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Mutt Hut Pet Grooming

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We went in for a same day appointment to groom my dogs nails. They were kind, efficient and my dog was never scared. She is 16, vision loss and they were great!
I'm so happy to have found a groomer that can handle my 93# GS!
The owner, Robert, has unnecessarily verbally accosted my 82 year old grandmother multiple times because he didn't have a good experience with her dog. After telling her of his bad experience with her dog, my grandmother did not bring the dog back. She went into the Mutt Hut recently to ask a question about her dog's rabies vaccine, and Robert acted rude and brash toward her, telling another worker not to help her as the young worker tried to assist her. She felt extremely uncomfortable. It's disappointing because as family, we've brought our dogs to the Mutt Hut for over a decade.
They do a great job on Maggie every time I've gone there. And they always clip Maggie's paw's too.
Always great service and they always do a good job on my doggie even though he's a mess when we bring him in!
It's been three years since my last review. I still love the Mutt Hut. We moved 75+ miles away and have to drive the 91 freeway to bring our huskies to Robert once a month... but it is worth it. Having a clean coat makes them healthy and happy dogs who always smell good so they get lots of petting and snuggles for us and other human friends, which they thrive on! Thank you, Robert and your great team of groomers!
First time using them, so far good prices and my dog looks to cute!!

Quick Facts About Mutt Hut Pet Grooming

The Mutt Hut Pet Grooming place has received mostly positive comments from customers, highlighting their strengths in providing excellent service and grooming. However, there is one comment that raises concerns about the owner's behavior towards a customer. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Mutt Hut, we will examine these comments in more detail.
One of the recurring strengths mentioned by customers is the great service provided by the Mutt Hut. Customers appreciate the kind and efficient staff who make their dogs feel comfortable, even in cases where the dogs have special needs or are elderly. This demonstrates the groomers' ability to handle a variety of dogs and create a positive experience for both the pets and their owners.
The longevity of the business is another strength highlighted by a customer who has been coming to the Mutt Hut for over 8 years. This suggests that the Mutt Hut has built a loyal customer base over the years, which is a testament to the quality of their grooming services. Additionally, the customer mentions that their dog always looks brand new after each visit, highlighting the groomers' skill and attention to detail.
Another strength of the Mutt Hut is their ability to handle large dogs. One customer specifically mentions that their 93-pound German Shepherd is well taken care of at the Mutt Hut. This showcases the groomers' ability to handle larger and potentially more challenging dogs, which sets them apart from other groomers who may not have the resources or expertise for such dogs.
However, there is also a concerning comment about the owner of the Mutt Hut. According to a customer, the owner has been verbally accosting their elderly grandmother multiple times, creating an uncomfortable environment for her. This behavior raises questions about the professionalism and customer service of the Mutt Hut. It is important for businesses to treat their customers with respect and address any issues or concerns in a professional manner. This particular comment suggests that the owner may lack these qualities, which could potentially drive customers away.
Despite this concerning comment, the majority of customers still express positive experiences with the Mutt Hut. Multiple customers mention that their dogs come back looking great and that the groomers do a good job, even on dogs that may be considered a mess. This reflects the groomers' ability to handle different coat types and grooming challenges, ensuring that every dog leaves the Mutt Hut looking their best.
Another strength noted by a long-time customer is the cleanliness and hygiene that the Mutt Hut provides. The customer mentions that a clean coat leads to healthy and happy dogs, who receive lots of attention and affection from both the owners and other humans. This highlights the importance of proper grooming for the overall well-being and socialization of dogs.
Lastly, a first-time customer comments on the good prices and the cute appearance of their dog after visiting the Mutt Hut. This indicates that the Mutt Hut offers competitive pricing and delivers satisfactory results, attracting new customers who are pleased with both the service and the appearance of their pets.
In conclusion, the Mutt Hut Pet Grooming place has several strengths that include great service, skilled groomers, the ability to handle large dogs, and affordable prices. These strengths are reflected in the positive comments from most customers. However, there is a concerning comment about the owner's behavior towards a customer, which points to a potential weakness in terms of customer service and professionalism. It is important for the Mutt Hut to address this issue to ensure a positive and comfortable experience for all customers.


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