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+44 20 8852 5258
35 Montpelier Vale, Blackheath, London SE3 0TJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Service options
  • Outdoor seating
  • Takeaway
  • Great tea selection
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Coffee
  • Free water refills
  • Healthy options
  • Kids' menu
  • Vegetarian options
Dining options
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Seating
  • Good for kids
  • High chairs
  • Toilets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Casual
  • Cosy
  • Family friendly
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Transgender safe space
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A disguised homely English café with a Frenchified title offers good value and friendly service with a pleasant outdoor arrangement looking towards the Heath.
Also the veg and gluten-free cake options deserve a mention and the portion be unlikely to disappoint.
Best breakfast in London. Every taste catered for. Simply the best!! People come from miles away for the sausages.
We had lunch outside, food was great, and had fast and friendly service.
I am a regular there, and I love their coffee. I love coffee and tea.
Waited 45 minutes for breakfast (eggs and avocado on toast and salmon and eggs on toast) which never arrived despite repeatedly being told it was coming. The place wasn’t even full. In the end we asked for our money back and left
Very friendly atmosphere and service. Cup of tea and cake was fantastic, we will be back!
Scrambled eggs are made in the microwave, hygiene rating is awful which is the be expected as the shop displays a rating from 5 years ago. Furthermore, during my visit the manager was rather rude to customers and staff. I saw the kitchen when no one was looking and when you look at the quality of food they use, the price is disgraceful. They have bacon on tubs right next to dirty played
Nice spot and great vintage atmosphere.
Had no cutlery offered with my food. Coffee was not hot enough.
Would be nice to have staff greet you with a smile and a good morning.

Quick Facts About Montpeliers

Montpeliers Place is a café that has received mixed reviews from its customers. While some comments highlight its strengths such as good value, friendly service, and a pleasant outdoor arrangement overlooking the Heath, others point out its weaknesses including long waiting times, hygiene issues, and unfriendly staff. In this analysis, we will discuss in detail the various strengths and weaknesses of Montpeliers Place based on the provided comments.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring theme in the comments is the café's good value. Many customers appreciate the affordability of the food and drinks, making it an attractive option for those looking for a budget-friendly meal. Additionally, the café is praised for its friendly service, with multiple comments expressing satisfaction with the staff's demeanor and attentiveness. This friendly atmosphere creates a welcoming environment for customers and encourages them to return. Furthermore, the café's outdoor seating arrangement with a view of the Heath is mentioned positively, adding to the overall pleasant experience for customers.
The café's food quality is also mentioned positively. Customers specifically commend the veg and gluten-free cake options, indicating that Montpeliers Place caters well to specific dietary requirements. The comments also mention that the portions are generous and unlikely to disappoint, suggesting that customers find the quantity of food to be satisfactory.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the breakfast menu. One comment claims that Montpeliers Place offers the best breakfast in London, and others mention that people come from miles away for the sausages. This indicates that the café has gained a reputation for its breakfast offerings, which attracts customers from afar. The wide variety of options available also suggests that Montpeliers Place strives to cater to every taste.
Turning to the weaknesses of Montpeliers Place, the most significant issue mentioned is the long waiting times. One customer narrates their experience of waiting 45 minutes for their breakfast, which ultimately never arrived despite numerous assurances. This highlights a significant flaw in the café's ability to manage and deliver orders promptly. Such delays can lead to customer dissatisfaction and deter them from returning.
Hygiene issues are also raised as a concern in one comment. The customer states that they saw the kitchen when nobody was looking and mentioned the poor quality of the food used. Additionally, the hygiene rating displayed by the café is from 5 years ago, indicating a lack of emphasis on maintaining cleanliness standards. These observations raise questions about the overall cleanliness and food safety practices at Montpeliers Place.
Another weakness highlighted is the behavior of the manager towards customers and staff. One customer reports witnessing rude behavior from the manager during their visit. This indicates poor customer service and a lack of professionalism, which can negatively impact the overall experience for customers and create a hostile work environment for staff.
Additional weaknesses mentioned include issues with the quality of certain menu items. For example, one comment alleges that the scrambled eggs are made in the microwave, suggesting a lack of freshness and quality in the preparation of certain dishes. Furthermore, certain customers indicate that the café fails to meet basic hospitality standards, such as not offering cutlery with the food or providing adequately hot coffee. These shortcomings can leave customers feeling unsatisfied and impact their overall perception of the café.
In conclusion, Montpeliers Place has both strengths and weaknesses as indicated by the comments provided. While the café is praised for its good value, friendly service, pleasant outdoor arrangement, and catering to dietary requirements, it also faces various challenges such as long waiting times, hygiene issues, and unpleasant behavior from the manager. It is essential for Montpeliers Place to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and regain customer trust.

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