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Lake Park Outlets

+1 229-559-6822
5225 Mill Store Rd, Lake Park, GA 31636 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Well, its pretty empty, abandoned apocalyptic type empty, slept on a bench, got attacked by fire ants and the dollar store was turrible.
Whoever owns that property needs to go get a bulldozer and level it.sell it to Lowe's or home Depot. the outlet stores are good but there's only two or three... Rent must be too high you think??
The grounds are filthy, the stores that are still there aren't well maintained, and they're dirty. This empty Outlet center is a safety hazard for the residents of Lake Park if the owner of the property can't get decent businesses in to fill the spaces.
If I needed retail space, I wouldn't want to rent here due to the lack of upkeep and filth.
Lake Park is a clean, nice community, filled with residents that take pride in their home area. This outlet center is an eyesore, at best, and safety hazard at worst.
In addition, that digital billboard posted on the Winn Dixie parking lot creates light pollution that can be seen for miles at night.
Am for Harley. Great barmaid. Quick service. Good food. Ask to see her tattoos.
The Bealls store is clean...good selection of clothing items for everyone. Alot of nice jewelry pieces to choose from...located at check-out. The staff was nice & helpful.
Right off I-75 coming out of Florida into Georgia. Convenient and some good shopping to have a good car break.
They need to add more stores or close it and build a super Walmart or Publix. There aren't a lot of options there but the stores that are available are good.
I go to the Dollar tree there all the time it's best Dollar tree anywhere near around

Quick Facts About Lake Park Outlets

Lake Park Outlets, located in Lake Park, is a shopping center that has received mixed reviews from visitors. In order to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the place, let's analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the weaknesses, the first comment highlights the emptiness of the area. It is described as "abandoned apocalyptic type empty," suggesting a lack of foot traffic and vitality. This emptiness can be attributed to the limited number of stores, as mentioned in the second comment. The scarcity of businesses is seen as a weakness, potentially resulting from high rental costs.
Continuing with the weaknesses, the third comment criticizes the lack of maintenance and cleanliness within the outlet center. The description of the stores being "dirty" and the grounds being "filthy" highlights a clear issue. This lack of upkeep is seen as a safety hazard, posing risks to the residents of Lake Park. Additionally, the comment mentions that this outlet center does not align with the community's pride and cleanliness.
Another weakness pointed out is the light pollution caused by the digital billboard posted on the Winn Dixie parking lot. The fact that it can be seen for miles at night suggests that it may negatively impact the surrounding environment and the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.
Moving on to the strengths, one comment mentioned a specific barmaid named Harley who provides excellent service at one of the establishments in the outlet center. This positive feedback on the service highlights a potential strength of Lake Park Outlets, indicating that there are capable and efficient staff members in some of the stores.
Another comment praises the cleanliness of Bealls store and the helpfulness of its staff. This suggests that at least one store is well-maintained and provides a satisfactory shopping experience. The good selection of clothing items and jewelry further adds to the positives of Bealls.
Additionally, the convenience of the location is acknowledged as a strength. Being right off I-75 and serving as a gateway between Florida and Georgia, it offers a prime spot for travelers to take a break and indulge in some shopping.
Lastly, one visitor cites the Dollar Tree store as the "best Dollar tree anywhere near around." This comment indicates that at least one of the available stores provides value and convenience to shoppers.
To summarize, the strengths of Lake Park Outlets include the convenience of the location, positive experiences in specific stores (such as Bealls and Dollar Tree), and the presence of some efficient and friendly staff members. However, the weaknesses include the limited number of stores, the emptiness and lack of foot traffic, the lack of maintenance and cleanliness throughout the center, and the light pollution caused by the digital billboard. Addressing these weaknesses would be crucial to improving the overall appeal and success of Lake Park Outlets.

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