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Lavender Nails Spa

+1 704-964-4030
6515 Wilkinson Blvd, Belmont, NC 28012 United States of America
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absolutely amazing!! no doubt about it. in the picture you can see I got my nails done. gel acrylics. they turned out perfect exactly what I imagined. best nail salon I've ever been to. my father got a pedicure and it was like a complete transformation. these people really know their stuff that's for sure!!
They always do a lovely job on my toe nails and don't get out a chisel for my calluses. ???? They are wonderful.
My mom and I decided to try this place out today and had the best experience that we have had in a while from a nail salon! We got their deluxe pedicure and my mom got a manicure as well! Service was excellent and everyone was so nice! They were super busy but they took their time and made sure that they did a quality job! We will definitely be back! We love this place!
They did mine and my daughter's (4yo) nails. We had a blast. Everyone was kind and I'm very pleased. It was $85 (before tip) for 2 pedicures and 1 normal manicure and 1 gell manicure.
Highly recommend
Had such a good time there! My pedicure was great and I brought a good book with me while I had it done! 10/10 service and my tech was super kind and sweet! Already making an appointment to come back!
My first time there and I must say it was a good experience. The atmosphere was relaxing.and clean. Customer service was welcoming and professional. Price was Right. Whenever back in town I will come back!
Awesome service. Does my nails exactly the way I ask him to. ????
I have been coming to this place for several months. There have been a few issues, but I continued to give them the benefit of the doubt. Yesterday was the last straw and I won't be returning. They made a mistake with what I specifically asked for and then made me feel VERY uncomfortable when they had to redo my nails. I really want to support small business owners in Belmont, but not when they are rude and unprofessional.

Quick Facts About Lavender Nails Spa

Lavender Nails Spa seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Customers consistently praise the quality of the services they receive, specifically mentioning the excellent nail work and transformations they experience. The salon is also commended for their attention to detail, as they take their time to ensure a quality job. The customer service at Lavender Nails Spa is highly regarded, with multiple comments expressing appreciation for the friendly and welcoming staff. The atmosphere of the spa is also mentioned as relaxing and clean, contributing to a positive experience for customers. Additionally, customers appreciate that the prices are reasonable and feel that they are getting their money's worth.
One of the strengths of Lavender Nails Spa is their ability to handle a busy clientele. Despite being busy, they are still able to provide excellent service and take their time with each customer. This suggests that the staff is efficient and capable of managing a high volume of customers without sacrificing quality.
Another strength of Lavender Nails Spa is their ability to accommodate different age groups. Customers mention bringing their children for nail services and express satisfaction with the experience. This suggests that the spa is family-friendly and capable of providing services for a wide range of customers.
One weakness of Lavender Nails Spa that is mentioned in one comment is that they made a mistake with a customer's specific request and then made the customer feel uncomfortable when attempting to fix it. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and perhaps a lack of effective communication between the staff and the customer. This incident may be isolated, but it is worth noting as a potential weakness.
Overall, Lavender Nails Spa appears to have more strengths than weaknesses based on the comments provided. The positive experiences customers have had at the spa, including the high-quality services, friendly staff, reasonable prices, and relaxing atmosphere, outweigh the potential weakness of a single negative experience. However, it is important for the spa to address any concerns raised by customers and ensure that they consistently provide a positive and satisfactory experience to all their clients.

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