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MR. Barbers Bury St. Edmunds Angel Hill

+44 1284 761115
23 Angel Hill, Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 1UZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 08:30 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About MR. Barbers Bury St. Edmunds Angel Hill

MR. Barber's Bury St. Edmunds Angel Hill place has received a mix of positive and negative feedback. Let's analyze the strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
1. Excellent service: Multiple customers praised the barbers for providing excellent service. Jacob, in particular, was frequently mentioned as being friendly, helpful, and providing a good atmosphere.
2. Skillful barbers: Several customers mentioned that the barbers, including Jacob, Sofie, Eric, and Alfie, were great at their job and provided good haircuts. Finn Bedford was specifically mentioned as being a nice guy who gave a decent haircut.
3. Friendly atmosphere: The barbershop was described as having a friendly and welcoming environment. This created a positive experience for customers.
4. Loyal customer base: Some customers mentioned that they have been going to this barbershop for many years, indicating that the shop has a loyal customer base that appreciates their services.
5. Responsive to feedback: Despite some negative experiences, there were no accounts of the staff being rude or dismissive of customer complaints.
1. Inconsistent availability: One customer mentioned that their barber was not available at the specified time, resulting in wasted time and lost wages. This suggests that there may be issues with scheduling and communication within the shop.
2. Lack of apology: In the case of the missed appointment, the customer expressed disappointment in not receiving an apology or any form of compensation for their inconvenience. This highlights a lack of customer service in resolving mistakes or issues.
3. Inattentive barber: One customer mentioned that the barber they saw, Alfie, kept disappearing out the back during their haircut. This indicates a lack of attention and professionalism on the part of the barber.
4. Inconsistent quality: Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with the haircut they received from Alfie, mentioning that it was cut too short on the sides, left too long on top, and not properly blended. This suggests a lack of consistency in the quality of haircuts provided.
5. Failure to communicate: One customer mentioned that their appointment was canceled without receiving any notification, causing them to lose wages from their own job. This lack of communication reflects poorly on the barbershop's organization and customer service.
In conclusion, MR. Barber's Bury St. Edmunds Angel Hill place has strengths in providing excellent service, skilled barbers, and a friendly atmosphere. However, weaknesses include inconsistent availability, a lack of apology and compensation for mistakes, inattentiveness from barbers, inconsistent quality of haircuts, and failure to communicate effectively with customers. It is important for the barbershop to address these weaknesses in order to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Excellent service from Jacob would highly recommend Mr to friends and family. I will always go there for my haircuts as Jacob has been doing my hair for five years now always friendly and helpful and always a good atmosphere.
I’ve had my hair cut by Jacob, Sofie, Eric, and Alfie—all were GREAT!
First time using MR. My Barber was Finn Bedford. Nice guy, decent haircut. Definitely recommend
Went for my first professional cut in over two years here today and got seen by Jacob; great guy, very personable, and I could not be happier with the service I received today. 10/10 would absolutely recommend and will be a returning customer for sure.
I’ve been going to this barbers for some time - which I actually liked. Bookings are made using their online booking system to which I made 2 weeks prior to my actual appointment. Turned up at the specified time and the barber wasn’t available for whatever reason. All the other staff didn’t really seem bothered and told me to come back the next day; no apology.
An email cancelling my appointment would have sufficed, but this did not happen and so I lose 3 hours wages from my own job with no haircut to show for it.
I’m a loyal customer, but my loyalty has now changed due to this. Won’t be using again.
Took my son here. Great service and friendly chat. Son's happy with the haircut, too.
Amazing service as usual been going for 4 years and will continue to do so for many more
Booked a haircut for my son with Alfie as his brother had been here a few weeks ago and was pleased with his cut with Finn, he cut my hair too short on the sides, left it too long on top so I have over hang and it’s not blended in at all, really not happy, he also kept disappearing out the back. I don’t recommend and won’t be returning.

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