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Legacy Nail Lounge

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3771 W Andrew Johnson Hwy, Morristown, TN 37814 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Legacy Nail Lounge

Legacy Nail Lounge has received a variety of comments, both positive and negative, that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the place. In this analysis, we will examine these comments to provide an in-depth overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Legacy Nail Lounge.
Strengths: 1. Friendly and welcoming staff: Multiple comments highlight the friendliness of the staff at Legacy Nail Lounge. Customers appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere, which enhances their overall experience. 2. Clean and professional: The cleanliness of Legacy Nail Lounge is consistently praised by customers. This reflects positively on the salon's professionalism and commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment. 3. High-quality results: Many customers express satisfaction with the quality of the services they received at Legacy Nail Lounge. From gel manicures to pedicures, customers commend the technicians' skills and attention to detail. 4. Affordable pricing: Customers value the reasonable prices at Legacy Nail Lounge. Some even compare the salon to others in nearby areas and find Legacy Nail Lounge to be more affordable for the same or better services. 5. Efficient service: Despite any inconsistencies, customers generally agree that the service at Legacy Nail Lounge is fast and efficient. This is mentioned as a positive aspect, especially for customers who appreciate quickly getting their nails done.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent nail technicians: One customer expressed dissatisfaction with their nail technician, stating that the pedicure was amazing but the nail technician did a poor job. This indicates that there might be inconsistencies in the skills and abilities of different technicians at Legacy Nail Lounge. 2. Lack of communication during service: Some customers mention that they would have appreciated more conversation from the technicians during their appointments. While others appreciate the quiet and relaxing atmosphere, some customers felt that the lack of communication was a downside. 3. Overcharging and mistakes: A few customers report instances of overcharging and mistakes in their services. The dissatisfaction comes from being charged more than expected and receiving subpar work that did not align with their desired outcome. 4. Polish quality and rush: A customer mentioned the presence of bubbles and dust particles in the polish, implying potential issues with attention to detail or quality control. Another customer speculated that their nail technician might have been rushing due to the high volume of customers.
Overall, Legacy Nail Lounge offers a friendly and clean environment with skilled technicians who provide high-quality services at affordable prices. However, there are certain weaknesses, such as inconsistencies in service quality, occasional mistakes, and potential areas for improvement in communication and attention to detail. It's important to note that these weaknesses are based on a limited number of comments and might not reflect the typical experience at Legacy Nail Lounge.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I absolutely love this place!! They are super friendly, nice, clean. I paid $50 for what I got and I’m very satisfied with it! I also got a pedicure about a week ago and the guy that did it was very nice and did a great job. My toe nail polish is still looking good as new! This place is the place to go! If you have never been you should give it a try! THEY ARE GREAT!
New to town and needed a nail salon. I’m from Mosheim so my options are Greeneville or Morristown. I didn’t like the quality of any of the Greeneville salons. When I started looking in Morristown I can honestly say that the reason I chose Legacy was the quality of the results women were sharing on Google reviews. I paid attention to the photos. I was definitely not disappointed! I got a gel mani-pedi and they look great! The cheapest pedicure option includes the grater for the callouses and a sugar scrub in addition to the usual clean-up which was amazing since in Knoxville these are services that are in the $60 price range. I do wish my legs had the hot towel wrap, however. This wasn’t included. I was a walk-in and was immediately seen! The only complaint I have is wishing that the technicians chatted with me more, but it was nice to be able to sit and relax without being pressured to keep a conversation going. Will definitely be going back!
I come in here to get a pedicure and a full set! My pedicure was absolutely amazing but the guy who did my nails did absolutely horrible on them! Yes I had my 2 year old with me which caused it to be a little hectic but that shouldn’t matter. My nails look horrible and I had him fix them 3 times before I walked out. While I’m in there I’m trying to discipline My 2 year old and he wants to yell at my child I knew right then it was time for me to go. I will never be back to this place. My nails look like glue ones from Walmart
I really like these nails they were $75 I don't think they were worth this, the design with diamonds were supposed to be a heart shape on both sides but wasn't a big deal to me, doesn't really look like a heart, what annoys me most is the workers always annoy you to pay more money for gel nails, even if you make it clear you don't want gel. though they were pretty fast it seemed, the nails were the right shape and length too, and overall I think they're pretty.
It took about 2 hours, but I got a nice pedicure and dip ($60). Friendly (and quiet) staff, clear communication, semi clean facility. Time will tell with how well these last, but today I’m very pleased with the service!
I’ve gotten my nails done here 3 times the first time was great, loved them, lasted long! Second time the polish chipped off the next day???? and this time I was way over charged for horrible work not exactly what I wanted (explained multiple times) Lumpy, crooked, and just all around wrong! Don’t waste your money????????‍♀️ my thumb nail even has a hair on it????????‍♀️
I’m new to the area and because my typical salon is in Michigan I am looking for a new salon.
My experience wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t perfect either. The polish has bubbles in it and what looks to be dust particles in it. They were extremely busy today so I think my nail tech was in a rush which I understand.
I typically don’t give bad reviews and I definitely want to go back but I’ll probably see a different nail tech next time
Love it here. Very fast and good quality work. Also, they are very nice!

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