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3025 McHenry Ave Ste D, Modesto, CA 95350 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Lovely Nails

Lovely Nails is a nail salon that has a mix of positive and negative reviews. In order to provide a balanced assessment, it is important to consider both the strengths and weaknesses mentioned in the comments.
One strength of Lovely Nails is the consistent positive feedback about the quality of the work done by the technicians. Multiple commenters mentioned that the nail technicians were skilled and provided good service. One commenter specifically mentioned that their wife loved the detailed work done by a specific technician. Another commenter stated that they were gentle and able to provide a brand new set of nails that the customer loved. These comments indicate that the salon employs skilled and professional nail technicians who are able to meet customer expectations when it comes to the quality of their work.
Another strength that is mentioned by most commenters is the affordability of Lovely Nails. The salon is described as having great prices, which is a positive factor for customers seeking nail services on a budget. The affordability of the salon can attract customers who may not be willing to spend a lot of money on nail services.
In terms of weaknesses, several commenters mentioned issues with the longevity of their nail treatments. One commenter mentioned that gel polish peeled off within a day and most of the polish was peeling after three days. Another commenter stated that two nails broke less than a week after getting them done. These comments indicate a lack of durability and longevity in the nail treatments provided by Lovely Nails. Customers expect their nail treatments to last for a reasonable amount of time, and when they start chipping or breaking shortly after the appointment, it can be disappointing.
An additional weakness mentioned by multiple commenters is the customer service experience. One commenter shared a story of their wife receiving poor service. They specifically mentioned that their wife's shellac started chipping the next day and described feeling rushed during the pedicure. Another commenter complained about the staff not honoring their request to avoid drilling and charging extra for fixing a problem that should not have occurred in the first place. These comments indicate that Lovely Nails may have inconsistent customer service standards, leading to negative experiences for some customers.
Hygiene is another area of concern mentioned by one commenter. They stated that they observed the technician wiping off tools instead of using new ones and felt that their feet were left drier after the pedicure. This raises questions about the salon's cleanliness practices and the use of fresh supplies for each customer.
Regarding the atmosphere of the salon, one commenter mentioned that although it is clean and comfortable, there is limited seating for customers waiting for their turn. This can be inconvenient for customers who have companions with them but do not require nail or pedicure services.
In conclusion, Lovely Nails has strengths in the quality of their work and affordability. However, weaknesses were identified in terms of the durability of nail treatments, inconsistent customer service, hygiene practices, and limited seating. These factors should be considered by potential customers when deciding whether or not to visit Lovely Nails.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The only place I ever want to go to. Always good always nice. Great prices. I do chrome on white.
Not bad service but i was disappointed that the gel polish peeled off the next day and by day 3 most of the polish was peeling off so i pulled the rest off and just used my own gel polish. Less than 7 days later 2 nails broke. Ive been getting my nails done for 2 years straight and barely ever have nails break
Meh! As one of the more expensive walk-in nail salons, I expected better. I don’t understand why they clip the side of my nails. I was very clear I wanted it straight across. NT nails does this as well. I get ingrown nails easily - very annoying. He had me sit under the fan too soon and it created bubbles.
Good work wife loves it. This lady is very detailed.
My wife went here last week and experienced horrible service. She is all about supporting local and smaller businesses and wanted to gice them a try. She got shellac done on her hands, and the next day it started chipping, badly. She also got a pedicure but the regular paint also started chipping the next day.
She specifically asks for no drilling beforehand as some places do not accompany this request, since it's faster to drill to remove the shellac but not what's best for her nails. Over the phone they said they would not use a drill on her nails, but ended up doing so even after she kept asking the technician not to as she hasn't had good results with shellac staying on when doing this...and she was right.
Two days after getting her nails done. The majority of them had cracked and one nail even split into her nail bed. She called and asked about fixing and they couldn't see her till the next week. She inquired about cost of fixing and was told it's free over the phone. However, when she went in she was charged an additional $10 on top of what she previously paid to fix a problem that should have never been. She paid the $10 and left.
As for her pedicure, her feet ended up more dry than when she first went and was not happy with the outcome at all. She said she felt rushed and not appropriate or possibly fresh supplies were used on her feet as no new package was opened for tools and saw the man wiping stuff off of them.
Be careful when going here, my wife won't be going there again.
They did my 12 year old daughters nail they are nice to the kids they also gave my 8 year old daughter a pedicure my daughter even got comments on her nails and we told them where we got them done and they said oh yeah they are really good and there nails last a long time I do recommend going to Lovely Nails I got my nails done and I like how I Phelps comfortable it's not so loud inside the only thing about Lovely Nails is there is not a lot of seating while waiting for your turn so I recommend do not take anybody with you if they are not getting their nails done or pedicure they have nowhere to sit other than that they are really good and I will only go to Lovely Nails now I do recommend them
I went in there one time with 2 busted nails and they were so gentle with me. They removed the busted acrylic that I had and cleaned up my nails. They were also able to get me a brand new set of nails that I absolutely loved. They have really good prices and they do really good work. They know what each nail would need to look and feel good and they r very professional.
it was a nice clean sanitized establishment my nail technician was Amy and she was very professional very good at her craft and I would recommend this nail shop

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