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Lush Nail Spa

+1 847-749-2656
1 W Rand Rd, Mt Prospect, IL 60056 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This is my go-to place in NW Suburbs for nails. I’m from Southern California where nails are a pretty big deal. Not saying I’m an expert, but since I’ve found Lush, I can’t go anywhere else that only lead to disappointment. Always beyond satisfied. Yes, because they are so good, sometimes you have to wait longer. Make an appointment and try to have a little patience. Don’t you think the best things are worth waiting for?
My usual tech is Alex. He does a fast and amazing job. every. single. time. I work at a desk and have carpal tunnel syndrome so he gives a great firm, but not painful massage. I swear, even though you wait, the service you get never feels rushed! Just go get a dip with tips, and flaunt your beautiful mani. Don’t waste your money elsewhere.
They always do an absolutely amazing job! My dip nails always last at least 3-4 weeks and look great every time. They’re also so welcoming and create such a comfortable and fun environment to get my nails done. I have tried so many nail places in the area and I will never go anywhere else.
My first time going, it was an amazing experience. Everyone is very friendly and know how to make you laugh, service was fast and they did an amazing job on my nails.Definitely will be returning back.!! i am extremely happy with my experience and nails :)
Excellent manicure, I got no chip last week and it's still going strong! Very relaxing and professional experience, I'll be coming back. My no chip mani was $37, photo shows the tips after a week of wear and you can see they're still great
Lush Nail is spa has become one of my go to for nails. Everyone is friendly, especially the owner, he is a riot! I had to go to a wedding and last minutes went in as a walk in. I was so grateful they were able to squeeze me in! Thank you again Lush Nails!
Recently I went to get my nails done for my birthday. I had the lush pedicure and a no chip French manicure done. I loved how both of them turned out. I highly recommend Lush Nail and their nail services.
Angie is the Best! Very precise, detailed and overall I always have a great experience with her, when she does my nails. I absolutely recommend her!
I love this place I been looking for nail salon in suburbs for years. they take their time on your nails and omg if you want to have the best nails ever Alex is the person.
Update went in second time hate how the owner did my nails he kept picking up the phone and not paying attention to my nails they are thick and widge and I asked for skinny and thin
Second time here, first time getting a pedicure, second time getting dipped nails. Everything was wonderful and absolutely love how my nails turned out! Plus the pedicure was so relaxing- recommend!

Quick Facts About Lush Nail Spa

Lush Nail Spa has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. They are praised for their high-quality services, long-lasting results, friendly staff, and welcoming atmosphere. However, there are a few comments mentioning longer wait times and one negative experience with the owner not paying enough attention during a service.
One of the strengths of Lush Nail Spa is their ability to provide excellent nail services. Many customers express satisfaction with the outcome of their manicures and pedicures. They mention that their nails last for weeks and look great every time. This indicates that Lush Nail Spa uses high-quality products and employs skilled technicians who are knowledgeable and attentive to detail.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the friendly and welcoming environment at Lush Nail Spa. Customers mention that the staff, including the owner, are friendly, funny, and know how to make customers feel comfortable. This positive atmosphere contributes to an enjoyable experience and makes customers feel valued.
Several comments specifically mention the skill and expertise of certain technicians, such as Alex and Angie. Customers appreciate their attention to detail, precision, and ability to deliver consistent results. This indicates that Lush Nail Spa has a team of skilled professionals who can cater to various preferences and requirements.
Lush Nail Spa also seems to offer a range of services, including dip nails, no-chip manicures, and pedicures. Customers mention being satisfied with different services, indicating that the salon provides a well-rounded menu to cater to different preferences.
However, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One frequent complaint is the longer waiting times. Some customers mention that booking an appointment is necessary, as walk-ins may have to wait longer. Although this can be seen as a testament to their popularity, it may be inconvenient for customers who prefer more immediate service.
Another weakness mentioned in one comment is the negative experience with the owner. The customer mentions that the owner was not attentive during the service and did not meet their expectations, resulting in thick and wide nails instead of the requested skinny and thin ones. This indicates a lack of professionalism and attention to customer needs from the owner, which is a significant concern.
In conclusion, Lush Nail Spa has several strengths, including high-quality services, long-lasting results, skilled technicians, and a friendly atmosphere. However, there are some weaknesses such as longer wait times and a negative experience with the owner not paying enough attention during a service. These weaknesses may need to be addressed in order for Lush Nail Spa to maintain their positive reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

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