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Low and Slow St Nicholas Market

St Nicholas Market, 16-20 Glass Arcade, Bristol BS1 1JQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Wow!! The food here is quality. I ordered the ultimate box and was not disappointed. Meat was really tender, chips were great, coleslaw was fresh and clearly home made, salad crispy and the sauces were top notch.
The staff were friendly and helpful when discussing the menu and sauces.
This has to be the best lunch in a box I've had....ever. For sure I will be going back, a real treat.
We were really excited to visit here from London and I loved my experience! I had the BBQ Box and it was brilliant, the burnt ends were an absolute joy. My only criticism would be the mac&cheese was a a little lacklustre but when the meat is that good who really cares? The BBQ and hot sauces were also brilliant.
My partner had the beef brisket box. I found the brisket to be the weakest of the three meats in my own box, which she agreed with, and she didn't particularly enjoy the coleslaw.
Overall, I'd definitely visit again and would recommend to anyone visiting Bristol.
Quite simply the best food in Bristol. Such good value for money and so so tasty. Always an amazing meal and leaves you full for the whole day! Cannot praise this place enough!! If I could rate more than 5 starts I absolutely would!
“Absolutely sensational” as described eloquently by my dining partner! We shared a spontaneous order of the pulled pork fries and were blown away! Such amazing flavours, such tender meat, and great portion sizes! Absolutely will be back for more…. I think it’s our new favourite!
I’m from the Midwest US and I know food barbecue and this place has it! I ordered the brisket fries with extra pickles and it was great. The brisket was tender and not too fatty or chewy. The sauce had a nice spicy kick to it. We will definitely be back!
Had the barbecue box which was pretty good, brisket, pulled pork and burnt ends, with 2 sides, didn't need to eat the rest of the day!
Food was good and tasty ????but after 1 hrs my partner had reaction on her neck and with in 3 hrs she had high temperature and diarrhoea . couldn't been the food because I wasn't feeling bad as my partner. She had fries box/pork with some sauce and I had BBQ box . Please check expiry date on your sauce and try to keep place tidy, You doing good job .
Delicious bbq with great homemade sauces.
We loved the pork roll and a chicken thigh roll.
Amazing value for money considering the quality.
Hopefully going to try their brisket next time if they haven't sold out

Quick Facts About Low and Slow St Nicholas Market

Strengths: 1. Quality food: Multiple comments emphasize the high quality of the food at Low and Slow St Nicholas Market. From tender meat to flavorful sauces, customers appreciate the taste and freshness of the food.
2. Friendly and helpful staff: Customers praise the staff for being friendly and helpful when discussing the menu and sauces. This creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for diners.
3. Best lunch in a box: One customer describes their experience at Low and Slow St Nicholas Market as the best lunch in a box they've ever had. This showcases the delicious and satisfying meals offered by the establishment.
4. Value for money: Many comments mention that the food is both tasty and good value for money. This suggests that the portion sizes are substantial and worth the price paid by customers.
5. Positive word-of-mouth: Multiple customers express their eagerness to return to Low and Slow St Nicholas Market in the future and recommend it to others. This indicates that the establishment has developed a positive reputation among its customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Lackluster mac and cheese: One customer mentions that the mac and cheese in their BBQ box was a little lackluster. This suggests that there may be room for improvement in terms of flavor or consistency in some dishes.
2. Weakest meat option: A customer states that the brisket in their partner's beef brisket box was the weakest of the three meats. This indicates that there may be inconsistency in the quality of certain meat options.
3. Mixed reviews on coleslaw: While one customer praises the freshness of the coleslaw, another customer mentions that they didn't particularly enjoy it. This suggests that the coleslaw may be a hit or miss for some customers.
4. Reaction and illness after consuming food: One customer reports that their partner had a negative reaction after eating at Low and Slow St Nicholas Market, experiencing symptoms such as a high temperature and diarrhea. It's important for the establishment to address this concern and investigate the cause to ensure the safety of their customers.
5. Possibility of sold-out items: One comment mentions the desire to try the brisket on a future visit, indicating that it may be a popular item that runs out quickly. While popularity can be seen as a strength, it may lead to disappointment for customers who are unable to try certain menu items due to limited availability.
In conclusion, Low and Slow St Nicholas Market has several strengths such as quality food, a friendly staff, and positive customer feedback. However, there are also weaknesses to address, such as inconsistent meat quality, mixed reviews on certain dishes, and a reported illness after consuming food. Despite these weaknesses, the overall positive feedback and reputation of the establishment suggest that Low and Slow St Nicholas Market provides a satisfying dining experience for many customers.

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