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10450 South, State St, Sandy, UT 84070 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

They were AMAZING! I have been to TONS of nail salons and this was my favorite. My friend and I went and had Sammie and Lo. The sweetest girls who talked to us the whole time. We’re so gentle and precise. They were quick and did the best job. I was amazed with their nail art. I’ve never loved my nails more. Never going anywhere else!!
The gentleman who was collecting payments and greeting customers was nice and polite person but unfortunately the nail service is terrible. All the equipment is old and dirty ,I believe there were only 2 manicure technicians that’s why one lady who was doing my nails was in a rush from the moment I walked in-turns out this place is quantity oriented not quality… Well anyway this is the first and last time I’m getting my nails done at this salon.
Le Nails is a true hidden gem. Evite absolutely slayed my nails. It is so hard to find a good person for acrylics and she is the best I've found, and I've tried so many places. She spent so long shaping the nails and making sure they were perfect. I'll be a customer for a long time!!!
This is my second visit to Le Nails and I am incredibly happy with my experience here. The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is very friendly. Lo did a great job helping me match my nails with my outfits for my vacation. I got a pedicure, my feet feel and look great. Then I even went ahead with an eyebrow wax. Super Happy right now!
I’ve been going to Lo for about 6 months now and she is absolutely amazing I always love coming here because they do an amazing job and my nails always look amazing they are absolutely amazing
My nail tech did amazing! I came here after an awful experience somewhere else and she did absolutely brilliant! ????
Update 7/27/2021
I brought my mom with me for her first pedi! Thank you so much for making her experience so enjoyable! You made her day and mine as well! ????
I never go anywhere and take my shoes off. I don't go to any gyms, no spa, no pool, I wear shoes religiously! I'm a home body. I decided to get a pedicure though while my daughter got her nails done. This is an extremely rare occasion for me. While sitting in the chair I noticed that the guy who was painting my toes was sticking his thumb nail into my toe and I could see from several feet away that he had dirt caked under his nail. It was so gross. I should've just told him to stop. I am regretting ever going there now that I have a plantar wart and my daughter had a bad problem with her acrylic nails where she was in a lot of pain. I ended buying the supplies to remove her nails at home so we didn't have to risk further complications. Please clean up your business and use proper sanitizing procedures before someone gets seriously hurt, or worse, gets MRSA!
Sammy was great! I took my little sister for a full set, and at first she was dissatisfied, BUT Sammy was SO professional & offered to re do her nails! She took her time to see what my sister liked and disliked, she fixed anything that we asked her to. I would definitely recommend Le Nails! Thank you Sammy! <3

Quick Facts About Le Nails

Le Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. Let's break them down:
1. Amazing and Precise Nail Technicians: Many customers praised the nail technicians, particularly Sammie and Lo, for their gentleness, precision, and skill. They were able to provide quick and high-quality services, leaving customers amazed and satisfied. This expertise and attention to detail are a significant strength for Le Nails Place.
2. Friendly and Welcoming Staff: Multiple comments mentioned the friendly and polite nature of the staff, from the receptionist to the nail technicians. Customers felt welcomed and appreciated during their visits, which helped create a positive atmosphere.
3. Hidden Gem with Skilled Acrylic Nail Technician: One customer specifically highlighted their positive experience with Evite, describing her as the best acrylic nail technician they had found after trying numerous other places. This recognition positions Le Nails Place as a hidden gem for acrylic nails.
4. Accommodating and Attentive Service: Another comment praised Lo for her ability to help the customer match their nails with their outfits, demonstrating that the staff is attentive and willing to go the extra mile to personalize the service. This personalized attention helps create a positive customer experience.
1. Poor Cleanliness and Equipment Maintenance: One customer expressed disappointment with the cleanliness of the salon, mentioning old and dirty equipment. Another customer complained about a technician having dirt caked under their nail, which indicates a lack of proper sanitization. These cleanliness issues pose a significant weakness for Le Nails Place and can be a serious health concern.
2. Quantity Over Quality Approach: A customer commented on feeling rushed during their visit, suggesting that the salon prioritizes quantity over quality. This perception could be due to only having two manicure technicians, which possibly leads to time constraints and compromises on the quality of service provided.
3. Issues with Acrylic Nails: One customer's daughter experienced pain and discomfort with her acrylic nails, which ultimately led to the customer having to remove them at home. This incident points to a possible issue with the application or maintenance of acrylic nails at Le Nails Place. Such problems can negatively impact the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.
4. Lack of Proper Sanitizing Procedures: In addition to the cleanliness concerns mentioned earlier, one customer expressed apprehension about the salon's sanitizing procedures, citing the possibility of contracting MRSA. This comment raises a serious safety issue, highlighting the need for Le Nails Place to prioritize proper sanitization for the health and well-being of their customers.
In conclusion, Le Nails Place has several strengths, including skilled nail technicians, friendly staff, and personalized service. However, the salon faces significant weaknesses when it comes to cleanliness, equipment maintenance, prioritizing quantity over quality, and lack of proper sanitization procedures. Addressing these weaknesses is crucial for Le Nails Place to maintain and improve its reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

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