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Lavish Nails & Spa

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Quick Facts About Lavish Nails & Spa

Lavish Nails & Spa has received overwhelmingly positive comments from several customers. The strengths of the salon can be summarized as follows:
1. Professionalism and expertise: Many customers mentioned the professionalism of the staff and their expertise in nail services. They praised the precision, attention to detail, and skill of the technicians, specifically mentioning Cindy, Tara, Sinh, and Wilson. Customers felt that their requests were understood and delivered to their satisfaction.
2. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: One of the consistent strengths mentioned by customers is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Lavish Nails & Spa. Staff members, including the manager, Wilson, were commended for their demeanor, jokes, and ability to engage customers. Customers appreciated feeling comfortable and valued during their visits.
3. Quality of services: The quality of nail services, such as gel pedicures, acrylic fills, and regular mani/pedis, received high praise from customers. They mentioned that the staff paid attention to every detail and delivered results that exceeded expectations. The use of high-quality products and techniques contributed to the overall positive experience.
4. Cleanliness and hygiene: Several customers mentioned the cleanliness and spotlessness of the salon. The use of tablets for signing in and providing information was appreciated. The staff's attention to cleanliness and hygiene contributed to a positive overall impression and instilled confidence in customers.
5. Additional services and affordability: Lavish Nails & Spa offers additional services such as chair massages, which received high praise from customers who mentioned the exceptional quality of the massages. Customers also mentioned that the salon is affordable, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality nail services without breaking the bank.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, it is important to consider some potential weaknesses that were not mentioned in the comments. These may include:
1. Waiting times: While customers did not specifically mention waiting times, it is important to assess whether the salon experiences long wait times during peak hours or if appointments need to be booked in advance to avoid delays.
2. Limited variety of services: The comments did not provide much information about the range of services offered by Lavish Nails & Spa. It would be beneficial to know if the salon offers a wide variety of nail services, as well as other spa treatments, to cater to a diverse range of customer preferences.
3. Lack of feedback on technicians: Although specific technicians were praised, it would be helpful to know if customers have consistently positive experiences across the entire staff or if inconsistencies in service quality exist.
4. Accessibility and convenience: The location of the salon and its proximity to potential customers' residences or workplaces may affect its accessibility. It would be beneficial to know whether the salon is conveniently located or if it may pose challenges for certain customers.
In conclusion, based on the customer comments, Lavish Nails & Spa appears to be a reputable and professional nail salon that excels in providing high-quality services in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. However, it would be important to consider potential weaknesses such as waiting times, service variety, technician consistency, and convenience for potential customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I truly received the VIP experience today. Wilson did my feet. He did an amazing job Phillip and Cindy did my nails. It was all amazing work. I did not live in the area and took a chance and went somewhere new. I have no regrets. This is one of the most professional nail salons I have been too. Everyone is super nice and pleasant. Not to mention the pedicure chairs are the best massage chairs I have ever sat in. A must try! I will be back soon to get my birthday nails done.????
This place is beyond 5 stars. All employees are great and so friendly. The atmosphere is also wonderful. I personally have my nails and pedicures done from Tara and she is amazing at what she does. She is a true artist. If your in the area please consider this nail salon as you will not leave disappointed. Check out there site as they have other services and products available. Love this place❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
My experience was amazing. From the moment we walked in they were very welcoming and polite. We didn’t have to wait and Mrs. Cindy was open to everything I wanted to try on my nails. She did an amazing job and I enjoyed watching how precise she is with everything. Overall amazing job thank you Mrs.Cindy you did an amazing job. My sister also got some Halloween nails and they are AMAZING. Thank you guys! Beautiful job!
My mother and I walked in just after 4:30pm and were immediately seated and assigned nail techs for a gel pedicure, a acrylic fill w/ gel polish, and regular mani/pedi. Sinh had such extreme attention to detail, I felt like he really cared about the outcome of my nails! My mother told me Anna was phenomenal as well! ???? Sinh really listened as I explained what I wanted done and would you believe I received exactly what I wanted!! >> whhhhhat?! A nail tech that actually listened & delivered and they are located in WH, only 20 mins from my home?!! YES, YES & YES pleasee!! << I rarely get my nails done because I am super picky and my nails have to look meticulous. I will say this salon definitely over exceeded my expectations!! Everyone was extremely pleasant and provided great service, especially the manager! Wilson does an awesome job at keeping a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with his demeanor and jokes! He’s so funny and does great job at keeping everyone engaged ???? it’s refreshing to go to a nail salon and feel so welcomed- this type of service doesn’t happen often, but I am so grateful for it!
While getting my gel pedicure, I got a 20 minute chair massage and it was the best massage I’ve had in a while! This is coming from someone who gets them monthly!! ????????‍♀️ My experience was phenomenal and I would highly recommend this nail salon to anyone looking to get exceptionally great service!
This is probably the best place i have visited in a while. Staff was very friendly. (I have very sweaty hands and usually get very embarrassed when going to other nails salons) & had actually stopped getting my nails done for that very reason but the technician that worked with me did not seem to mind and was accommodating. She recreated the design I asked for and made it even better. I’m on the second week with this set and I have to go back soon for a refill. Highly recommend coming here :)
Brought my wife , myself and grandma for nail services . The place is absolutely spotless and clean . I like the way you sign in by using a ta let to wrote your information the time and type of treatment you want . The staff is very friendly and gentle. Usually I dislike having cuticles cut and pushed back but it was very comfortable. Not only will we be back but we will tell everyone about this place .
Very nice and affordable nail salon! I got my first set of acrylic nails a week ago and my experience was amazing. Very kind and caring workers. I’m definitely going back there again!
This was the best experience i’ve ever had in a nail salon. I called and ask for Tara to do my nails and i guess that day was her day off and she stayed just to do my set because i asked for her. and she did such an amazing job. all the employees were so nice and very welcoming

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Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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  • Wi-Fi
  • Appointments recommended
  • Debit cards
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