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La Cima Market

+1 520-741-2220
1644 E Summit St, Tucson, AZ 85756 United States of America
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Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Great produce
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit
  • NFC mobile payments

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Nice market the meat counter look awesome so did the produce, they also fill propane tanks
Very friendly and convenient fresh tamales and best price on propane
Good food convenient considering location but the prices are by far highway robbery which is a real turn-off only why I go there only when necessary. ($4.05 for a medium can of refried beans or enchilada sauce for example) such a shame cause it is a nice place just can't stand being robbed when I pay with hard earned money and not food stamps. If not for the extremely jacked up overpriced stuff I would easily give a 5-plus stars!
By far one of the best in town. Definitely top 3. Chorizo is flavorful, raspados are delicious and the pastries are phenomenal. The best part is the beef tamales. Some of the best I have had in tucson.
Always a good place to go when you want good, quick and great food. Meats and sweet bread are really good here.
I ordered for small nachos to hold me over for dinner thinking I was getting chips and nacho cheese.
I got a sizable container with the cheese, guac, sour cream and shreeded beef with red chili. It was really good and so much that I didn't have dinner????????
I recommend visiting it's really small but so much to enjoy.
The owner is a very nice respectful man, employers are respectful. Food always up to date. Whatever kinda of food you want? they have it. Reasonable prices The meat there is fabulous. Me and my family love going there. La Cima????????
Its a small little store but it has what you need. I love the la cima flour tortillas and the raspados. The staff are very friendly. I love coming here.
One of the cleanest meat markets in town. Fresh pastries good prices. Friendly owner and employees! I love this place and always reconmend it to all my friends. It hasn't disappointed me or my friend's or family!

Quick Facts About La Cima Market

La Cima Market Place has several strengths that make it a popular choice for many customers. One of the main strengths mentioned in the comments is the quality and variety of their products. Customers appreciate the well-stocked meat counter and the fresh produce available. The mention of fabulous meat and clean meat market indicates that customers trust the quality of the meat sold at La Cima Market Place. This is an important strength as it establishes the store's reputation as a reliable source of high-quality products.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the convenience of the store. Customers mention that it is a convenient option considering its location, indicating that it is easily accessible for many customers. Additionally, the fact that they provide services like filling propane tanks adds to the convenience factor. This is an attractive feature for customers who may need their tanks filled regularly.
The friendly and respectful staff is also mentioned multiple times in the comments. This is an important strength as it contributes to the overall positive experience of customers. A friendly and respectful atmosphere makes customers feel welcome and appreciated, encouraging them to continue shopping at La Cima Market Place. This strength may also lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations, attracting more customers to the store.
The quality of the food is another significant strength mentioned in the comments. Several customers mention specific food items, such as chorizo, raspados, sweet bread, and tamales, as being exceptionally delicious. The positive mentions of these items highlight the store's ability to deliver high-quality and tasty food products to its customers. This strength can help to attract customers who value the taste and flavor of the food they purchase.
However, despite its strengths, La Cima Market Place also has some weaknesses. One of the significant weaknesses mentioned in the comments is the high prices of certain products. Customers express their dissatisfaction with the prices, stating that they feel robbed when paying for some items. This can be a turn-off for customers who are price-sensitive or on a tight budget. The mention of "extremely jacked up overpriced stuff" indicates that the prices might be significantly higher than what customers expect.
While the quality of the food is praised, the references to "highway robbery" and being "robbed with hard-earned money" suggest that the high prices overshadow the positive aspects of La Cima Market Place for some customers. This weakness could potentially drive away price-conscious customers and limit the store's customer base.
Despite the weaknesses related to pricing, the positive comments regarding the friendly staff, convenience, and quality of products suggest that La Cima Market Place has built a loyal customer base. The strengths of the store, such as the quality and variety of products, convenient services, and friendly staff, contribute to its popularity and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
In conclusion, La Cima Market Place has several strengths, including the quality and variety of its products, convenience, friendly staff, and delicious food options. These strengths have helped the store establish a positive reputation and attract loyal customers. However, the high prices mentioned in the comments are a significant weakness that may deter some customers. It is essential for La Cima Market Place to consider addressing this weakness and finding a balance between quality and affordability to ensure continued success in the market.

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