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LA Nails in Lititz PA

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1048 Lititz Pike, Lititz, PA 17543 United States of America
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Today was the last straw! This is what a $55 pedicure looks like. Highly disappointed. Last week my nail fill did not look any better! Last several months, cleaning is not existent between each customer. Tools do not get sanitized between each use! After each visit, around my cuticles, looks inflamed. Pretty gross if you ask me. Not sure this salon would pass a Dept of Ag inspection. Will not be returning. Will no longer be recommending this salon to family or friends. Cindy did my pedicure today, last week Nicole did my fill. 10/8/21
Beautiful and relaxing place for a girls spa day. Staff is friendly and fit me into their schedule right away when I called in. Could be a little bit cleaner as I found an open can at my pedicure chair. Prices are fair.
I love this place so much. I’ve been to two since before coming to LA Nails and they were horrible. LA Nails on lititz pike is a safe space. I’ve recommended so many people here and they all would say the same. I personally go to Amy and she’s phenomenal. All of the techs in there are amazing. I’m always so happy with my nails. I pay $30 for a fill and always tip because they deserve it!
I’ve seen several technicians and have been more than satisfied with their work. They are always busy because they are so good, so it’s best to make an appointment if you don’t want to wait. Usually, I mention one particularly good employee in a review but honestly I’ve been happy with each one. Grateful to live close by and get to know the amazing staff.
Three of us arrived over an hour before closing. As they swept under and around us, they were more focused on leaving than doing my nails and my daughter and granddaughter toes. My nails were rough on ends and gel nail polish on my cuticles. I soaked in water for about a minute. No pushing of cuticles or even lotion on the end (I helped myself). All that was done was rough my natural nails with a dremel and then sloppy gel application. If you are in a hurry and could care less about the quality, this place is for you.
I will never go back here. The OWNER did my nails and not only were they horrible and rushed but now about a month later I am still trying to wrestle them off.. only to find out she glued my nail underneath to my skin so I was forced to rip my skin off which is now gushing blood. I have never had this problem. Disappointed to say the least
The staff is amazing, the prices are reasonable and I have no issues getting an appointment. My nails turn out fantastic every time. Thank you!
Very clean, super friendly staff. Tho is just amazing and gave me a wonderful spa pedicure experience. Will be a forever customer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Quick Facts About LA Nails in Lititz PA

LA Nails in Lititz PA has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, it is important to analyze each comment individually and identify common themes.
One recurring issue mentioned by multiple customers is the lack of cleanliness and sanitation practices at LA Nails. One customer reports that cleaning is nonexistent between each customer and tools are not sanitized between uses. This raises concerns about the hygiene of the salon and the risk of potential infections. Another customer mentions finding an open can at their pedicure chair, indicating a lack of attention to cleanliness. This is a significant weakness for the salon as hygiene is a crucial aspect of nail salons, and it is essential for customers to feel confident in the sanitation practices of the establishment they visit.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the rushed and poor quality service they received. They felt that the staff was more focused on closing and neglected to provide proper nail care. The customer's nails were left rough and the gel nail polish was applied sloppily, indicating a lack of attention to detail and a rush to finish. This is a significant weakness as customers expect quality service and attention to detail when they visit a nail salon.
On the other hand, there are also positive aspects mentioned in the comments. Some customers mention the friendly and accommodating staff at LA Nails. They appreciate the staff's willingness to fit them into the schedule and their friendly demeanor. The customer who had a spa pedicure with a technician named Tho had a wonderful experience and expresses their intention to be a long-term customer. This indicates strength in customer service and the ability of the staff to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
Many customers also express satisfaction with the quality of the nail services they received. They commend the technicians for their skill and mention that their nails turn out fantastic every time. One customer mentions specifically going to a technician named Amy and finds her work to be phenomenal. This indicates that there are talented technicians at the salon who can provide high-quality nail services.
It is worth noting that there is one particularly concerning comment about the owner of the salon. The customer reports that the owner did their nails in a rushed and careless manner, resulting in a painful and damaging experience. This indicates a potential weakness in the level of skill and professionalism displayed by the owner.
In summary, LA Nails in Lititz PA has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The salon receives praise for its friendly staff, reasonable prices, and the satisfaction of customers with the quality of their nail services. However, significant weaknesses include concerns about cleanliness and sanitation practices, rushed and poor quality service, and a potentially negative experience with the owner of the salon. These weaknesses should be addressed by the salon in order to provide a better overall experience for their customers.

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