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Michelle's Hair Salon

+1 714-890-0639
7506 Katella Ave, Stanton, CA 90680 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Loved the energy from the two lady’s :) first time getting a perm here and think it came out pretty great! <3 I will be back! Thank youu!
Excelente atencion y te atiemden em cuanto llegas, no hay que esperar mucho tiempo!!!????????
Was a great experience. Will so return
Very professional and friendly staff/owner. Oh, and the price is also very reasonable.
Owner operated hair salon. The place is clean and organize. Reasonable price, minimum waiting specially in the week day. Give very good hair cut for men.
Excellent job. I came in with longer hair, blond on top and brown underneath and definitely wanted to keep my color. She gave me a wonderful shorter look just how I wanted it, asking me questions the whole time on how I liked what she was doing. Loved her. Great price as well!
I went to have my hair trimmed and was surprised to hear that Michelle had retired from the business. The two ladies that were there where terrific though. One of them took her time and helped me look and feel better by the time I left. Defiantly still a nice place as a Beauty Salon.
Been getting my hair cut here for years. Always gentle, always on point. Just make sure you ask for Michelle specifically. Prices are reasonable and you even get your hair washed and conditioned afterwards. Definitely my go to for hair service. Sadly I believe she's retiring in a year or two. Thanks for the years of great cuts.

Quick Facts About Michelle's Hair Salon

Michelle's Hair Salon appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the strengths is the positive energy and friendly atmosphere created by the staff and owner. Customers appreciate the warm and welcoming environment, which enhances their overall experience at the salon. This positive energy contributes to a pleasant and comfortable visit.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the professionalism of the staff and the owner. The comments highlight how the employees are skilled and knowledgeable in their craft, providing excellent service to customers. This professionalism instills confidence in customers, knowing that they are in capable hands. Additionally, the owner's involvement in the salon as an operator adds a personal touch and may contribute to the overall quality of service.
Customers also praise the salon for its cleanliness and organization. A clean and organized environment is essential in a hair salon as it reflects the professionalism and attention to detail. The fact that customers specifically mention these aspects indicates that the salon excels in this area, further enhancing the overall experience.
Price is another strength mentioned by customers. They express that the salon offers reasonable prices, making it an attractive option for customers seeking hair services. This affordability may contribute to customer loyalty and repeat business.
Promptness and minimal waiting times are also cited as strengths of Michelle's Hair Salon. These comments suggest that the salon respects customers' time and strives to provide efficient service. Minimal waiting times can enhance the overall customer experience, as it prevents frustration or impatience often associated with waiting for appointments.
The salon's ability to provide a variety of services is another strength. Customers mention getting perms, haircuts, and color treatments, all of which were executed to their satisfaction. The versatility in services allows customers to have their hair needs met in one place, making it convenient for them.
However, there are a few weaknesses that can be identified based on the comments. One weakness is the retirement of the owner, Michelle. While some customers still enjoy the services provided by the remaining staff, there may be concerns about consistency or changes to the salon in the future. The retirement of the owner can create uncertainty for customers who may have built a relationship with Michelle over the years.
Another weakness is the lack of explicit mention of other services such as styling or specialized treatments. While it is not explicitly stated in the comments, customers may desire a wider range of services beyond haircuts and color treatments. This suggests that the salon may benefit from expanding their service offerings to cater to a broader clientele.
In conclusion, Michelle's Hair Salon has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These strengths include the energetic and friendly atmosphere, professionalism, cleanliness, reasonable prices, promptness, and variety of services. However, the retirement of the owner and the limited mention of additional services may pose as weaknesses for the salon. Addressing these weaknesses could further improve the salon's offerings and customer satisfaction.


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