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Quick Facts About Nail Salon Tech

Nail Salon Tech has received both positive and negative comments, indicating that the salon has its strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one comment highlights the experience and skill of Mr. Thao, who has been doing nails for over 27 years. This suggests that the salon has experienced and knowledgeable nail technicians who can provide high-quality nail services. Another strength mentioned is the attention to detail shown by Mr. Thao. This indicates that the salon values precision and focuses on providing thorough and meticulous nail services. Furthermore, the comment mentions the friendly and inviting staff, which suggests that the salon has a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. This can contribute to a positive customer experience and create a comfortable environment for clients.
Another strength mentioned is the wide range of color options available at the salon. This indicates that Nail Salon Tech offers a diverse selection of nail polishes, allowing customers to choose from a variety of colors and styles. Additionally, the comment mentions that the salon has new and updated equipment, showing that Nail Salon Tech invests in keeping its tools and products up to date. This can contribute to the quality of the services provided and ensure that the salon is equipped with modern tools and technology.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one comment mentions a poor job done on a full set of acrylics. The customer complains about the chunky and uneven finish of the nails, indicating that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the services provided. Additionally, the comment mentions that the nails were not filed well, suggesting that there may be a lack of attention to detail in some cases.
Another weakness highlighted in a comment is the rude and unprofessional behavior of the staff. The customer claims to have been treated poorly and expresses dissatisfaction with the service received. This indicates a lack of professionalism and customer service skills among some members of the salon's staff. Furthermore, another comment mentions a nail technician being impatient, rude, and unprofessional with a customer's daughter. This suggests that there may be a lack of consistent customer service standards and proper training for all staff members.
Another weakness mentioned is a painful experience during the removal of acrylic nails. The customer describes a nail technician jamming a blank acrylic nail between the acrylic and natural nails, causing pain and injury. This indicates a lack of proper technique and knowledge in the removal process, potentially leading to discomfort and damage to the customer's nails. Additionally, the comment raises concerns about hygiene practices, as the customer suggests that the tools may not have been properly cleaned after the use of blood-contaminated tools.
Lastly, a comment suggests that the salon may have cleanliness issues, as the customer mentions an unkept appearance of the place. This indicates that Nail Salon Tech may not prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, which can be a major drawback for customers seeking a sanitary environment.
In conclusion, Nail Salon Tech has strengths in terms of experienced and detail-oriented nail technicians, a wide range of color options, and a friendly staff. However, the salon faces weaknesses such as inconsistencies in the quality of services, rude and unprofessional behavior from some staff members, improper techniques and hygiene practices, and potential cleanliness issues. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Wow! I have found Mr. Thao!! I loved ahim! He was so nice, took his time, put on the layers nice and thin, got around all edges and even massaged my hands thoroughly. This guy is one of those special people that is all smiles and actually cares to do well. He told me he’s been doing nails for over 27 years, his experience definitely shows. I was so impressed with his focus on detail and how he focused on me start to finish.
I have been getting my nails done at other places all over the state for 2 decades and always thought my hands looked like sausages after but it was fine lol. Im not crazy picky so I just moved on each time. Not this time!! I decided to give this place a try and will return ???? . The rest of the staff was very friendly and inviting as well. For the first time ever my hands feel slim and look just like the photo I showed him for shape. He did a thin layer over the acrylic nail which for me was the difference. Thin but still very strong. The color options are always endless. I was impressed with how much they had all new and updated. Thao you are a hard worker and I appreciated your attention to detail and bubbly personality. 5 stars forsure!!
Place was meh... They did a good job with my gel pedicure, but a poor job with my full set acrylics- see pictures, they are so chunky and don’t have a smooth finish (not filed well).
If I could give less than a 1 I would. Don’t waste your time. They are absolutely rude and if you’re not a regular, you’ll be treated like you’re wasting their time. My nails didn’t even turn out good. There’s paint on my skin that wasn’t wiped off. She kept walking away for 20+ minutes at a time while doing my nails to talk to others while I’m just sitting there waiting. Go anywhere else. This place is the worst. It was extremely painful because they drill and file your nails down too far and with too much pressure.
I sent my daughter to get a manicure with a simple design on 2 fingers. The woman had zero patience and clearly did not care to nice or welcoming- she got nail polish all over her cuticles , she didn’t clean the styling brush so there is black in the white petals, etc.
She explained which fingers for the design to her and she said don’t tell me what to do this is my job. I was blown away, the guy was nice to them. The woman was extremely unprofessional and rude . She messed up a finger by dragging her own nail on it and said she didn’t have time to fix it.
I have a business right next to this, and will make sure to not recommend this “salon “ to anyone!
I went in yesterday to get my acrylics removed professionally. In the past I have gotten them soaked in acetone and sanded off so there is minimal damage. This time I went in and and the lady took a blank acrylic and jammed it between my acrylic nail and my natural nail and kept jamming it until she could tear them off. It was excruciating. She damaged my nails by doing this. She even drew blood on four of my nailbeds and took a chunk out of my right thumb’s bed. The whole reason why I went to a professional was to get my acrylics removed with minimal damage painlessly, which was not the case. The kicker is, she continued to use the sanders, buffers, and files on top of it. Possibly getting my blood on the tools and me getting other people’s nail dust in my open wounds. I don’t think that was very safe or professional of her. I’m sure those tools were used on the next person, and it makes me wonder how many other people before me were in the same situation. My nails hurt very bad and they will for a while. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. Here are some pictures...
I went in on a Sunday afternoon and saw Phoenix for a gel fill with no chip. She was the best nail tech I’ve seen in a while. Her attention to detail was superb. My only negative is about the actual place, it seems a bit unkept.
Lisa, owner of Nail Salon Tech, does such a fabulous job! I love her!
I used to love this Nail Salon all my life and thought they were the best…until I learned how acrylics should actually be done. They sand down your natural nails so far, with the metal and ceramic tips. It’s not only painful but took years for my nails to return to what they once were. To take off acrylics they jam a literal fake nail under them, no soaking or anything. If you’re looking for acrylics, save your nails and go somewhere else.

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