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Larry's Haircutters

+1 502-935-2622
4285 St Paul Church Rd, Louisville, KY 40258 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM


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Some things were said while I was attempting to get my 3 year old sons hair cut that I didn’t think were appropriate by the barber who turned out to be Larry himself. Needless to say I’ll never be back under any circumstances. I don’t know if he was just having an off day or what. But I don’t really care either. We where the only people in there also so it ain’t like he was doing anything besides reading the newspaper.
Larry is very friendly and has many regular customers. Shop is clean, clippers have vacuums attached to keep the hair from going down the neck. He is usually short handed but the wait isn't terrible.
Larry is the best around, he's very nice to talk to and he's always happy or makes my day happy. He can be super funny telling past life stories. It made me sad when I found out someone stole his barber pole that he's had since 1959. Hope someone finds it in their heart to return it. Or hope the barbershop gods will make them unsuccessful and very miserable.
Awesome experience. The barber knew exactly how I wanted my hair cut with just a few words. Friendly, quick, no appointment needed and the vacuum cutter will save you a lot of discomfort for the rest of your day. This is definitely my new barber shop!
A decent place to get a haircut. I see Andrew when I go for a cut. He does a good job for a regular man's haircut, fades, etc....
Larry's Haircutters gives the quickest and best haircuts I've ever had. They use a vacuum cutter so your shirt doesn't feel itchy all day. Larry is great, but so are the other barbers in the store. I can't believe they're so cheap. I don't think I'll ever have a better haircut for under $20. Can't recommend them enough.
Larry's is AMAZING ! Josh and Andrew are good, I recommend Andrew for fancy and precise cuts, and Josh for that cool summer look. Overall it's good, not to mention the toys for the young ones to play with when waiting, what a loyal haircutter place ! If I could just give it more stars I would ! I don't know how else to express this so I'm just going to spam keys !
Excellent place to get a professional haircut! Was looking for a place to get a haircut that looked the way I wanted, that wouldn’t hurt my wallet. Found this place when I moved to Louisville and have been going here ever since.

Quick Facts About Larry's Haircutters

Larry's Haircutters has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. Firstly, the barber shop is known for its friendly and personable service. Many customers have highlighted Larry's pleasant demeanor and his ability to make their day happier. Larry is also praised for his storytelling skills, which make the experience more enjoyable for customers.
The cleanliness of the shop is another strength of Larry's Haircutters. The use of clippers with vacuum attachments demonstrates a commitment to hygiene and customer comfort. This feature prevents hair from falling down customers' necks and causing discomfort throughout the day.
Customers appreciate the efficiency of the haircuts at Larry's Haircutters. The barbers, including Larry, are skilled at understanding their clients' desired haircuts with just a few words. This saves customers time and ensures that they leave the shop satisfied with the results. Additionally, the absence of appointments is seen as a convenience, allowing customers to walk in at their convenience without waiting for a specific time slot.
Affordability is another strength of Larry's Haircutters. Many customers are surprised by the low prices, considering the high-quality haircuts they receive. This factor, combined with the speed and skill of the barbers, leads customers to believe that they won't find a better haircut for under $20.
The loyalty and dedication of the barbers at Larry's Haircutters is also a strength. The positive experiences with Andrew and Josh, who are recommended for specific types of haircuts, contribute to the overall satisfaction of customers. Additionally, the presence of toys for children to play with while waiting showcases the shop's commitment to providing a welcoming and family-friendly environment.
However, there are a few weaknesses that have been mentioned in customer comments. One customer recounts a negative experience with Larry, reporting inappropriate comments made while cutting their child's hair. This incident raises concerns about professionalism and appropriateness in the shop. While this could be an isolated incident, it is important for Larry to ensure that all customers feel comfortable and respected during their visit.
Another weakness highlighted in a comment is the fact that Larry was reading a newspaper while the customer's child was getting a haircut. This suggests that Larry may not be fully focused on his work and could be seen as a lack of attention to detail. This can be seen as a potential concern for customers who want to receive a precise and high-quality haircut.
Finally, some customers have expressed their disappointment at the theft of Larry's barber pole, which has sentimental value to him. While this does not directly affect the quality of the haircuts, it does highlight an unfortunate event that may have affected Larry's mood or overall experience at the shop.
In conclusion, Larry's Haircutters has several strengths including friendly service, cleanliness, efficiency, affordability, and a loyal and dedicated group of barbers. However, there are weaknesses that include concerns about professionalism and attentiveness, as well as a sentimental loss experienced by Larry. Despite these weaknesses, the overall reputation of Larry's Haircutters remains positive based on the majority of customer comments.


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