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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This was my first time visiting .Horrible experience. My friend and I came for a girls day and wanted to try out this spot since it was new. Will never visit again. I came for a basic manicure and happy feet pedicure. To begin, when you first come in you are greeted by a receptionist with the worst attitude and who looks like she hates her life. No energy in her voice or emotion. I got The happy feet pedicure and a French manicure. The happy feet pedicure was barely a basic pedicure. The bare minimum was done. To top it off the nail polish used is very cheap. When I get my toes done they usually last long the nail polish came off of 2 of my toes within a couple of days. This was the same experience for my French manicure not to mention it was crooked she didn’t let me properly dry hands and the polish began to come off before I could even pay for my manicure. I had to wait another 10 minutes for her to redo. My friend also has a similar experience. Once her pedicure was done, the worker forgot about her and she was waiting for over 30 mins to get her manicure done which also came out horrible and did not even last a week, and she chose gel polish. Will never visit this place again. I would give it zero stars if I could. My nails are the ones in brown. I attached a phot of my friend’s also.
Beautiful place, and lady I got was nice. However the quality of work wasn’t there and I left unhappy. I believe they have much potential to do a great things but they are very quick to get people in and out. And I get that, that’s how you guys make money. I could tell the lady was rushing. I wasn’t even offended a drink. My nails are different in size and shape. I also asked for no gel, and they used gel. I wanted almond shape with a simple Christmas design. I don’t often get my nails done, so this really was a bummer for me. Was not worth 87.00 dollars to me. They also charged a convenience free. Not sure if it’s because it was a walk in or because I paid with my credit card.
Had to change my review and reduce some stars after going here a few times. Their time management is pretty bad as I witnessed two times already that they gave a nail appointment with a specific nail tech to two people at the same time or messed up their appointment. Also they seem to rush their nail techs and keep the focus on quantity instead of quality. If you have an extra wish, you’re considered difficult and holding them up. The only good thing is that you can mostly walk in and will be served. My previous appointment was so messed up that I had to switch nail techs in the middle of the appointment. And the result was a poorly done job where the dip powder nails started lifting from the top and I injured myself at work because of it. Anything they did to make it up to me for any of those inconveniences? Nope! On the contrary, they told me that it was my fault I didn’t come straight after two weeks. Time to find a new nail salon. It was too pricy anyways and my favorite nail tech doesn’t work there anymore either.
Initial review:
Shoutout to Liz who did an amazing job! They took me in immediately and Liz took great care of my hands. She listened patiently and figured out with me what I wanted to get done. The only negative experience was the front desk lady who doesn’t feel friendly and inviting at all. Kept talking on the phone while checking me in and even during checking out she was on the phone. Also the way she addressed the other people working there sounded slightly condescending.
Called and asked if it was ok to come in for a fill at 630 because they close at 7. No problem! I get there and the guy starts taking off my acrylics I just paid $60 to put on last time!! My nails are absolutely ruined and I ended up leaving because they closed, called and messaged them if Facebook no response . No one will call me back to make this right . Then he broke off my thumb and was going to leave all the other ones long. All I wanted was a full - not my acrylics taken off. MORE than disappointed that they were more concerned about closing than making it right.
My photos don't do justice but they did a fantastic job with myself & my 4yos nails! I had TT & Kelly but didn't get my daughter's tech's name - I think it was Mia? Would 10000000% go again and recommend them to everyone! I'm getting tons of compliments on my nails too!! ????
This was my first professional pedicure and manicure. I am very upset . My nails chipped 1 day after getting a basic paint. I paid all this money, when I could have just done them myself and have them last longer and it would have been cheaper.
I also went with a friend and we were not together the entire time even when we asked. We felt rushed.
I am sorry, but I wont be returning.
I recently received a text with a coupon for 20% off a pedicure when you pay cash. No other restrictions were listed. I decided to get a gel manicure and pedicure.
When I checked in I selected a $40 Basic Pedicure from a service menu they showed me. The experience was good and they even gave me a complimentary drink. Took about an hour and a half in total.
When I went to check out I was charged $25 for a basic pedicure, $15 for a massage, $15 for gel on my toes, and $48 for my manicure. My issue is that by splitting the price for the Basic Pedicure ($25 + $15) when they apply the 20% off you only save $5.00. In my mind when I selected the $40 Basic Pedicure when I arrived the 20% should of been taken off of the $40.
I know the difference is only $3 dollars but if they are going send out coupons through texts it should be clear on what does and doesn’t apply. I should of definitely said something when I cashed out. I’ll consider a different nail salon before coming back.
The business is giving away coupons in exchange for a five star review. In addition, they want proof that you’ve given a five star review prior to giving out any coupons.
To me, that’s a really poor business practice and quite honestly part of the reason I decided to write this review.
I have been to this nail salon three times, once for a gel manicure and the other two times for a dip full set. My usual salon is very meticulous with their full sets & fills… and I have come to experience that the salon rushes through the process and so some of the nails get misshapen.
They upcharged to file your nails into an almond shape, which is totally crazy… last time they charged double what they did today …. And they are very reluctant to have anybody do designs on nails. Basically, as fast as they can get you in & out… the better. Pricing inconsistencies… poor workmanship.
3 stars, you get what you pay for.

Quick Facts About LA SPA & NAILBAR

1. Immediate service: The salon seems to prioritize accommodating customers right away, as mentioned in multiple comments. This can be seen as a strength, especially for those who prefer not to wait for an appointment.
2. Polite and friendly nail technicians: Several comments mention the friendliness and great customer service provided by the nail technicians. This positive interaction can enhance the overall experience for customers.
3. Beautiful ambiance: One comment mentions the salon's beautiful interior, which can be seen as a strength. A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing environment can create a more enjoyable and relaxing experience for customers.
1. Poor quality of work: Many comments mention issues with the quality of the nail services provided. Customers reported chipped nail polish after just one day, crooked manicures, and nails that did not last long. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and skill from the nail technicians.
2. Rushed service: Multiple comments mention feeling rushed during their appointments. This suggests that the salon prioritizes quantity over quality, resulting in a lack of thoroughness and attention during the services provided.
3. Pricing inconsistencies: One comment specifically mentions pricing inconsistencies, with charges for additional services that were not clearly communicated beforehand. This can leave customers feeling confused and dissatisfied with the overall value for money.
4. Unprofessional receptionist: One comment mentions a receptionist with a bad attitude and lack of energy or emotion. This can create a negative first impression for customers and impact the overall customer experience.
5. Lack of responsiveness: In one comment, the customer mentions attempts to contact the salon for resolution but received no response. This lack of communication and willingness to address customer concerns contributes to a poor customer service experience.
6. Coupon practices: One comment mentions the salon giving away coupons in exchange for five-star reviews. This can be seen as manipulative and unethical, which can undermine trust and the credibility of the salon.
In conclusion, while LA SPA & NAILBAR may have some strengths such as immediate service and friendly nail technicians, they also have significant weaknesses. The poor quality of work, rushed service, pricing inconsistencies, unprofessional receptionist, lack of responsiveness, and questionable coupon practices all contribute to a negative customer experience. These weaknesses need to be addressed and improved to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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