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My 3 Sons Unisex / Barber Shop

+1 202-561-0396
3125 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Washington, DC 20032 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Quick Facts About My 3 Sons Unisex / Barber Shop

1. Excellent customer service: Multiple reviewers mentioned the great customer service provided by the staff at My 3 Sons Unisex / Barber Shop. They described feeling welcomed and comfortable during their visits, and appreciated the friendly conversations with the barbers.
2. Skilled and professional barbers: Reviewers consistently mentioned the quality of the haircuts they received at My 3 Sons. They praised the skills of the barbers and mentioned that their haircuts consistently turned out great, regardless of which barber they saw. This speaks to the overall competency and professionalism of the staff.
3. Clean and organized shop: Several reviewers commented on the cleanliness and organization of the shop. They mentioned that the shop was well-maintained and sanitized, which created a safe and comfortable environment for customers. The professionalism and attention to detail in maintaining a clean space adds to the overall positive experience for customers.
4. Fair pricing: Multiple reviewers also mentioned that the prices at My 3 Sons were reasonable. This affordability factor likely contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
5. Family-friendly atmosphere: Several reviewers highlighted the family-friendly vibes of the shop. They appreciated that the entire family could visit and feel safe and comfortable. This inclusivity can be a significant advantage for attracting and retaining customers.
1. Limited range of services: The comments do not mention any specific weaknesses or areas for improvement. However, based on the information provided, one potential weakness could be a limited range of services. The comments mainly focus on haircuts and grooming, so it's possible that the shop does not offer a wide variety of salon services such as coloring, styling, or specialized treatments. Expanding their service offerings could attract a more diverse range of customers.
2. Lack of specific mention of unique features: While the comments all express satisfaction with the overall experience at My 3 Sons, none of them specifically mention any unique or standout features of the shop. This could indicate that the shop may not have any exceptional or distinctive elements that set it apart from other barber shops in the area. To stand out in a competitive industry, it's important to have some unique selling points or strengths that customers can specifically mention and appreciate.
In conclusion, based on the comments provided, My 3 Sons Unisex / Barber Shop has several notable strengths. These include excellent customer service, skilled and professional barbers, a clean and organized shop, fair pricing, and a family-friendly atmosphere. One potential area for improvement could be expanding the range of services offered to cater to a wider customer base. Overall, the positive feedback from customers suggests that My 3 Sons is a reputable and highly regarded establishment in the community.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

By far the BEST barbershop I’ve ever been to. New to the area, found this shop on Google and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Clean, courteous, fairly priced, pleasant atmosphere and professional care with the utmost quality. My haircuts have been consistently awesome with each trip and with multiple barbers which says a lot about the shop overall and its owner. Special thanks to my personal stylists Tybee and Nephie.
It was a great experience, Icekold was the best! Love my design and cut! I'm going back! Good VIBES and awesome cut!
I haven’t been to My 3 Sons in a few years (since I loc’d my hair), but I was going since I was a teenager. I feel like family. They make everyone feel like family. Prices has always been very reasonable. Long time, respectable establishment!
This barbershop has great customer service. I was very comfortable and Mr. Ray was super nice and shared friendly conversation with me as he cut my hair. I would definitely recommend this shop.
I walked in from the streets of Louisiana to be welcomed home. Great overall experience and total professional care within the full process… if your not getting your hair done or cut here then your going to the wrong place. Go see the guys and ladies over at My 3 sons Unisex shop.
MY 3 Sons provide a great service to to the community. I get my hair cut often. I love their outstanding service. ❤️
Great experience with a great barber and the rest of the staff. A nice, clean shop where you can bring the WHOLE family to get groomed. Mr Ray and the rest of the crew will make sure you get taken care of during your visit.
Professionalism at its best!! The shop was very very clean and organized.They sanitized everything , they were professional, and friendly. I enjoyed my time at the salon and I love the family friendly vibes. My entire family could visit and I would feel safe and comfortable. They operate like a well oiled machine. I have had plenty of bad experiences with other salons in the past and they have surely made up for it. I think they have gained a new forever customer.

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My 3 Sons Unisex / Barber Shop Info


Health & safety
  • Appointment required
  • Mask required
  • Temperature check required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Gender-neutral restroom
  • Appointments recommended


Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sunday Closed

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