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Millie's Pooch Parlor

+1 845-858-0608
92 Front St, Port Jervis, NY 12771 United States of America
Open Today: 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM

Quick Facts About Millie's Pooch Parlor

Millie's Pooch Parlor has received several positive comments that highlight its strengths. One of the main strengths is their friendly and professional staff who are knowledgeable about grooming techniques. Customers consistently mention that the groomers at Millie's Pooch Parlor know what they're doing and always do a good job. This suggests that the employees have expertise in handling different breeds and grooming styles.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the fair and reasonable pricing. This demonstrates that Millie's Pooch Parlor provides good value for their services. It suggests that customers feel they are getting a high-quality grooming experience without having to pay excessive prices.
Several comments also praise Millie's Pooch Parlor for their ability to handle difficult or apprehensive pets. These comments highlight the groomers' skills in calming and working with pets that may be scared or difficult to handle. This suggests that the staff has experience and patience in dealing with a range of temperaments and behavior.
Customers also mention that their dogs are well-treated and happy at Millie's Pooch Parlor. This indicates that the establishment prioritizes the well-being and comfort of the pets in their care. It suggests that they create a positive and welcoming environment for the dogs, which can contribute to their overall grooming experience.
Another strength is the cleanliness of the facility. Customers comment on how clean and well-maintained Millie's Pooch Parlor is. This demonstrates a commitment to hygiene and a clean environment for both the pets and the customers. Additionally, the mention of a dedicated "potty" room suggests that the establishment goes above and beyond in providing a comfortable and convenient space for the dogs.
The positive comments also highlight the satisfaction of the customers with the grooming results. Dogs are reported to smell and look great after their grooming sessions, and several customers mention that their pets have received the best cuts they've ever had. These comments indicate that Millie's Pooch Parlor delivers high-quality grooming services and pays attention to detail.
While the comments mostly highlight strengths, there are a few weaknesses that can be identified. One weakness is that one customer mentions the rough initial sessions their dog had. Although the pet eventually adjusted and became calmer, this indicates that the initial experience may not have been as positive for some pets. This suggests that Millie's Pooch Parlor could work on improving the handling and introduction process for pets that may be scared or apprehensive.
Another potential weakness could be the limited number of groomers mentioned in the comments. While some customers specifically mention the groomers who have worked with their pets, there is no mention of a large team or multiple groomers. This could potentially limit the availability of appointments and reduce flexibility in scheduling.
In conclusion, Millie's Pooch Parlor has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation among customers. These strengths include knowledgeable and professional staff, fair pricing, ability to handle difficult or apprehensive pets, well-treated and happy dogs, cleanliness, and high-quality grooming results. While some weaknesses can be identified, such as rough initial sessions and potentially limited groomer availability, the overall positive comments demonstrate that Millie's Pooch Parlor is a reputable and well-regarded grooming establishment.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Always very happy with the grooming services. They are very nice and very professional. The employees know what they're doing and the prices are fair and reasonable. Lily, my Standard Goldendoodle is well treated and very happy there. I highly recommend Milly's Pooch Parlor.
Always does a good job.
My dog smells and looks great after returning from his groomer!!!
Faith has been taking care of my pup for a while now.
He isn't the easiest pet to cut, I'm Well Aware, Yes, I've tried!
However, he's adjusted great.
My dog is not as scared, as his 1st few sessions were rough...
Now he's calmer when we leave him.
I think he's gotten used to his
6 - 8 week Grooming Schedule.
I would recommend them for most of your pet's needs!
Our furry friends always return fresh and clean!
Just had my dog at Millies for the first time. She has always been afraid at the groomers. Millie was so good with her! I will be bringing her back there from now on! Thank you Millie from Molly!!
tori groomed my pup benji, and it was the best cut he ever had. he looks adorable! thank you tori.
They took care of my schnoodle when he was apprehensive about other people touching him. The groomer was calm and professional with him and I would never go anywhere else. Thank you Millies Pooch Parlor!
Millies Pooch Parlor is one of the cleanest groomers I've ever seen. They clean up after each and every dog. They even have a "potty" room for them. Donn is the guy who takes care of my fur-babies. He is very friendly, courteous and listens to my requests. The rest of the staff has been extremely polite and accommodating. Their prices are reasonable. My girls and I have been going there for 1.5 years and I couldn't speak more highly of a company. BONUS: sometimes you catch a cute "window puppy" photo ????
First time there today with Boo, our very shy, sweet dog. They were wonderful and I am very pleased. Boo is getting used to her new look and LOVING it. Thanks.
EXCELLENT PET GROOMING FOR A GREAT PRICE!! Millie’s Pooch Parlor service is way better than the leading competitors, and I’ve been to them all, and they never seem to groom my dog quite right, but Millie’s Pooch Parlor hit it right on the nail, and blew me away at how my Jack Russell terrier, husky mixed looked! They out performed them all! THANK YOU!

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