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3035 Centerville Hwy # 5, Snellville, GA 30039 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Lucy Nails

Lucy Nails is a nail salon with a mix of positive and negative reviews. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, we will explore the various comments left by customers.
One of the most common complaints about Lucy Nails is the decline in service quality. Several customers mentioned that the service has gone downhill, indicating a lack of consistency and attention to detail. One customer specifically mentioned feeling like the technician who performed their pedicure was drunk, highlighting a potential issue with the professionalism and competence of the staff. This sentiment is further supported by another comment mentioning that the male technician screamed at a lady at the counter, demonstrating a lack of respect and customer service skills. These instances of poor service indicate a significant weakness of Lucy Nails.
Another weakness identified in the comments is the cleanliness of the salon. One customer complained about the lack of cleanliness and hygiene, specifically mentioning that the materials were not properly cleaned before being used. This raises concerns about the safety and sanitation practices of the salon, which is a crucial aspect of any establishment that provides personal care services. This lack of cleanliness further reinforces the negative reputation of Lucy Nails and is a significant weakness.
Multiple customers mentioned issues with the skill and technique of the technicians. One customer complained about a pedicure where the technician broke both of their acrylic toes, indicating a lack of care and proper training. Another customer mentioned that the technician drilled the polish off their nails too close, causing discomfort and potentially damaging their nails. These instances highlight a weakness in the quality of the services provided by the technicians at Lucy Nails.
In contrast to the negative comments, there were also a few positive reviews. One customer mentioned that their gel filling was done well, indicating that there are instances of good service quality at Lucy Nails. Additionally, another customer praised Tammy for consistently providing excellent service and design, indicating that there may be some skilled technicians available at the salon. These positive comments highlight a possible strength of Lucy Nails, suggesting that there are instances of satisfactory service and skilled technicians.
The pricing of the services at Lucy Nails is mentioned in a few comments. One customer mentioned that the price was great for their gel fill with a design, indicating that the salon offers competitive pricing. Another customer mentioned that they had a budget for Mother's Day and wished they had known about the additional charge for French tips. This suggests that there may be a lack of transparency in communicating pricing information to customers, which could be seen as a weakness. However, overall, the positive mention of pricing indicates it as a potential strength of Lucy Nails.
After analyzing the comments provided, it is clear that Lucy Nails has several weaknesses that contribute to a negative overall experience for some customers. The decline in service quality, lack of cleanliness, and issues with skill and technique are significant weaknesses that need to be addressed by the salon. However, there are isolated instances of positive service quality and pricing, indicating potential strengths. In order to improve and regain customer trust, Lucy Nails should focus on addressing the weaknesses mentioned and consistently providing high-quality service and maintaining cleanliness standards.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Service has went down hill and I want be going back. I felt like the guy that did my pedicure was drunk. He kept poking my toes and not to mention he never scrub the bottom of my feet with soap.I came in for s&s so they soaked in the acetone for over 45 minutes and still didn’t come off. I advised them the acetone was not working so He then decided to drill the polish off my nails and drill too close and it sting.After he was done he kept saying someone was going to do my s&s and never did by then I was upset and decline service. He said he was charging me to take off the polish but I still had polish all over my nails and the acetone ate up my skin my hands were pale . Instead him removing all of the old gel he left my hands as is no filing or washing the acetone off. I’ve been a longtime customer and have been a very good tipper but after this last experience I will never go back. The manager was aware and did not try to keep me as a customer. Please BE Aware of the terrible customer service. The old owner needs to come back I hate that she retired because she kept Lucy nails in order.It’s a total disaster now!!! Yall are not the only nail shop in Snellville!!!!
The worst pedicure I've had in my life. The...old man don't let him touch your feet. My gel filling was done pretty well, only reason for the 2 stars.
Went to have a pedicure and get my eyebrows waxed today and received the WORST service!!!! The guy who did my pedicure broke both of acrylic toes, moved very slow. Told him I was kind of pressed for time and boy why did I do that he began to move slower and slower. Tammy typically does my eyebrows, but today she did a HORRIBLE job. I guess they were upset because I was pressed for time and he was moving extremely slow. I’ll NEVER do business with them again. Not to mention Tammy tossed my receipt at me when I refused to tip because she messed up my eyebrows
Very nasty customer service..do not go here.I asked that they clean the materials before using being that I just witness the mail tech finish one person hand then coke directly over to attempt to start on mine without cleaning anything. Was very rude that I asked for it to be cleaned, so I did not allow them to do my nails. I will not ever return to this nasty establishment not clean at all
Nice nails nice service good cost. Only thing I wish was she had of told me how much extra French tips are because I was on a mother's day budget. My normal nail salon doesn't charge for it so I didn't think to ask. Other then that this place is a1 and worth the money.
You know, I should have turned around when I walked in and saw the male technician screaming at the lady at the counter over how rough he was handling her hands, but I was desperate. The manager literally sat at the front and said nothing as this man berated this lady in front of the entire salon.
I came into this nail salon Mother’s Day weekend which we all know is always a mess. I took my mother and father out for manis and pedis, my treat. When we were sat, i instructed them to do my mothers toes first hence it was Mother’s Day weekend. They let me know someone was coming right away 10 minutes later my mother was still sitting in the same water, now cold at this point. But you know what, we still stayed and someone eventually comes.
They begin to try to take the polish off, my mother had forgotten she had gel polish on from the last time. So they pull out the huge nail drill (which is never sanitized from the last client and extremely dirty) to try to use on my mothers feet. She immediately told them “No I don’t want that, can you please soak the polish off”. The tech replies, “there is no way to take off gel polish without the drill” which if you have even half a brain you know it’s a lie. I speak up and say there is a way to do it by soaking acetone on the polish and letting it rub off. The technician again refused to do this. My mother being the woman she is just instructed her to continue with the pedicure without changing any polish. (Also the polish was already chipping and halfway off from before). I asked the other technician who’s name I don’t know but she is always in heels “is it possible to take off polish with just acetone, she replied yes it is.” They then began talking in their language and the woman then told me “it’s up to the tech if they want to do it or not because they are soooo busy”.
I told them if i was a technician I would never let someone walk out my salon with half painted toes that a tech refused to take off if it wasn’t her way. At the end of the pedicure the manager finally came over and tried to file the polish off with a nail filer and had no luck. At that point we were over it and just wanted to go. I asked for the techs name who did my mothers toes and she paused for about 6 seconds, looked at me with a blank face, and said her name was Anna. All the techs in the salon looked up and started giggling obviously because she knew a bad review was coming and did not want this to interfere with the horrible service she is already providing to clients.
I say that to say this this nail salon has gone down so low! I’ve lived in this area over 10 years and Lucy used to be a valued name. Now at this point you couldn’t pay me to let any tech in that salon touch me. Not sanitary, they yell at customers, and they only do nails the way they want and not the customer. Please go somewhere else, do not pay these people to play on your fingers or toes.
I just moved to this area and looking for a place to get nails done. Had mixed reviews but I took a chance and I am PLEASED! Tom did my nails today and was very pleasant, gentle, and the price was great. I had a gel fill with a design on ring fingers. I love it! Was $35 total plus I gave a 10 tip. Definitely will be going back!
Tammy is great. I never have to tell her what kind of design, because honestly I never have a clue lol. But she hooks me up every time.

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