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Mirage Salon & Spa

+1 801-281-4114
5445 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84117 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Mirage Salon & Spa

Based on the comments provided, Mirage Salon & Spa has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. First and foremost, the stylists are highly praised for their skills, professionalism, and friendliness. Telly and Angie, in particular, are commended for their excellent haircutting and facial services. They are described as being personable, talented, and capable of delivering the desired results. This indicates that the salon has a team of committed and skilled professionals who prioritize client satisfaction.
Another strength of Mirage Salon & Spa is its atmosphere. Multiple reviewers mention the friendly and social environment, where staff members make clients feel comfortable and welcome. This positive atmosphere is attributed to the salon's owner, Chelsea, who is described as understanding, accommodating, and willing to go the extra mile for her clients. Chelsea's dedication to ensuring her clients' happiness and her willingness to adjust her schedule are specifically noted as reasons why clients appreciate her.
The salon's ability to handle various hair requests and accommodate unique styling preferences is also a notable strength. From difficult tasks like styling naturally curly hair and giving it a straight look to more extreme requests like dyeing hair in different colors and creating a Mohawk, Mirage Salon & Spa has consistently delivered satisfactory results. The positive reviews regarding these specific hair requests indicate that the salon is capable of accommodating and executing diverse hairstyling needs.
Location and convenience are additional strengths of Mirage Salon & Spa. The salon's location is described as easy and convenient, making it accessible for clients who work and need to schedule appointments around their busy schedules. The favorable hours of operation are also highlighted as a convenience factor, further enhancing the overall client experience.
In contrast to the strengths, there are a few weaknesses mentioned regarding the salon's apprentice program. A reviewer warns prospective clients to beware of the apprentice program, indicating that inexperienced apprentices are slow and lack the ability to answer questions effectively. Additionally, the lack of instructor supervision is criticized, as it can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes for clients. The reviewer recounts a personal experience where their questions were ignored, and the instructor/owner of the salon left during the process, leaving the apprentice to finish on her own. This lack of oversight and communication raises concerns about the salon's management of the apprentice program.
Furthermore, the reviewer expressed disappointment with the handling of their concerns and was asked not to return to the salon for services. This suggests a lack of proper customer service and a failure to address and resolve issues appropriately. Such incidents may impact the overall reputation of the salon and create negative word-of-mouth.
In conclusion, Mirage Salon & Spa has several notable strengths, including skilled and friendly stylists, a welcoming atmosphere, and the ability to cater to diverse hairstyling requests. However, the weaknesses related to the apprentice program, lack of instructor supervision, and poor handling of customer concerns are areas that the salon needs to address in order to maintain and improve its reputation. By investing in proper training and communication, the salon can mitigate these weaknesses and continue to build on its strengths.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Visited for the first time a few weeks ago for a haircut. Telly did a great job! She was so friendly to talk to and cut my hair exactly how I envisioned it. The price was also very reasonable for the quality and time spent!
Angie gave me an amazing facial and her haircuts are also wonderful! I always love how friendly and personable she is. The facial made my skin feel like new. I was having a few breakouts from the mask wearing all day at my job. She improved that and the next week my acne was cleared up! She is amazing and I highly recommend going to Angie. I will be going more often for facials from her from now on.
Also my haircuts from her are always perfect!
A very friendly atmosphere, amazing stylists who are very social and fantastic at their jobs! Got my hair done and it looks fantastic. A slightly difficult task since I have naturally curly hair that I also like to straighten and bangs are a must with the shape of my face and forehead. Chelsea, owner and stylist is a fantastic choice if this is your first appointment. She's always a tad late because she takes time to make sure her client's hair is perfect, but it is so worth it.
Great staff, ran by a great lady, can usually take walk ins, unless it's more extreme like my hair. I dye my hair all kinds of colors, and style it different ways. Currently have a Mohawk which is not a common request for a lot of salons, but it turned out great, just like all the other dyes and cuts I've gotten here.
Mirage Day Spa is beautiful. Chelsea Jones is an amazing owner and highly experienced stylist. So professional, she listens, takes her time, she’s gorgeous and so sweet and understanding. Chelsea will change her schedule at last minute even if it means she has to work later to accommodate her clients. I am very particular and she always ensures I am feeling good about my hair. I just love her! Location so easy and convenient and hours make it so super nice if you’re working and need to go after. I highly recommend her!! Thank you for everything Chelsea!! ❤️
I love Mirage Day Spa. Chelsea has been doing my hair for years. She always does an amazing job. I recommend her for hair extensions and she is an amazing stylist. My family has used her styling services on several occasions for weddings and special occasions and she always does a beautiful job.
I love getting my hair done here Not only do they remember my preferences and put the perfect tones into my blonde, but they also have good prices, and are fun to talk with. Everyone in the salon is friendly and seems to be friends with each other so you leave there feeling positive and looking amazing!
Beware of the apprentice program! They do the best they can as learning but they do not have an instructor with them from start to finish. They are slow and have no idea how to answer your questions. When I asked the instructor questions about my hair I was ignored. When going in a third time to fix my hair by an experience stylist....Kayla I was informed by an employee that because I was not an instructors client she did not have to answer questions that was apprentice didn’t know. When originally scheduling the appointment I asked many times if an apprentice could handle what I wanted and I was assured by the owner of the salon that yes she could. Oh ps the instructor/ owner of the salon left while my hair was processing and left the apprentice to finish on her own. My hair was no where near what I wanted. After voicing my concerns with the way the situations at the salon are being handled they asked me to not return to their salon for services. I understand life is crazy at times but if you wanna have an apprentice program you as a leader and an instructor should stay through the whole process and make sure your client is happy. If for some reason you still want to try out this disorganized salon make sure you see Kayla she is one of the good ones.

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