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I never write reviews but today I have the experience of my life! I came in to get my normal dip set but the gentleman who did my nails was AMAZING! He took his time, was very tentative to detail and it paid off! My nails have never looked so amazing! I definitely will return for him as long as I live here! I forgot to ask his name but he sits in the second row on the right hand side. 100/10 service!
I went and got my nails done oct 7 eyebrows, feet, and nails and paid a total 157$!!!! 115 for some very basic nails and since my nail has broke 3 times.. first time after 2 days had to wait till Monday to fix it thankfully he didn’t charge me but than two more Friday both middle finger waited over an hour to fix two nails and was charged 15$ extra and my mail broke again in less than two weeks not worth that price at all im so upset because 115 for nails that didn’t last two weeks.. nail shop in PTC wayyyy better would not recommend LEE NAILS TO NO ONE
Gentleman did an amazing job with removing my tips and replacing with acrylic overlay. Eyebrow waxing done fast, easy and are even. However, was informed eyelashes could be done in 20 minutes. Tech took 3 clients, never acknowledged if she would do lashes. Waited 1 and 1/2 hours for nothing. Wouldn't frequent this establishment again. Will find another establishment to complete job.
If I could give no stars I would!!!! I went and asked for a soak off and new set. Clearly these ppl do not care about the integrity nor health of your nail bed bc the women in sit #11 RIPPED OFF the tip of my cuticle!!!! Then another man tells me that I can't get a nail on that finger and had the AUDACITY to still charge me $10 for a soak off! I have never experienced this level of injury at any nail salon! DO NOT GO TO THESE PPL!!!!!!
I went here for a full set. I had nails from a previous set that needed to be removed. The woman I was sat with begin by using an acrylic tip to pry off the nail I had on — no soaking, filing, etc. When I told her that this hurt she ignored me and proceeded to pry off my other nails. I then left and proceeded to another establishment. Please do not attend this “salon” if you value the health of your nails.
Great customer service and my nails perfect what i want ,will recommend to everyone
Today my husband and I decided to go to Lee Nails. He got a Regular Pedicure (no polish of course). I was at the end of mine and getting ready for polish when we were informed that he could no longer sit in the chair beside me. Keep in mind that there were 18 EMPTY chairs. They said the manager "Nancy" said that he had to leave and wait up front. After I was finished I approached the "Manager" , she proceeded to make a huge scene and even told me I was stupid. I have been going there since they opened and was never treated that way. Even the nail techs were embarrassed by her behavior. She made all of the customers believe that she was the owner. So in the end, I will never spend my money in an establishment that treats paying customers like cattle that need to be butchered with verbal abuse. Note all of the empty seats (18) in the posted pictures. (the only reason this has one star is because you need to select one to post)
I'd give them zero stars if I could. I went in for a set (for the first time) last friday from JJ. The next morning both of my hands were itching and tingling, something I've never experienced before. After that the following morning, my fingertips and cuticles were swollen fat and pussing from two fingers. Very painful to grip anything and nasty, so I went back in to get them removed ASAP! JJ refused a refund and still made me pay for a removal. During the removal, I told her to please discard the clippers and nail files she used on my hands... she says "Nope it good in alcohol". GROSS! They aren't sanitary, they have attitudes and customer service SUCKS! Long story short, I had to be out of work for a day and see a doctor behind this for meds. Save your coins and go elsewhere.

Quick Facts About Lee Nails & spa

Lee Nails & Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, we will examine each comment individually.
Starting with the positive comments, one customer had an amazing experience with a nail technician who provided meticulous and detailed service. This demonstrates that Lee Nails & Spa has talented and skilled staff members who can deliver exceptional results. The customer expressed a desire to return specifically for that technician, indicating a level of customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Moving on to the negative comments, several customers expressed dissatisfaction with the durability and longevity of their nail services. One customer mentioned that her nails broke multiple times within a short period after getting a basic set. This suggests a potential weakness in the quality of the products or techniques used by the salon. Furthermore, another customer mentioned experiencing pain and injury during the removal of her previous set, indicating a lack of attention to the health and well-being of the nail bed.
Another customer highlighted the poor customer service experience at the salon. She mentioned waiting for a long time for an eyelash service that was never provided due to inadequate communication from the technician. This lack of professionalism and communication can be seen as a weakness, as it negatively impacts the customer experience and can lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of loyalty. Additionally, another customer encountered a manager named Nancy who was described as rude and verbally abusive, creating a negative atmosphere within the salon.
Furthermore, a customer shared her disappointment with the lack of hygiene practices in the salon. She mentioned that the tools used on her hands during the removal process were not properly sanitized, which poses a risk to the customer's health. Poor sanitation practices can be seen as a significant weakness and a violation of industry standards.
Despite these weaknesses, there have been positive comments highlighting great customer service and satisfactory results. One customer mentioned that the salon provided exactly what she wanted and would recommend it to others. This indicates that Lee Nails & Spa has the capability to deliver a positive customer experience and meet the expectations of certain individuals.
Overall, the strengths of Lee Nails & Spa can be seen in their talented and attentive nail technicians, as well as their ability to provide satisfactory results to some customers. However, the weaknesses lie in the inconsistency of service quality, lack of attention to hygiene practices, poor communication, and instances of rudeness from staff members. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the establishment.

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