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Modern Nails in LaVale MD

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1313 National Hwy #4, La Vale, MD 21502 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Modern Nails in LaVale MD

Modern Nails in LaVale MD seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers appreciate the quality of service and products offered. One reviewer mentions that the salon uses higher quality products, indicating that they prioritize providing a good experience for their customers. Additionally, another customer mentions that their nails still looked amazing even after 18 days, indicating that the durability of their work is commendable.
Another strength of Modern Nails is their customer service. Multiple reviewers mention that the staff is friendly, accommodating, and professional. One reviewer mentions that the technician was funny, gentle, and accommodated their requests. Another reviewer comments on the staff's ability to engage with customers and answer their questions, creating a positive and enjoyable experience. The fact that the salon stayed open after hours to accommodate a group of teenagers for a birthday celebration further showcases their dedication to customer satisfaction.
The cleanliness and atmosphere of the salon seem to be additional strengths. Reviewers mention that the place is clean and has several chairs for mani-pedis. One reviewer appreciates the presence of special chairs for little girls, along with adorable sparkle gel polish options. Additionally, multiple reviewers mention the positive vibe and aura of the salon upon entering. This indicates that the salon strives to provide a pleasant ambiance for its customers.
Pricing is another strength of Modern Nails, according to one reviewer. They mention that the salon is reasonable with its prices, which is a positive aspect for customers seeking affordable nail services. The combination of quality service and reasonable pricing makes this salon an attractive option for customers.
While Modern Nails seems to have many strengths, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One reviewer expresses disappointment in their experience with a particular technician. They mention that the technician did not speak, rushed through the service, and used old, thick polish. The resulting nails were described as sloppy, bubbly, smeared, and missing polish. This negative experience highlights the importance of consistent quality across all technicians in the salon.
In conclusion, Modern Nails in LaVale MD appears to have several strengths. These include the use of higher quality products, good customer service, a clean and pleasant atmosphere, and reasonable pricing. However, there are areas for improvement, such as maintaining consistent quality across all technicians. Overall, the positive reviews outweigh the negative, suggesting that Modern Nails is a reputable nail salon that offers a satisfying experience for its customers.

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I’m glad I saw the one review photo, thanks for the inspiration! I wanted something really cute for Easter but wasn’t going back to the one in the mall. I’m so glad I made that decision. The guy I had was funny, gentle, and accommodated my requests. The wait wasn’t nearly as long as I’ve waited before. Same prices as most salons in the area and higher quality products. My nails feel so much better.
I’ve had my nails for 18 days now and they still look amazing!! They were done so well, there’s no cracks/splits and even though they’re grown out they still look so pretty. Highly recommend!
My 13 year old wanted to get acrylic nails on for her bday, with 2 of her friends. We choose here because of the good things I've heard. I recommend to call ahead but they do offer walkins. Even though they already had appointments booked they were kind to still squeezed the girls in. They even stayed open after hours a little bit to ensure they get a great experience & were not rushed. The staff that day were very friendly & professional, kept the girls engaged with conversation, answered all their questions they had. We had a great time and will choose this place in the future.
Wonnderful experience, you must get the gel manicure and gel pedicure, the wax they envelope your hands and feet in is absolutely heavenly
The guy that did my toes and nails was very nice and made sure I liked my nails while he was doing them I'll definitely go back it was a good experience
People here are so kind. The place is clean and there are several chairs for mani & pedis. They work quick and do an excellent job. I love that they have special chairs just for little girls and the sparkle gel polish is adorable. I will most definitely be back here!
Man look, if you want your nails did, you go here girlfriend. They file your nails right and use good quality products. They treat you with respect and have an awesome vibe and aura to them as soon as you walk in. To top it off They are very reasonable with their prices so yeah my definite #1 go to. Thank you guys!!!
I had done a walk in for a pedicure and manicure, Kathy was the gal that done both, she didn’t speak , she was rushed polish used was old and very thick. Afterwards she walked away not once ask if I liked how nails looked, they are sloppy bubbly smeared and missing polish on the side of nails. Very disappointed

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