to so tacky. He cut me 7 times and didn’t apologize. Screw this place. I thank the woman that tried fixed it.
I also didn’t like how they we playing rap music in room full of black folk. It sounded mess and that rubbed me the wrong way. #supportblackbusinesses
Cindy did a great job with my nails! The only think I didn’t like is they didn’t have a good variety of dip power colors so she did dip then overlay with gel & the price seemed rather expensive
I don’t want to have to pay for 2 services when there is not good colors for dip which I like… the dnd gel colors were way better! I know for next time! Cindy did a awesome job on my nails
This woman did a horrible job with my service. She rushed throughout the whole process of my nails and feet. She took 5 minutes on my feet and other nail techs that did my friend’s feet took their time. I feel as though I was treated very unfair by this salon. After my service was over the lady in this picture above rushed me for my money.
poor customer service. the guy was so rough in doing my pedicure. he had a nasty attitude. he yanked the foam inserts that they use to separate my toes when he was done applying the nail polish. the removal of my cuticles were a tormenting experience. some of my toes bled. he even asked when i paid if i wanted to give him a tip. i will never go back there.
I would give this place 0 stars if I could. Came in for a dip gel mani. I questioned the nail tech because she was applying the dip powder as if it was acrylic. She assured me she had a reason for doing it that way. When she was done I noticed the bottom of my nails looked bulky, like they would easily start lifting after a few days. She tried to charge me $75 for the mani (I got 3 tips on broken nails). I told her that was ridiculous. She brought it down to $70 which was still ridiculous but I paid it. Then less than 2 weeks later (I should get at least 3 weeks out of a $70 gel mani and I usually do) my nail broke and started lifting. I went back for a nail fix and was told I’d have to pay $7 for a nail fix when I already paid $70 for the gel mani. I pulled out my receipt and explained that I shouldn’t have to pay because I’d already paid for a mani that shouldn’t be breaking that soon. I was told that it didn’t matter and that’s just the way it is. HORRIBLE business. No customer service skills at all. I do not recommend this nail salon.
My nails are beautiful, I go to Lynn and she is the BEST!!! Very polite, friendly, and when I first visited, she showed me the prices upfront so I wouldn’t get confused about it. She does an AMAZING job!! Ask for her.
Had some extra time while I was at the mall. I need a manicure so I walked in. I ask for dip one color, no designs, and I do not
have tips. The lady quoted me $75 which is high for what I wanted done. I told her it was high and I would pass. So have me a horrible look and responded to me and n a language I don’t understand. Basically the maters of say ok or bye she was talking about me to everyone else in the store who spoke her language. Costumer service is horrible and their prices are high. Absolutely do not go here!!

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