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MC Star Nails

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3608 N Prince St Suite F, Clovis, NM 88101 United States of America
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I hadn't ever been to this salon before but my friend and I decided to try it out and we were so impressed. the staff was so friendly and worked quickly through customers. they took their time to create beautiful nails. I loved how my set came out. they captured the shaper and color perfectly. definitely my favorite set and will be going back.
Haven’t been here in over a year due to a couple of bad experiences. Decided to give it another try today and I am not disappointed. Crystal is amazing! Best pedicure I’ve had in months! I definitely recommend her! I will be going to her for now on.
Love Mike, he is the sweetest and very passionate about his job. Love how he listened, and my fingernails always grow after seeing him really awesome business
I go to Camber for my nails and pedicures. Camber does an amazing job every time and she is great on the designs. No matter what designs I pick she does an outstanding job. Everyone one is nice and great customer service
Not professional at all!!! The nails looked ok right after they were done. However before graduation 2 days after one nail had already popped off! Went to my grandsons graduation like that. At this point it's only been 2 weeks and I am now sporting three fingers with no nails!!! It was very expensive $50.00. now I totally understand why they we're the only salon I could get into in town. Next time I'll wait or just not have my nails done! Worst salon in Clovis NM so so disappointing. Thanks for nothing! I wish I could take my unearned 5.00 tip back! Thanks for nothing! Enjoy my donation! It's the last from me or anyone else I know!
Just had the best pedicure by Crystal! Definitely recommend.
Highly recommend Star Nail. I usually just go in for a pedicure but I decided to give their acrylic nails a try. I was impressed with the attention to detail the owners put into their work. Throughout the whole process they kept checking to see if everything was even and how it should be and they ask me if I was ok with them so far. And I did !! They were incredible kind too. I han an idea in my mind how I wanted my nails and they delivered just that. I come from los Angeles California where were impacted with consumers never have I ever had such good service from a nail tech it was always rushed. Thank you guys I will be coming back!!
Clean, great owners and staff! Love going here and Camber does a great job.

Quick Facts About MC Star Nails

Based on the comments provided, MC Star Nails has several strengths and weaknesses.
1. Friendly and efficient staff: Multiple comments mention the friendly and efficient staff at MC Star Nails. This indicates that the employees are welcoming, accommodating, and work quickly to attend to customers. This is an important strength as it contributes to a positive customer experience and helps build a loyal customer base.
2. Attention to detail: Several comments highlight the attention to detail displayed by the nail technicians at MC Star Nails. They take the time to create beautiful nails and ensure that the shape and color are perfect. This attention to detail is a strength as it results in high-quality nail services and satisfies customer expectations.
3. Skilled and passionate nail technicians: Commenters specifically mention the skill and passion of certain nail technicians at MC Star Nails, such as Crystal and Mike. This indicates that the salon employs knowledgeable and passionate professionals who take pride in their work. This is a strength as it ensures that customers receive excellent service and ensures customer satisfaction.
4. Great customer service: Multiple comments mention the great customer service experienced at MC Star Nails. Whether it's the owners or specific nail technicians like Camber, customers appreciate the level of service they receive. This indicates that the salon prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides a positive overall experience.
5. Clean environment: One comment mentions that MC Star Nails has a clean environment, indicating that the salon prioritizes hygiene and cleanliness. Maintaining a clean environment is crucial for a nail salon as it ensures the safety and well-being of customers.
1. Inconsistent experiences: One comment mentions having bad experiences in the past, while another comment expresses disappointment with the durability of the nails. These instances indicate inconsistency in the quality of service offered by MC Star Nails. Inconsistent experiences can be a weakness as it may lead to customers losing trust in the salon's ability to consistently deliver high-quality services.
2. Expensive: One comment mentions the high cost of services at MC Star Nails, specifically $50. This indicates that the salon may have higher prices compared to competitors in the area. This can be a weakness as it may discourage price-sensitive customers from visiting the salon regularly.
3. Limited availability: One comment mentions that MC Star Nails was the only salon the customer could get into in town. This suggests that the salon may have limited availability, which can be a weakness as it may result in potential customers seeking services elsewhere if they cannot secure an appointment.
In conclusion, MC Star Nails has several strengths such as its friendly and efficient staff, attention to detail, skilled and passionate nail technicians, great customer service, and a clean environment. However, it also has weaknesses including inconsistent experiences, high prices, and limited availability.

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