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3240 S Cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Nail Style

Nail Style place, based on the comments above, has a mix of strengths and weaknesses. Let's examine them in detail:
Strengths: 1. Ms. Jen provided a great experience with platinum bindi and a quarantine scrub on the hands, leaving the customer feeling fabulous with soft, smooth, and pretty hands. This shows that the salon has the capability to provide a satisfying and enjoyable service. 2. Ms. Kathy is praised for her great job on pedicures. This indicates that there are skilled technicians in the salon who can deliver quality results. 3. The wait time at Nail Style place is reported to be short. This is a positive aspect as customers appreciate timely service.
Weaknesses: 1. The gel polish applied at Nail Style place is reported to be peeling off and chipping within 48 hours. This shows a lack of durability and skill in applying gel polish, which is a major concern for customers. 2. The customer is disappointed with the fill-in service and the lack of ability to have a different technician do the design. This indicates a lack of flexibility and a limited range of expertise among the salon's staff. 3. One customer experienced unsanitary conditions as the technician did not clean her tools, resulting in a cut and bleeding. This is a major hygiene concern and reflects poorly on the salon's practices. 4. The dip process is not done correctly, with the base and finish powder not being applied. This lack of attention to detail leads to a poor outcome, with the color appearing off and the polish being thin and see-through. 5. A nail technician accuses a customer multiple times of having gel polish on her toes, even though the customer insists it is regular polish. This shows a lack of trust and proper communication between the staff and the customer.
Based on these comments, Nail Style place has both positive and negative aspects. The strengths include skilled technicians for certain services, short wait times, and pleasant experiences. However, the weaknesses are quite concerning, with issues related to durability of gel polish, lack of flexibility in service provision, hygiene concerns, incorrect application of dip process, and poor communication with customers. These weaknesses can have a significant impact on the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

My visit today was great! Ms.Jen
put Platinum bindi on my hands I also
got a hundred years of quarantine
scrubbed off of my feet with a cheese
grater thingy. I feel fabulous I'm Walking
on Sunshine my feet are not edibles but
definitely soft, smooth and pretty
again and they smell so good! ????
Ms Kathy always does a great job on my pedicure. Yesterday was the first time she did my manicure ????. I was so relaxed and satisfied. Nina usually does my nails but I'm taking a break from gel. I was disappointed Nina didn't say goodbye when she walked passed me ????
Nail is peeling half way off, hanging off my real nail, And I just got them done on Friday It's Sunday, barely even 48 hours since I got my nails done with gel polish allegedly! And I have to fly out of town first thing Monday morning. I want a refund because I'll have to pay someone to fix this in Minnesota!!! Shameful and ridiculous.
No idea what caused it (the polish, the nail tech, the tools?) but this is the worst gel manicure I’ve ever had. My nails are chipping really soon after, and I’ve never had a gel manicure chip at all; they usually just grow out and need to be attended to in the same way any old manicure would. I’ll probably not come back. I gave it 2 stars instead of just 1 because the wait was nonexistent, and the salon didn’t have a strong nail polish and chemical smell. I should have checked the reviews first, so that’s my fault.
I received the worst fill in ever! And bc this lady could t do a design I asked if she could do the fill in and have someone else do the design. Apparently that was the worst thing to ask for. The owner came over and said we dont do that here you'd have to wait until the rest of the people are done. I said I'm already in the chair. I've been to many other nail salons and thats exactly what they do if a nail tech is not experienced in designing nails.
I was going to just come back later but this lady sliced my thumb 2x in the same place. She didnt even sand the acrylic smooth or file them even. They are lumpy and she got an attitude with with me bc I wasn't happy with them.
I will never come back here. This is already the 3rd chance I've given this salon over the years. No more!!
I was skeptical about coming here based on the negative reviews, but Ms. V did an excellent job with my fill-in. I'll definitely be back. #table6
This was my first and last visit to this place. I was charged $55 for a fill-in with gel on top and a regular pedicure.
The lady who did my nails did not clean her instruments beforehand. Then she cut my finger and I was bleeding! That itself was very diaturbing.
The very next day gel on my thumb nail cracked; 5 days later another nail broke for no reason. I've never seen gel polish to crack a day after it was applied. Also, I'm very careful with my nails, and this is the first time in 1,5 years that my nail broke.
I am very disappointed with the quality of the service I was given.
Short wait. Experience will depend on your nail tech. They do not do the dip process correctly, so I would not come again for that. They don’t apply the base and finish powder at all. They just dip your nail into the color twice and that’s it, which causes the color to be off since it’s not on a white base. It also makes it very thin and see-through. Also, I had regular nail polish on my toes that was really hard to come off, and the nail tech kept accusing me of having gel on my toes to the point that I threatened to leave if she did it again. I kept telling her it’s regular polish, and I didn’t know why it was so tough to come off. She insisted it had to be gel at least 5 times. It was rude and annoying.

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