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Quick Facts About Nail Studio

Nail Studio has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that the salon is clean and sanitary. This is a crucial factor for many customers when choosing a nail salon, as hygiene is of utmost importance. Additionally, another customer mentioned that the salon offers a variety of colors to choose from, which gives customers plenty of options to find their desired nail polish shade.
Furthermore, a positive comment highlighted the friendly and welcoming staff at Nail Studio. Friendly and personable service is key in creating a positive customer experience, as it makes customers feel valued and comfortable during their visit. The commenter also specifically mentioned two technicians, Mary and Lily, indicating that they provide excellent service to customers.
Another strength mentioned is the efficiency of the salon. One customer mentioned that their nails, special pedicure, and eyebrow waxing were done quickly and to their satisfaction. Efficient service is an important aspect for customers who want to save time during their salon visits.
Moving on to the weaknesses, there are several complaints related to the quality of service at Nail Studio. Multiple customers mentioned issues with their nails being done incorrectly or not to their satisfaction. This includes broken nails, nails not matching requested colors, sloppiness in the application, uneven and poorly shaped nails, and design errors. These complaints indicate a lack of attention to detail and skill in executing the desired nail styles.
In addition to the quality of service, customers also voiced concerns about the customer service they received. Some customers felt that they were treated rudely by the salon staff and that their concerns were not addressed or rectified. This includes instances of being talked to in a rude manner, being rushed through the service, and feeling ignored or unimportant. Poor customer service can greatly impact the overall experience and deter customers from returning.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of communication and understanding between the staff and customers. Some commenters expressed frustration with the staff's inability to comprehend their requests and preferences. This results in customers receiving services that were not what they wanted or expected. Clear and effective communication is essential in ensuring that customers' needs and desires are met.
Lastly, there was a concern raised about the pricing of the services at Nail Studio. One customer mentioned that the price was considered to be high for the quality of the nails received. This suggests that customers may not feel that they are getting good value for the money they are spending at this salon. Pricing is an important factor for customers when choosing a salon, and if they feel that the prices are too high for the quality received, they may seek alternatives.
In conclusion, Nail Studio has some strengths such as cleanliness, friendly staff, a variety of color options, and efficiency. However, there are also weaknesses highlighted including issues with the quality of service, poor customer service, communication problems, and questions about pricing. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and retain customer loyalty.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I would not recommend this salon!! This is the first place I’ve visited to get my nails done since moving to the area and I’m disappointed :( I just got them done yesterday and one is already BROKEN! I had to use my own polish to touch up the details afterwards and I was truly hoping for a better result. I wanted a gem or some sort of nail art added and they acted like they didn’t know what I meant and did not suggest anything. I am editing this review because I went back for a fix. I was in there for almost 2 HOURS and they acted as if I was not of importance. All 3 workers were looking over numbers and books while I’m still waiting to be taken care of. Its exactly one week later since I got the set and ANOTHER nail broke. Lastly, my favorite part about the nail salon is the massage afterward and I did not get that even though they have nice creams displayed at every station and pay TOP dollar. Overall.. 1/5 for my experience.
I just found the best nail salon on the Eastern Shore!!! Go see Mary and Lilly and the other technicians!!
It's probably the cleanest salon I've visited with the friendliest ladies and they offer a variety of colors to choose from. Thank you Lily for the wonderful manicure ???? I'll see you in two weeks!
This has to be the worse nail salon I have ever went to in my whole life. Very very rude to me and my daughters I spent 400 dollars to be talked to very rude fussed at for correcting them that they wasn’t doing my nails like I wanted was very rough on my nails when I said something she rolled her eyes and pulled my hand back to her I will never use this salon ever again even my child said she never wanted to go back cause the lady hurt her skin around her nails by being rough and she didn’t get what she wanted on her nails we showed them pictures and the nails was no where near what we wanted the last picture is what i wanted it’s not where close I would recommend spending your money else where
I’m going to add this since this nail shop wanna act lien they did nothing wrong I never changed my mind they could not comprehend what I wanted the reason it took to long it would let me reply to the message they wrote don’t waste your money here the pictures look no where near what I wanted and a nail broke off the next day I had to go somewhere else to fix it horrible horrible place I’ve never paid someone to be rude to me everrrrr
The colour of the dip (good kisser) did not look correct, so I asked if it was the correct one and showed a picture. The lady said yes and I said i thought it would be more orange. She rushed through and they look much sloppier than my mom’s who also got hers done. While getting my toes done, me and my mother compared the colour of my nails to the colour I asked for and it was the wrong colour. I am extremely disappointed to say the least especially for the price.
DO NOT GET NAILS HERE. WORST!! -Will not give refund even with good tip!
The OWNER did mine and my sisters nails 9/12/22 dip powder and they broke off the next day. Designs were completely and noticeably uneven and differently sized/ colors bleeding into eachother. The filing is terrible quality/ no fingers shaped evenly and not what I’m used to, not to mention we stated we had somewhere to be at 5. We got in there at 2:40 and they did this horrible job even given all of that time. We left at 4:50. I live too far away to come back and had them done for a particular event and they refuse to even give me half off!!! I will never go back again and will tell anyone who asks not to come here. Price was ridiculous as well. So really expensive for bad nails let alone for a dip service! Deserves probably 1 star because the ladies were nice. ALSO THEY DIP YOUR FINGER INTO THE SAME CONTAMINATED JAR AS EVERYONE ELSES!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I’ll shortly be reporting if they don’t fix this with a refund.
I just got mine and my sister’s nails done here and the colors are all wrong. They were supposed to be pastel, but two of the colors are bright, and the purple isn’t even purple! The lady got the dip powder all over my fingers and didn’t fix it, and my sister’s person cut her cuticle.
I went last week for gel nails, special pedi, and eyebrows waxed. They did a fabulous job and it was done quickly! Nail Studio is very clean and sanitary. They stayed in business after the pandemic bc they do such a great job! ????
I love going nail studio the service is amazing there????and my nails are always perfect ????????

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