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71 Old Tower Hill Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879 United States of America
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The service was immediate and so kind! My nail tech checked in many times throughout to make sure I loved everything about the nails, from size and shape to color and design. They came out absolutely amazing. My only critique is my cuticles. She nicked me quite a few times, causing me to bleed, and they all hurt afterwards. Otherwise absolutely excellent and I love the way they turned out!
Pedicure: my feet were placed twice in cold water. Later, before applying color, the manicurist added acetone to the bottle of nail polish I had chosen. Thankfully before I could protest, she found another polish. Manicure: my hands felt drier after the manicure than before. Both services were so rushed despite having an appointment and neither included the usual care expected with each. I fared better than my cousin who was literally stabbed by an instrument at the start of her pedicure, which caused bleeding. The manicurist applied an antiseptic, which of course, burned. Since she wouldn’t have her nails painted fearing infection, she politely said no when asked if she was ready to pay. The only thing to their credit was that they didn’t insist (maybe because she was LIMPING and we both remained civil despite all of this). It doesn’t deserve one star.
My Mom travels 30 minutes to go to Lee Nails. She moved away from Wakefield but has been going there for years because she really likes how Molly works with her.
I have come to Lee’s for almost a decade now and I absolutely love every visit. The ladies do such a fantastic job, they all work very hard and never have left me disappointed. Thank you for such amazing experiences. I have gone to one or two different places, no where else competes with such professional results! THANK YOU LEES NAILS!!!!!! Much love <3
Gel manicure didn't last a week. One nail almost completely off and another starting. The cleanliness was less than what I expected. It was my first visit and I won't be back.
Went in yesterday, started noticing little air bubbles in nails after leaving the salon. I decided to just live with it, it happens. The next morning experienced my first chip in gel manicure. Went in, a different technician quickly filed the nail and applied a little more polish to fix. Within hours another nail was chipped and then later yet another nail chipped. 3 different chipped nails in just over 24 hours. I used to really like this place, however I feel like their quality has gone down as they are rushing trying to get too many people done at the same time. Unfortunately probably won’t be going back again.
Today was my first time at Lee Nails and I love my nails will definitely be going there again and again. Kim did an awesome job.
These ladies are great! Sometimes it's busy and I feel like they rush, so I don't get their best work. I recommend going in when it's less busy. Call ahead and ask. The rest of the time I'm pretty happy. I really debated whether to give 5 stars or 4 (where's the 1/2 star capability google?!) and in the end I just feel like they fall short of outstanding, so I went with the 4 stars, but I have definitely been satisfied with their service.

Quick Facts About Lee Nails

Lee Nails place has received a range of comments that highlight both its strengths and weaknesses. In order to analyze these comments and provide a comprehensive overview of Lee Nails' strengths and weaknesses, let's break down the observations made by the customers.
Starting with the strengths:
1. Excellent customer service: One positive aspect that stands out is the immediate and kind service provided by the nail technicians. They checked in multiple times with a customer to ensure their satisfaction and accommodate any requests. This attentive service indicates a dedication to customer satisfaction.
2. Skillful and professional work: Several customers mentioned that they loved the outcome of their nails and were impressed by the quality of work. The nail technicians are praised for their professional results and leave customers satisfied with their overall experience. This indicates a high level of skill and expertise.
3. Loyal customer base: Lee Nails seems to have a dedicated following, as evidenced by comments from customers who have been going to this salon for years. This loyalty suggests that they have established a trustworthy reputation, potentially built on consistently good experiences and excellent service.
4. Efficient service: Despite some negative experiences regarding rush and time management, some customers appreciate the efficiency of the salon. They note that the technicians work hard and manage to handle a large number of customers. This efficiency can be appealing to individuals who are looking for quick services.
Now let's explore the weaknesses:
1. Injury risks: Multiple customers reported instances of getting cut during their nail services. While accidents can happen in any salon, consistent complaints about cuts, nicks, and bleeding raise concerns about the attention to safety measures and carefulness of the nail technicians.
2. Lack of attention to detail: Some customers expressed disappointment with the attention given to their nails and cuticles. Feedback suggests that the technicians may rush through the process, leading to subpar results. Additionally, comments about bubbles and chipped nails soon after leaving the salon point to potential issues with proper application and care.
3. Inconsistent quality: While many customers have had positive experiences at Lee Nails, there are others who have had disappointing visits. Complaints about the gel manicure not lasting, chipped polish, and a decline in quality over time indicate inconsistencies in the salon's services. This inconsistency may deter customers who seek reliability and long-lasting results.
4. Hygiene concerns: Some customers mentioned a cleanliness standard that fell below their expectations. Unclear specifics were given, but given that cleanliness is of utmost importance in a salon environment, this point is worth considering.
In summary, Lee Nails has several strengths, including excellent customer service, skillful work, a loyal customer base, and efficient service. However, the salon also faces challenges related to injury risks, lack of attention to detail, inconsistent quality, and potential hygiene concerns. It is important for Lee Nails to address these weaknesses in order to maintain and improve customer satisfaction and attract new clients.


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