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Margaret's Tea Rooms

+44 7796 580226
13b Garmston St, Lincoln LN2 1HZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Quick Facts About Margaret's Tea Rooms

Margaret's Tea Rooms has several strengths that make it a popular destination for tea lovers and those looking for a pleasant place to meet with friends. Firstly, the location of the tea rooms is highly praised. It is described as being in a great location, and the decoration is captivating. This suggests that the atmosphere and ambiance of the tea rooms are welcoming and visually pleasing.
Additionally, the food at Margaret's Tea Rooms is consistently praised. Multiple comments mention that the food was delicious and well-presented. The red velvet cake is specifically mentioned as being delicious, and the sandwiches are described as soft and tasty. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of teas available, with over 20 unique blends. This variety is appreciated by tea lovers, and comments mention flavors such as Granny's Trifle and Jaffa cake tea.
The staff at Margaret's Tea Rooms are repeatedly described as friendly and welcoming. Visitors feel that they are made to feel really welcome, and the service is described as outstanding. The staff interact with customers and create an upbeat but relaxing atmosphere. This adds to the overall positive experience of the tea rooms.
The tea rooms themselves are also praised for their interior and decor. Multiple comments describe the interior as lovely and delightful. Visitors appreciate the attention to detail in the decor and enjoy the overall atmosphere of the tea rooms.
However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One visitor mentions a difficulty in communication due to English not being their mother tongue. While this may be understandable, it is important for the tea rooms to ensure effective communication with all customers, regardless of their language abilities. This is an area that may need improvement to provide a better experience for non-native English speakers.
Another weakness mentioned is the cost of the food and drinks. One visitor felt that the price for two lattes and a piece of cake was expensive. This may deter some customers from returning, as affordability is an important factor for many people. The tea rooms may need to consider adjusting their pricing to align with customer expectations and offer better value for money.
In terms of the physical space, one visitor mentioned that their order was larger than the table space, making them and their partner uncomfortable. While there were some larger tables available, it is important for the tea rooms to ensure that each table is suitable and spacious enough for the customers and their orders. This may require better planning and arrangement of the seating area.
Overall, Margaret's Tea Rooms has several strengths, including a great location, delicious food, a wide selection of teas, friendly staff, and an appealing interior. However, there are some weaknesses to address, such as improving communication with non-native English speakers, considering the pricing, and ensuring adequate space for customers and their orders. By addressing these weaknesses, Margaret's Tea Rooms can enhance the overall customer experience and continue to be a popular place to meet with friends and enjoy a delightful tea experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely stunning experience at Margaret’s Tea Rooms yesterday. We were all made to feel really welcome and the red velvet cake was delicious. The tea selection is exceptional. Lovely place to meet with friends! We’ll be back x
The place location is very great and the decoration is captivating.
???????????? The food was very very tasty and great. I was going to order afternoon tea at 15.30 but I was told that this should be booked in advance. So I got (Cheddar sandwiches + salads + crisps, Tuna sandwiches, Fruit scones + jam + cream+ strawberry, Carrot cake and normal tea) nearly afternoon tea but without the afternoon tea stand ????.
The thing that I would like to be concerned is that at my specific experience I found some difficulty in communication (Visitor - English not my mother tongue) with some staff which if concerned will be very appreciated, though I'm not ruling out that I also have to learn/adjust to different speed and pitches.
My order was larger than the table space which made me and my partner uncomfortable though there were some free large tables.
Me, my partner and two friends visited this little gem yesterday and absolutely loved it! Really friendly staff and amazing choice of flavoured and herbal tea. The sandwiches were soft and delicious! Also a nice selection of scones and cakes, lovely interior and we will be returning on our next visit to Lincoln!
Delightful tea room opposite small park area. Friendly service. However I have just removed 1 star as I've seen the amount charged for 2 latte (hot but not the best) and 1 piece of cake which was expensive. Sadly we will not be returning for that reason.
Just happened to stumble across this little tea room and so glad we did. The food was lovely and well presented, the cake was delicious, and the selection of teas was a great surprise. The music playing whilst we were there was great - very relaxing and just perfect for a lovely relaxing afternoon. Will definitely be back.
The food was delicious, so filling, amazingly well priced and the attention to detail was spot on! There is a massive variety of teas, we had Granny’s Trifle flavoured tea (sweet but not sickly, simply delightful) and Parma Violet flavoured tea (subtly infused with the perfect sweetness). The service is outstanding, the staff are all lovely and welcoming creating an upbeat but relaxing atmosphere, with absolutely no rush and all the time to enjoy your experience! Lovely little place, would definitely recommend to locals and anyone visiting Lincoln and we are most certainly going again!
If your a tea lover then this place is 5 stars 20+ unique blends. I'm not a big tea fan but I enjoyed the Jaffa cake tea as a nice change.
But the food was a bit disappointing. The scone and pannini were fine but not great. Think I might of got unlucky though as the cake looks better.
Everything you could hope for in a tiny package. An excellent host who interacted with all customers. A wide range of tea flavours (we tried 3 different ones and were so impressed we even bought some to take home) and you get a proper tea pot full, no daft one cup offering here! We had afternoon tea which should appeal to any sweet toothed person it came with a generous selection of cakes and some finger sandwiches and salad, just enough so you can pretend it was a healthy meal.
The decor is very unique, nothing chain store in sight.
If you like small and boutique I'd highly recommend a visit. We went for a hen-do but will go back as a couple.
(You may have to book)

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  • Great tea selection
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  • Coffee
  • Healthy options
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